Bicycle that over 150 countries and 130,124.54 km Number of records in the round of the world

A dream that I drew at the age of fifteen. To the question "What do you want to do in a once-in-a-lifetime?", The answer you gave was to go to see the world by bicycle. I took a high school where I can work part-time as it is. After saving money and graduating from high school, I went around Japan on a bicycle. I ran 47 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. It took more time than I thought but I could travel around the world until I felt good. The record of the round around the world that I was able to race with my bike by betting my life is like this.

◆ days

period:2005/12/25 - 2016/07/29
Number of times:5 times
Number of days:3869 days

First time:2006/02/06 - 2008/05/08 (822 days)
Second time:2009/05/09 - 2012/05/29 (1116 days)
Third time:2012/09/24 - 2014/09/29 (735 days)
4th:2014/10/27 to 2015/12/13 (412 days)
5th time:2016/04/28 - 2016/07/29 (92 days)

overseas:3177 days
Japan:692 days

First time:Australia, Southeast Asia
Second time:Eurasia, Europe, Africa
Third time:Americas, Europe
4th:Caribbean, Oceania, Middle East, South Asia
5th time:Achievement of 150 countries by backpacker 's visit to Mongolia.

Lucky and fluffy, here and there ...... In total eight and a half years were abroad. I was adapting abroad without going home soon, but I stayed out for a while even though I left out for a while. I want to miss Japanese food and want to go to a 100 yen shop. The second trip was the longest, I stayed overseas for over 1116 days and over 3 years.

◆ Visited Countries
· Countries visited:150 countries

Achieving 100,000 km in 100 countries that was the initial goal for the third trip on the Americas. I could stop here, but because it is a one time round of the world, 150 countries are set as new goals. At that time still money was still left. For the 4th journeyDoppelganger's Folding BicycleWe had a considerable flight with you. I also went to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific island country. I also saw a pyramid in Egypt which was a mystery, Taj Mahal in India. I returned home in 149 countries where I am planning to complete in this 4th time. I went to Mongolia completely for my 5th journey. This is accomplished in 150 countries.

· No bicycle running:22 countries
(St. Kitts and Nevis), Dominica, St. Lucia, Maldives, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Russia, Vatican, Cyprus, Malta, Vatican, Myanmar, Russia, Haiti, Belarus, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mongolia)

However, there are only countries that are not running on bicycle. When I fixed the goal to 150 countries, I did not have time to bicycle everything. It also became a backpacker with speed emphasis.

· Visited country:45 countries

Americas:Four countries (Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Cuba)
Europe:One country (Monaco)
middle east:Four countries (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen)
Asia:Four countries (Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan)
Besides this, I have not gone to 22 countries in Africa and 10 countries in Oceania.

The criteria of the visiting country is more than a traveler, but I counted it in the country that Japan approved. Taiwan and North Korea are not included. However, I think that I would like to visit some regions with their own currency such as Macau and New Caledonia even if they are not in the country ... ....

◆ Mileage
Writing a rut on the world map will look like this.

· Total mileage:13 million 1214.54 km

"Ruts that circled the world by bicycle can be displayed with online map service such as Google map"I also wrote an article called.

· Maximum distance by country
01:10, 9063.63 km (Australia)
02:7574.53 km (China)
03:4771.27 km (Mexico)
04:3963.52 km (Chile)
05:3735.64 km (United States)
06:3554.05 km (Peru)
07:3168.58 km (Thailand)
08:3119.66 km (Indonesia)
09:2622.27 km (Morocco)
Ten:2470.57 km (France)

11:2299.12 km (Norway)
12:2218.34 km (Argentina)
13:2114.80 km (Turkey)
14:2094.66 km (Malaysia)
15:2092.36 km (Italy)
16:2071.51 km (India)
17:2036.58 km (Vietnam)
18:2036.21 km (Namibia)
19:1881.82 km (Iran)
20:1864.64 km (Tanzania)

Australia who was overseas for the first time is an exception. I worked on working holiday and spent 20 months spent working. China also runs a lot from Dandong on the North Korean border to Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Because I am staying as much as I am running, countries in the top 20 have some memorable episodes, are not they?

