I have infiltrated a fireworks festival that can enjoy the world's greatest fireworks in the world and Japan and the International Fireworks Symposium where all the fireworks officials in the world meet together for a week

Fireworks is one of the entertainment entertained not only in Japan but also all over the world. Once every two years fireworks officials from around the world will gather research results and exhibitions, "International Fireworks SymposiumAs is done in the Olympic Games, however, there is not much to be held in Japan as it will be held every nation around the world every time it is held. The international fireworks symposium will be held in Osaka, Osaka, Akita Prefecture from April 24 to 28, 2017, and at the same time fireworks festival will be held for four days, "This opportunity can not be missed" I stayed in Akita for a week, I saw the trade show of the International Fireworks Symposium and the fireworks festival so I tried summarizing the state of the event and knowledge about fireworks.

International Symposium on Fireworks - Pyrotechnic industry conference

The day before the International Fireworks Symposium
On the day before the event will be held at the event square near Omagari station, we will enter Akita the day before the International Fireworks Symposium will be held. A poster of the International Fireworks Symposium was posted on the receipt point of Akita Airport baggage.

At the exit of the airport, the staff is showing guests from overseas.

Arrived at Omagari station. The countdown until the International Fireworks Symposium is held is also a display of "another day."

An event was held the day before at the event square near Omagari station.

Participants from overseas are also coming to see the event.

Many items sold as fireworks motifs such as black bean sweets that looked like fireworks gunpowder and fireworks design label sake were sold at the retail section. "Fireworks viewer certification examHe was also a fireworks researcher who was a lecturer at "Kanetoku Wholesale Comprehensive Center Co., Ltd.Representative directorMr. Konishiro KonishiAnd reunited here.

Next to the venue, we saw the craftsmen preparing fireworks to be launched at the end of the event of the day.

In the musical theme with the theme of Okinomiya fireworks display, the dialogue translated into English is displayed on the display and consideration for participants from abroad.

Fireworks show that was held on the previous day's closing.

Fireworks that will fire at once with great acoustics. Even small fireworks are so close that it has power.

The previous month's "New Fireworks Collection"To create private fireworksHoshiya Omagari Fireworks Co., Ltd.Mr. Kentaro Saito of Mr. Saito, I was able to see work related to fireworks as soon as possible, including how to issue instructions for safety confirmation and ignition.

◆ International Fireworks Symposium Staying in the Trade Show Venue
An international fireworks symposium held in the 5 days from 24 April to 28 April 2017. Symposium At the venue, presentations and discussions by experts were held. A trade show held near the main venue was able to be seen even by ordinary people.

The countdown display in front of Omagari station was changed to the display "in progress".

Arrived at the venue where the trade show is being held.

In order to enter the venue it was necessary to have the card issued at the reception desk.

To the trade show's room 1 immediately.

Not only fireworks displays, but also suppliers of equipment used for the production of events and concerts are participating.

There were not only overseas fireworks balls, round objects but also cylindrical ones.

This is,FireOneIt is a product of a company called "igniter" which gives instructions for ignition. This equipment is used in many fireworks traders in Japan as well.

There was also a Japanese brochure. Specifications of the product are written, such as being able to control the ignition timing in units of 0.01 second and controlling as many fireworks as the higher model.

I found a booth in a Japanese company.Goto Metal Industry Co., Ltd.So we are making tools and other tools to handle fireworks launching cylinders and explosives. There are few contractors making tubes to launch fireworks in Japan, and there are about 3 companies that can order mass production for fireworks vendors.

The cylinder for the launch is not a fixed number in what number ball, but the size and length will change depending on the application. There is a flat bottom and a convex one at the bottom of the tube, and it is chosen to choose according to the fireworks' preference. When a new production was proposed from the fireworks master, I was taught to make a new tube made by custom made to realize it.

In the unlikely event that processing is done that does not scatter at a stroke even when an unexpected explosion has occurred in an accident, it is said that safety measures are well done.

I came to Room 2 of the trade show. Japanese traders making fireworks cylinders here as wellFactory ArtThere are booths. People from overseas vendors are trying to tell something so if you ask, you will hear the word "star rolling" many times.

