Inequality is eliminated by "violence"

ByRoberto Rizzato

"It is a universal fact that violence was necessary to guarantee redistribution of wealth at any point in history," he said at a stanford university as professor of humanities, classics and history at Stanford University It is Mr. Walter Scheidel. Scheidel said "The Great LevelerIn the book, in the history from the stone age to the present, we are clarifying the fact that many inequalities have been eliminated by violence.

Stanford historian uncovers a grim correlation between violence and inequality over the millennia | Stanford News

French economist Toma Piquetti said "Capital of the 21st century"Inequality is never resolved naturally as long as the economy grows." Mr. Piqueti's argument is the same as Mr. Scheidel, while Mr. Piqueti describes the "resolution of inequality due to violence" that occurred in the last 200 years, Mr. Scheidel investigated " About the relationship between violence and inequality about all history of humanity after the era ".

"The reasons for equality to be brought about in history are not the same, but they all go through the path of" a massive and violent confusion against the already established order, "Scheidel said.

Although Mr. Scheidel is an expert in ancient Rome, it is very difficult to collect the materials of the old age compared to the data of modern economists and historians. It seems that one piece of inequality and violence was derived by gathering the information scattering apart and joining it one by one.

According to Mr. Scheidel, there are "four jockeys", "mass mobilization or battle state", "revolution with the power to cause change" "collapse of the country" "plague", in the catastrophe to equalize society Then that.

"Elimination of inequality by mass mobilization" also occurred in World War II. Many countries were involved in the Second World War, and the inequality of people uniformly and drastically decreased. Not only European countries and battlefields that became the battlefield, but also taxes in the US increased, and the economy was to receive great interference from the nation to support the war. And this gave benefits to the workers and damaged the top 1% of the wealthy and reallocation of wealth was realized.

It is said that gland plague spread in the Eurasian continent in the 14th century also brought equality. While war has destroyed everything, pandemics will harm human beings but will not damage infrastructure. As a result, as the number of people decreases, the labor force is short and the wage per capita rises. And the gap between rich and poor has become smaller. However, when the pandemic fits, the population started to increase soon, and inequality in society increased.

ByXavier Donat

And "the collapse of the state" plays a more important role in the history of inequality. "A wealthy person is a beneficiary of the country If everyone collapses, everyone will be in need, but wealthy people will lose more things Maya civilization and Chinese dynasty collapsed It is because their property will be wiped out as it is time, "Scheidel said.

And whether Scheidel can resolve the inequality occurring all over the world, Mr. Scheidel says "History does not decide the future, things can change, but the change is slow" Business is not enough and we need to think more deeply to change the world today. " At that time, it is important to understand the historical background to solve economic inequality. Choosing a politician who promises "everything will go well" is due to a short-term perspective. "I am not insisting on war, but repeating the old way of thinking will ignore the lesson of history, but it is truly revolutionary to make a big change that will continue from now It may be that we need something original, "Scheidel said.

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