On the contrary, a country with a short travel distance looks like this.
119:71.00 km (Egypt)
120:69.41 km (Ukraine)
121:53.14 km (Togo)
122:48.00 km (Trinidad and Tobago)
one two three:46.80 km (Andorra)
124:33.00 km (Singapore)
125:30.00 km (Jamaica)
126:22.00 km (Liechtenstein)
127:22.00 km (San Marino)
128:13.00 km (Ireland)

Regardless of small countries such as San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Egypt, Ukraine and Ireland were rather incomplete burning.

· Maximum distance by day
August 26, 2007:200.66 km (Australia)

On this day I was pedaling from sunrise to near sunset. Its name is 200 km challenge. I tried challenging because it was a section with a small traffic volume. Speedmeter and staring all day. I always used my leg muscles with speed consciousness. After all, it is this one time that exceeded 200 km.

Long runs on this trip are like this.

July 31, 2009:173.70 km (China)
August 31, 2009:166.48 km (China)
February 11, 2013:157.63 km (Mexico)
February 25, 2013:162.00 km (Mexico)
2013 Jun 05:157.45 km (Colombia)
October 16, 2013:165.94 km (Bolivia)

I feel that both were flat lands. In addition, distance comes out when favorable conditions overlap as if the wind fair is blowing.

◆ Border
· Border crossing:214 times

Although I was nervous at first at the entry and departure examination, I got used to it as I repeated the number. It is great that I can catch English. In Israel and the UK it was suspected of a suspicious person (illegal worker) and it was squeezed out considerably, but as I tried to respond properly as I showed the next airline ticket, there was no entry refusal. In European countries such as EU, Norway and Switzerland there were no border itself.

- Countries that visited more than once:34 countries
· Most visited:6 times in Thailand

Turkey, France, Malaysia etc. twice, China has visited five times. The most visited country is six times in Thailand. Thailand for poor travelers is not too inconvenient, but price was not high and it was a well-balanced country.

I revisit Australia (the first country), the first foreign country in 2006, in 2015. I assembled a bicycle similarly at the same airport in Sydney and I went out to the city in the same way. I arrived at the cheap hotel in a pleasant and relaxing manner without feeling embarrassed like a journey, and I felt the growth as a traveler. As I can re-learn, the country I went once wants to go again.

· Number of flights:72 times

Flying and flying and jumping over, with 72 flights1,620,7150 yenI used. I am nervous the day when the flight is on. If you do not mind missing it. In addition bicycles and traveling equipment are heavy, so we checked in at the excess rate when we checked in.

· Crossing the border by ship:12 times

Turkey ~ Ukraine crossed the Black Sea, Tunisia ~ Italy crossed the Mediterranean, and there were several times over the long-distance ferry border. Unlike an airplane, a ferry likes to disassemble a bicycle. You can feel comfortable just by looking at the large ocean which spreads from the Koki to anywhere.

· Maximum spot:4818 m (Peru)

The highest point in this trip was the 4818 M Pass in Peru. Because the Andes mountains penetrate the Pacific side of South America, you can go up a slope as much as you want from Colombia to Chile. It is down. Particularly in Peru the slope of the road was loose, so I was able to challenge a big pass with a margin. There was a day when I was climbing the slope all day from morning till evening.

· Accommodation of the highest point:4625 m (Bolivia)

Connect South south of Bolivia to northern ChileUnpaved road called "Jewel's Road"The camp site was the best (point) sleeping in my life. I would have slept at a higher place where I built a sky tree (634 m) at the summit of Mt. Fuji (3776 m). I was made alone on the earth.

◆ Accommodation
· Cheapest inn:Approximately 140 yen (China)

The cheapest room in the world was here. 10 yuan with Chinese money. It was an adequate interior that was perfect and clean although it was the minimum necessary. However, because there was no shower, I need to go to the public bath.

· Highest accommodation:Approximately 8156 yen (United Arab Emirates)

It is hotel of Dubai. I enthusiastically leave my bicycle and go around the Gulf countries in the Middle East with backpackers. Reward when visiting 100 countries. "I tried staying at a three star hotel in Dubai though it is poor backpackerI also write an article saying.