Apparently it seems that it refers to a machine called "starring machine" which processes a gunpowder called "star" shining with a fireworks. In the first half of the symposium, I often saw a scene telling me that I wanted to show "Star Rolling". Photo""What is a winter fireworks company? I interviewed fireworks makers who are making videos that understand the things I want to know about fireworks, and also watched the fireworks factory"Appeared in the articleKato Hakko Co., Ltd.It is a starring machine in the factory of.

I was helping interpreters at this boothKeiko TsuruokaHe said that he is also a fireworks viewer.

When asked Mr. Tsuruoka, "Is there anything you've heard that overseas are interested in Japanese fireworks cylinders, are they interested in something?", "When the tip of the cylinder is politely processed, It is surprising that it is a thing. "

On the first day, I only came to see the situation from a distance, but from the second day I became more often able to speak to people from the booth.PyrodigitalEquipment is also widely used in Japan.

Despite the general participants, they gave a detailed explanation, such as what role they played and what kind of operation to do. This equipment is called a module, it receives a command from the igniter, and sends a current to the cable to ignite it. Connect one cable per fireworks tube from this device.

It is a prototype of the latest igniter scheduled to be released this autumn. It seems that the number of fireworks that can be controlled with one unit has increased dramatically.

When I was walking through the venue, I acted as a lecturer on fireworks viewer certification exam "About firework structure and launch method"Komatsu Smoke & Fire Industry Co., Ltd.Mr. Tadanobu Komatsu (right picture) encountered a scene talking with stakeholders abroad. I could not talk on the test day, so I told the thank you for the fireworks viewer exams here.

Marumaya Co., Ltd. Katsura smoke storeMr. Kohei Kokeshi (in the photo), Italian fireworks display dealerParente FireworksI also had worked with at the venue, and I met a friend who was taken care of after a long time. Mr. Katakatsu thanked you very much during the period, such as introducing the machine description and overseas fireworks stakeholders.

Spanish fireworks launched on the 2nd day of the fireworks display in accordance with the International Fireworks Symposium were very popular for the production of a gimmick firework that could be launched according to the rhythm like the keyboard of a piano.

International Fireworks Symposium Sparkling fireworks that was well received at fireworks festival - YouTube

Fireworks trader who produced the fireworks of SpainRicasaI asked Ricardo Caballer a question about Spanish fireworks.

GIGAZINE (hereinafter, G):
Fireworks The fireworks of Spain, especially the gimmicky fireworks, which were launched on the 2nd day of the tournament were wonderful, but why are you using the set fireworks?

Spain is a country of Passion (passion). As a director to excite the audience, we are using gimmicks fireworks.

It was a fun firework with movement.

Spain has about the same history as Japan. In Japan, there is a culture that also evaluates the beauty of one firework firework, but in Spain it is important to express passion and it is required, so you have to assemble a program devised in force and production not.

What do you think of Japanese fireworks?

Japanese fireworks are very beautiful and wonderful, I love them.

Thank you very much.

""Is there a difference depending on the fireworks company? "I have asked the active fireworks mystery about fireworks secrets and fireworks display points"Mr. Kato and other fireworks at Kato Hakodate store also came to the trade show.

I am receiving explanation of software that can be simulated by CG as to how the fireworks to be launched will look from the audience.

On the final day of the trade show, a machine that automatically carries out the process "ball sticking" that adheres Kraft paper to fireworks balls appeared.

Behavior of automatic ball applicator that automated the process of sticking kraft paper to fireworks ball - YouTube

We gradually stick the kraft paper while shifting the fireworks balls little by little. Unfortunately Japanese fireworks balls can not bead beaded on this machine. The reason is that fireworks balls in Japan have been filled with fuse lines in advance and have protrusions, which means that this machine can not be turned well. Since overseas fireworks balls are made by making round balls and pasting kraft paper, adding a fuse wire, it was possible to mechanize like this.

