What happens if water and food are gone from the earth?

You should have heard the story that the resources on the earth are finite and will eventually disappear. Such a situation does not occur immediately, but if the human beings failed to save limited resources and the movie explaining what happens when water resources and food are exhausted from the earth, It is open to the public.

What If Earth Ran Out Of Water And Food? - YouTube

Moisture on the earth, for example ponds and lakes, sometimes its water level goes down or dries up ... ...

The moisture did not disappear but only evaporated and mixed in the atmosphere. Evaporated moisture will return to the ground with rain and snow.

However, about 77% of the earth's moisture is salt water.

Most of the fresh water necessary for human survival is frozen in the North Pole and Antarctica.

Fortunately, some of the frozen fresh water has flowed out as a river and is supplemented by rain.

However, as the population increases, it is expected that this water resources alone will have unavoidable demand.

Before falling into such a situation, humankind needs to secure different water resources. What can be cited as different water resources is "Aquifer"is.

According to the latest climate research data, according to the latest climate research data, Africa, Eurasia, and the Americas are consuming a large amount of water resources in aquifers, and that they are exhausting Respectively. Most of the groundwater used by pumping evaporates and rises to the atmosphere, but it will stay in the ocean without returning to the basement. This means that billions of people are deprived of clean water.

In addition, this "decreasing resource" often spreads across national borders, and it also causes the interstate war to break down to protect resources.

Actually, it happens in Sudan, AfricaDarfur conflictWas broken out due to water resource competition between African farmers and the Arabian sheepskin community. After that, it has developed into a full-scale war where millions of lives are lost.

Likewise, even in Yemen, where the water shortage continues, riots over water resources are occurring frequently. Both are conflicts that would not have happened if there were abundant water resources, but there is no "magical water" to solve this problem anywhere.

The largest consumer of water resources in the world is a farmer who is also a producer of food.

If global water resources are scarce and the price of water rises, it will lead to higher food prices.

If such a situation occurs in various parts of the world, it is more evident that "water warfare" and "food war" over restricted resources frequently occur like Sudan and Yemen.

Furthermore, if the land is destroyed by the war ... ...

It also leads to the loss of agricultural creatures themselves, only temporary resources are obtained by war.

In preparation for such food crisis, scientists are trying to keep seeds.

A seed storage is made all over the world, but "Svalbard world seed storage"Is the most famous as a global seed storage.

The seeds in the cabinet are not kept for farmers but are stored as genetic resources to prevent the loss of various agricultural crops such as war. Although these can not directly supply food when falling into the global food shortage, they will support the ecosystem and support crop growing.

If you consume limited resources without thinking about maintaining ecosystems, the destination to be reached may be the same "extinction" as dinosaurs ... ...

A movie creator asserts that if we do not want a future that will compete for snacks on the desk, human beings will be able to talk about the effective use of limited resources.

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