It turned out that the user who charged the game application by 100 million yen is in California

A man who confirmed the fact of embezzling from a company that was once employed was found to have been spared by smartphone games over a hundred million yen of money.

California man spent $ 1 million playing Game of War | Ars Technica

In a case where a 45-year-old man in the state of California in the United States was charged with an employee suspecting of embezzling about 4.8 million dollars (about 550 million yen), the man acknowledged the fact that he was embezzling within the trial However, about 1 million dollars (about 115 million yen) out of that money is called a smartphone game "Game of WarIt became clear that I was using it.

Game of War is an online game played on a worldwide basis, and commercials issued in the NFL Super Bowl in 2015 have become popular games mainly in the United States, including being played over 10 million times on YouTube.

California man spent $ 1 million playing Game of War | Ars Technica

VentureBeatAccording to Game of War, the average user spends an average of 550 dollars per year (about 63,000 yen), so you can understand the wonderfulness of a man who wastes more than 100 million yen. In addition to the waste of about 100 million yen to the game application, I also know that men bought cosmetic surgery, season tickets for forty nights versus kings, ownership membership of Volkswagen Golf.

By the way, in charging for social games, on top there is something above "Sengoku Flame Mai - KIZNA -The top player ichi has been talking about having spent nearly 400 million yen in money before retirement.

A user who charged nearly 400 million yen to Soshage was retired. Awarded the title of "Hall of Fame" - Togetter Summary

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