This machine is a machine that makes a star called a star. Like a cookie or a donut made by pulling out a mold from a fabric, a cutting star means the star that is made by die cutting out gunpowder. "In the process of making a round star made of star hangs, it takes time to grow the first core part, but substituting it for a cut star can increase working efficiency," he said. "You can not make fireworks that require craftsmanship, such as voids competing in competitions, but if you are simple, you want to lighten the burden by mechanizing, as fireworks are keeping tradition There are also fireworks men who are told that efficiency is also necessary.

At the International Fireworks Symposium, events to introduce Japanese culture to overseas participants were also conducted at the same time. On the first day, local high school students participating in the volunteers were saying that there was mochi - making.

In addition to showing rice cakes, we actually have experiences.

There was also a trendy sake section. Many participants who were looking forward to drinking Japanese sake were there.

In addition to that, an event was held to experience Japanese culture such as calligraphy, flower arrangement, koto performance in dressing kimono.

At the International Fireworks Symposium, many volunteer staff actively asked participants from overseas to talk to the participants abroad, and attentive attention to participants such as "There is nothing troubled" was seen everywhere. "I love fireworks from a long time ago and I am very happy to be able to help with this event and today it was until the morning, so I have something I want to hear about fireworks vendors and I'm going around the booth," volunteer staff . In the memo held in hand was written a Japanese sentence and translated English sentence.

Cherry blossoms which bloomed in the first day are also beginning to be scattering on the final day of the fifth day. I still have something I want to hear but unfortunately the time is up.

◆ International Fireworks Symposium Firework Display "Fireworks of the World" "Fireworks of Japan"
Fireworks festival was held for four days in accordance with the International Fireworks Symposium. It is done in OmagariNational Fireworks GamesStar Mine made by ingenuity of the successive fireworks companies that took the Prime Minister's award, which is the best award in Japan, competition of fireworks of fireworks by Japanese fireworks companies, and fireworks abroad It was.
Tickets for fireworks display. Ticket fee was 5000 yen (including tax) because we had purchased 4 days in advance.

The place of launch is the riverbed of the Otogawa River where the National Fireworks Games are held.

The official pamphlet had an English program also posted.

At the fireworks venue,FM NavigationFireworks display of the fireworks Live live broadcast was carried out and I was able to hear the maniac information not written in the program and detailed explanation of the fireworks being launched. From left, Mr. Koji Fujita of FM fireworks personality, Mr. Shoga Togashi of NPO Fireworks Club, and Mr. Koichiro Konishi of NPO Fireworks Club, also of NPO corporation.

On the first day, I waited at the camera seat.

In the opening, colorful fireworks have been launched in accordance with the overture of Dragon Quest.

The first appearance in Japanese fireworks is Yamanouchi Fireworks' shop in Yamanashi Prefecture. The theme is "Japan's flower that makes it bloom in the world", the first half is a composition centered on fireworks using Japanese fire, which have been launched in Japan for a long time, but when it disappears it shines white, flashes and sounds , Fireworks flew apart like a bee, such as expressing fireworks in Japan using Japanese fire.

In the second half, we used a colorful western style fire. As a program of fireworks of 8 minutes a little longer time was allocated, the first half was launched with a composition that shows the original fireworks balls of the company in the first place and a lively part with the latest production using the last half .

In the fireworks of the world, you can see the fireworks actually launched overseas. Canada was characterized by the directive of keeping beating fireworks relaxedly with BGM running.

In Japanese fireworks there is a fireworks display of arms of craftsmen who pursues the artistry of one fireworks, split. A double triple core was included, and a variety of color changes were quite popular with overseas fireworks vendors. The photograph is "Elevated Triple Core Chang Chrysanthemum" Eiichi Koizumi (Niigata Powder Fire Industry Co., Ltd.).

Among them, this fireworks is highly evaluated as having round florets open all at once, it is said that the fireworks were so impressive that inquiries came from overseas suppliers. "Ascension Silver Dragon Kaleidoscope Masamaru Maru" Kumagawa Masayuki (Wakuya)

In the second Japanese fireworks on the first day, the fireworks of Komatsu Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. were launched one after the other. Fireworks will be launched one after the other, such as using parachutes, floating fireworks in the air for a while, etc. will convey the enthusiasm to "let the world's fireworks display know the Japanese technology."

