James Cameron talks about the latest "Avatar" sequel and Academy Award, "Terminator" series

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James Cameron, who went on a premiere screening of the documentary movie "Atlantis Rising" on January 29, 2017, interviewed The Daily Beast on the news site and received the latest Avatar sequel, Academy Award, movie " Terminator "series and so on.

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◆ Interest in the sea
Although he is a film director, Mr. Cameron is conducting explorations of shipwrecks and deep sea surveys all over the world and is also an explorer belonging to National Geographic. The new documentary film "Atlantis Rising" is also the theme of the Atlantic continent, which is said to have settled in the bottom of the ocean, and Cameron said about his own interest in the sea, "My generation was a childJack = Yves CusutoIt surely had been watching movies and TV programs. Looking at his image "Great! A world that no one knows yet is spreading in the ocean! I thought that. And I still can not forget what I felt when I was a child. Even when I threw myself into the movie world, I was always in one corner of my head. "

Atlantis Rising - Trailer | National Geographic - YouTube

Also, when I shot the movie "The Abyss" I met ROV of a remote control type unmanned submersible, and it led to the later "Titanic". In "Titanic" it is said that he wanted to express the story of love of tragedy and also to express about the theme of exploring the actual sinking ship.

◆ Titanic
In one scene of the movie "Titanic", Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack will give the ship's fragments to the roots played by Kate Winslet, and he will die in the ocean. However, as a result of verification with the program "Mythbusters" of "Discovery Channel", the debris did not sink even if Jack and Rose were put on,Pointing outIt is being done. About this point, Mr. Cameron has argued in the program, and in this interview "Also on page 147 of the script," Jack gave pieces to Rose and Rose was able to survive " It was a lot of fun to be on the program with two of Mythbusters, but the two of them are just lie. "

Titanic Survival Results | MythBusters - YouTube

◆ Academy Award
Mr. Cameron often won the Academy Award for those who are "less-to-know but movies to watch" than "films supported by a wide range of people", and that the academy itself will spread such recognition of movies He seems to have a feeling of duty to him. As long as I do not know much about the Academy Awards, as long as I feel obliged to inform the movie that I should look at, I heard that this flow does not change.

◆ Avatar
The movie "Avatar" is the movie that won the first prize of the world's first box office income, and its successor "Avatar 2" has great expectations. Although Mr. Cameron asked about the pressure, "I am not focusing on" Avatar 2. "I am working on all of" Avatar 2, 3, 4, 5 "with full effort. I finished writing the script of "Avatar 5" and I am preparing for production now.In the past two years I felt like I was trapped in a cave to write a script and I finally escaped from the cave It is a feeling. "

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◆ Terminator · Franchise
In the movie "Terminator" series, Mr. Cameron did the first and second works, but then he left the hands of Mr. Cameron and displayed a wide range of developments including not only movies but also TV drama series and comics. In the interview, although there was a question as to what the thinkers think of what the terminators after the 3rd work are getting worse and worse, Cameron said, "Terminator · franchise walked while staggering, if it says to say, it came out It seems like trying to regain voice, it is very difficult to keep franchises for long. " However, according to Mr. Cameron, it should be a new "terminator" in modern times when technology has developed. It seems that the theme that human beings are made slaves by machines seems to be perfect for the present society.

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