◆ Money
· Total cost:Approximately 10 million yen (unknown)

There is a household account book of all the visiting countries, but withdrawing and giving out money is too complicated, we abandoned to calculate the total cost of this round of the bicycle world. It is easy to explain Kiri well, so I decided it took about 10 million yen.

·bicycle:3 units

1st device: Mountain bike of Ayala running in Australia, Southeast Asia.

Second unit: Sirly's bicycle traveling in Eurasia, Europe, Africa, North and South America.

3rd: Folding bicycle of Doppelganger who ran in remote islands and unvisited areas.

In this trip I was running all over the world with a total of three bicycles. The first one was bigger and so I changed it to the second bicycle. Since it was a bicycle chosen as a means of transportation of the trip, I did not have much details so far, but since I assembled from frames several times, I can handle it as it is. Since I ran abroad so far, I would like to ride my bicycle as a hobby from now on.

punk:150 or more times

The tire was pretty tormented. Since the tire called Schwarbe's marathon series has more than 10,000 km, there is not much difficulty when this replenishment goes well, but if it fails it will be Gudaguda. When it was awful, I had to puncture 3 times a day, even once a day. The tire made in Africa, made in China, can not bear the weight of a fully equipped bicycle, it gets rubbed at around 100 km, and the lining can be seen. By the way patches are also excellent made in Japan. Even patches are available locally, but I do not like it very much because it will peel off as soon as the date passes.

·passport:3 volumes

The first one, which was for 5 years, will expire in the middle of the trip so it will be exchanged temporarily while returning home. The second book for 10 years is also going to be missing pages that push stamps on this journey again and it is temporarily exchanged during return. This 2nd was a passport that increased the number of pages and even worked to augment it. It is nice that there are neither theft nor loss in the middle of a journey but all three books remain on hand.

·Digital camera:15 units
I used to carry two cars at all times during the trip. Robbery, loss, malfunction and involved in trouble somewhat, as a result, 15 cameras were used as a result. Although I am from the Americas, I used single lens reflexes and the width of the photograph has expanded. I will only show the results as much as I spent. There is no loss if you choose a nice camera if you go on a trip.

·haircut:36 times

In regions where prices are low, they cut their hair at around 200 yen. In order to save time and trouble of the bath, I usually kept it shy. Even if I do not understand the words, "I want you to cut everything" and it will be transmitted in a gesture. The face of the barber who grasped the scissors in every country was serious, and it reaped properly. However, because it was Zambia in Africa, I was treated like a black man, so I had a strong pain to hit a hair clipper.

I was afraid of being abroad and there was no choice until I left. Lost your life if you get involved in an incident or accident. I was going to be crushed by anxiety. It was to divide such an unreliable mind as "Fate destined to happen" as well. Even if it is the worst situation, it is the fateful thing. It was easy to feel relaxed thinking so. Measures such as "Do not walk on unpopular roads" and "Do not go out at night" measures. However, I will swallow everything fateful no matter how I tried.


While traveling in Mexico, if you used small items on the highway green spaces, they were hit by local youth who had Nata. I will give up resistance as I say "Oh, Akan" to the man's blood-running eyes. I handed out my wallet, presented my watch, and presented a waist pouch with a digital camera. "It is still there, is not it?" Also I am also irritated that "There is a certain translation, is not it!" Whether it was upsetting to such awkward air, both the wallet and the waist pouch took back only the contents. I was saved because my wallet had a lock on my bicycle. Besides, bills remained in the wallet. Stupid.

I was off guard because there was nothing in Africa. Latin America is quite dangerous. The wallet assumes this kind of situation, so we used every day for that day so we do not have that damage. I am afraid of losing pictures from the main body, but since I was backing up quite well for blogging, my lost photo was only for a few days. The watch should have been a cheap climber.

Self-loss accident:Once

Local people who look into this face worriedly as I wake up. It seemed like I fainted. I was by the road for some reason. There was a bicycle near, too. It seemed that someone carried it. Since I got the situation, my feet wander and I will sit down again when I try to stand up, "Thank you for your worry, OK." This is the first time I was born. It seemed that I hit my head fairly strongly. The helmet also had cracks.

