I drank "chocolaty banana coco" and "chocolati banana coco frappuccino" of Starba combined roasted fragrant banana and chocolate

Combined with a chocolate drink, a fragrant banana with added roasting time, a banana sponge cake in the form of whipped cream and crumb, and a warm drink that topped the chocolate sauce to finishChocolaty Banana Coco"White chocolate banana coco"Has appeared on Starbucks since December 26 (Monday). At the same time, the Frappucino version "Chocolaty Banana Coco Frappuccino"White chocolaty banana coco frappuccinoSince it also appeared, I have drunk four products at once.

Roasted roasted banana and chocolate harmony up lift both heart and body "Chocolaty Banana Coco" "Chocolaty Banana Coco Frappuccino®" will appear on December 26 (Monday)

Arrived at Starbucks.

First we order from warm drinks. "Chocolaty Banana Coco" on the left and "White Chocolat Banana Coco" on the right.

First of all I will try to drink from "Chocolaty Banana Coco".

"Chocolaty Banana Coco" and "White Chocolaty Banana Coco" are hot drinks using roasted bananas, but "Chocolaty Banana Coco" is a banana sponge cake and chocolate sauce that is crumbled on whipped cream I am up.

"Chocolaty Banana Coco" is a drink that you can feel sweetness and aroma of fluffy and banana softly while cacao bittersweet because the base is cocoa. Bananas, indeed, have less acidic peculiar to raw fruits, they feel deep richness and aroma when they are slowly heated. There are various things in "chocolate with banana flavor", but since there are not many sweets and drinks of "roasted banana", it seems to be said to be a chocolate drink that can not be enjoyed quite well.

Next, I will drink "White chocolate banana coco".

"White chocolate banana coco" has banana sponge cake on top of whipped cream and white chocolate sauce, although it is hard to see.

The drinks themselves are based on white chocolate, making sweetness distinctive and more mellow than "Chocolaty Banana Coco". The bitterness of cacao, maybe not, the roasted banana flavor is on the whole, feeling like "rich banana milk". In Starbucks it seems that a combination of white chocolate and banana is not easy, so if you like bananas, it is recommended to chose this.

Then I will drink "Chocolaty Banana Coco Frappuccino" and "White Chocolati Banana Coco Frappuccino".

The basic taste is the same as "Chocolaty Banana Coco" and "White Chocolaty Banana Coco", but when I drank chocolate banana coco frappuccino, it was a bit crispy with coldness and coldness, It was also felt discreetly.

Frappuccino has a lot of chocolate coated puffs. Because it is a cold drink, I do not feel the sweetness of chocolate so much, but it is good adding flavor and crispy texture.

"White chocolate banana coco frappuccino" is also less sweet compared to hot drinks. Also, "White chocolaty banana coco" was mellow and banana flavored strongly, but "White chocolaty banana coco frappuccino" is finished with ice added a bit.

This also contains a lot of chocolate coated puffs as you can see from the side of the cup. It was a cold period, but it was a drink I wanted to drink over in a warm room or in a kotatsu.

In addition, "Chocolaty Banana Coco" and "White Chocolaty Banana Coco" are short-cut 420 yen, Toll 460 yen without tax, Grande 550 yen without tax, Venti 540 yen without tax, "Chocolaty Banana Coco Frappuccino "" White chocolati banana coco frappuccino "is 560 yen for Toll excluding tax, 600 yen for Grande excluding tax, 640 yen for Venti excluding tax. Both are provided until February 14, 2017 (Tuesday).

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