On the way, the triple core and the quadruple core in turn, the fireworks rising higher in the sky further raised their voices without thinking "oh" when a great splendid five-point core bloomed.

On the 2nd day of the fireworks display, fireworks were prepared in front of the front row, so we decided to watch fireworks at the seat we took with a ticket instead of a camera seat.

What was prepared was a set fireworks for the production of Spanish fireworks. Even in Japan, although it is sometimes seen as a part of the fireworks at the beginning or in the middle of the fireworks display, Spain is used as a director for the whole story, and to the right to the left to make a work fireworks using the whole venue A cheer rises.

As one program is composed of directing like one fireworks display, there are many opportunities to raise glittering fireworks which are often called "crown chrysanthemum" often used in climax production, and near the front row You can taste the feeling that the stars fall from the sky. In order to fully enjoy the production of this crowned chrysanthemum, I decided to sit down and see the rest of the competition period in the front row.

At the end of the 3rd day we also launched a 2 - scale ball (about 60 cm in diameter). Up to the scale ball (about 30 cm in diameter) has the opportunity to see it even at the general fireworks display, but it will rarely be seen as the launch itself becomes a topic as it becomes bigger than 2 scale balls.

Two-sized ball that rises slowly and spreads all over the sky - YouTube

After the fireworks display, we spent time with the temporary outdoor bar of FM which is open to this fireworks display. On the evening of the third day of the tournament, many participants from abroad gathered, and French organizations sang out Oh Champs Elysees and it was a great excitement such as chorusing chorus "Oh champagne" in chorus. However, the French people also laughed loudly with everyone if they do not know the lyrics of No. 2 and humbly cheat as "Huh Hoon". There was communication with participants other than the symposium venue, such as "Japanese sake and Japanese fireworks are wonderful!" And asked "Is there a handsome shop nearby?" There was communication with the participants and it was friendly I was able to spend happily in the atmosphere.

The final day of the fireworks display was Saturday, so a lot of spectators gathered.

We will also see fireworks from the front row seats on the last day. In Star Mine's direction of launching several fireworks one by one like this one, Otama stands out for the first time, it has one core, often uses fireworks such as Saturn and mushrooms, but this Star Mine The fireworks called the Yae core with two core are used.

On this day, the smoke of fireworks stagnates in the state of no wind and the fireworks can not be seen.

However, "Please wait until the smoke clears up", the launch is suspended until the situation where the fireworks are beautiful. On this day the end time has gone by as much as 50 minutes past the schedule.

At the end of every launch program, when you stand up to start picking up, 2 scale balls will be launched with an announcement of "Two-handed balls will be launched as a surprise fireworks". Indeed a big present was sent to the audience, the 4 day international fireworks fireworks fireworks festival ended.

Shake the screen of pen lights and mobile phones and tell the fireworks on the other side of gratitude. It is a unique scenery unique to large fireworks gathering like fireworks, where voluntarily people who perform such performance are seen.

In the 4-day fireworks display, each fireworks display showed their skills gently and the fireworks of full content was rising, as the enthusiasm for "to make the best fireworks show" was transmitted. Until now, fireworks characteristic of fireworks traders that could only be seen in movies are actually seen visually, the difference is more clearly seen than in color and movement, "After all, the real color and It is difficult to convey the movement, it is reconfirmed that it is No. 1 to see with live. This time, from the 2nd day, because it was viewed at the seat, detailed reports on the difference of fireworks by fireworks vendors could not be made, but when reporting the fireworks festival in various places in the future, we will introduce the details of the fireworks in detail is.

◆ One week's International Fireworks Symposium After I stayed
The hospitality is wonderful, such as "The city of Omagari is wonderful" from overseas participants "everyone in the town actively spoke to themselves from children to adults", etc .; all the citizens as a city of fireworks, I was told that the entire city was told that I love fireworks, and from Okinomoto stakeholders, "Since the International Fireworks Symposium has ended, it is not to close the curtain but to further develop the great fireworks I also heard the enthusiasm of saying. From now on, it seems necessary to look at how fireworks of Omagari develop.

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