There was something that fell out of the way as it was pulled asphalt waving asphalt on the downhill slope of Kenya. It fainted for the first time in birth.

Dog bites:Twice

You must kick back the dogs you follow with your feet. I will be bitten. It was running in Peru. There is a possibility of rabies that will cause death if it occurs, so if you are bitten by a dog abroad you will need to inject a vaccine. However, in Peru there was no case of rabies, scratches were shallow and only disinfection was done.

However, I can not say so if dogs are bitten in India. It is a sense of life for me to have a dog at the feet of darkness. At the same time with the scream of "Cain" and Gabri. Damn itself self-loss. While wasting "I did it", wash your feet in the water and catch the truck of a three-wheeled taxi to the hospital. I just wanted to hit the vaccine, but it was only disinfection. It was a hospital without a vaccine.

I went to another hospital the first morning. After seeing a doctor who laughs loudly that "I was a Japanese, often came, hahaha!", A nurse got a vaccine to hit it properly. Was the dog similarly bitten by that hospital, or a boy who was drinking faintly? India is a stray dog. There are many people who die of rabies, so let's hit the vaccine properly when bitten by a dog. I struck five times in total while shifting the dates.


West AfricanMalaria also collapsed in Republic of CongoIt was. It gets serious from a slight slight fever. It is unlikely that drinking medication will recover even after body temperature exceeds 40 degrees. It was quite tiring that the pattern on the wall looked like a guyaggua, and I felt a nearby place far away. From a self-judgment saying "This is awfully dead", I went to a hospital with my friends Charida who was together. I was diagnosed with not only malaria but also typhoid fever. After receiving treatment such as intravenous drip and injection, the medical condition also recovers. It was the event that fell into the biggest pinch in this trip.

There were various things but I could live and finish my journey.

◆ From now on finishing the trip

I caught the face of both grandmothers in Nagasaki and Ehime for the first time in ten years after finishing a round of the bicycle world. I'm glad that you are fine, but on the other hand, your strength has declined steadily. The passage of time I was turning my eyes a long time has been shown a lot. Both parents, relatives, friends, and I have taken years of age. And the day after the end certainly someday.

"Fire bird"By reading Tezuka Osamu's teacher's comic, I came to think" what I can accomplish in my life? " I will answer "I circled the world by bicycle" for the time being. And another thing, I want to accomplish something big. Apart from marriage and child rearing. Next time I think that "I made a guesthouse".

I often hear "Do not you live overseas?", But I enjoyed the world enough. Thanks to those who have made such a thing that made such a thing. I think that it is thanks to those who supported me. From now on I would like to stand on behalf of traveling while living in Japan. There were various, but it ended safely. Thank you everyone.

◆ I would like to make use of this trip experience

It was before going on a trip but I wanted to spend money around the world "Money's tiger"I received an audition for the program. It was a program that ordinary people present a business plan and ask for money from the judges who are judges. I was told that my dream of circling the bicycle world "I want plus α to receive more viewers, such as traveling overseas conflict areas, volunteering in various areas, etc.", but I was 19 years old It is not that I just want to travel, "he said. It would be nice to make money as a result of travel but it was resistant to travel for money. Of course, it fell to the audition.

It was GIGAZINE who finally extended his hand to finish searching for somewhere to work, starting with a journey around the world and gaining experience. Before I entered Africa where there were not many people to travel, I operated because I could not write an article somewhere. This as a triggerFrom 1st January 2011Until today in 2016, we are writing all kinds of articles. I made money for the result of traveling. I only have thanks.

Because there are those who take care of me, I'd like to summarize this cycle around the world into one book. I would like to do a photo album, if possible, but would you make it anywhere?Cats (Photography)And there are plenty. Also, I plan to hold a briefing session in Tokyo. I will announce you from now, if you have time please come and visit. I am planning to go to Tokyo for a while, so I would be happy if you can call out if there is work.

(Tentative) Charriderman's bicycle circle around the world Report meeting - cycling around the world

I returned home completely on 29th July, but finally I could write an end article.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
Cycling around the world for a bicycle
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