What happens if all humanity suddenly comes back to life?

The modern world population has exceeded 7.5 billion people and is expected to increase to 9.7 billion people by 2050. The modern age is the most populous in history, but it is estimated that from the time the human beings were born to the present age, more than ten times the human population was born and they died. If such a "human who died in the past" revived to everything in the present age, there is a movie seriously guessing how many people can survive and what kind of situation can happen.

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As of 2017, the world population exceeded 7.5 billion people.

This number is the most in history, but how many people were born and died in history so far? And what would happen if all human beings were revived in the past when they died at the age of death in the past?

It is said that humanity was born around 50,000 BC. It is estimated that the total number of human beings born by the present age counted from 50,000 BC is 108.2 billion people.

Because the modern world population is 7.5 billion people, 7% of all human beings in history are living in the present age.

In 2050 it is estimated that the world population will reach 9.7 billion people, which is equivalent to 8.6% of all humanity in history.

Because the ratio of "living human being" to "human who died in the past" is 1:11 ... ...

It is not difficult to imagine that the dead man will survive if it comes alive again.

When all those who died in the past revive, the total number will be 100.7 billion people.

Man is living everywhere on the earth, but if humansKowloon FortressIf you can collect in one place with the population density ofPalestineAbout 7 billion people, modern world population can live in about the space.

Calculating with the same population density, the population of 100.7 billion peopleAustriaIt is possible to live if there is enough space.

Population density is smaller than Kowloon CastleManhattanEven if calculated by population density of 7.5 billion people living spaceEcuador, 100.7 billion people living spaceArgentinaIf it has the same area as it is enough. Even if all the dead people are alive, there seems to be no situation where there is no place to live.

In most of the history, humans have "short average life expectancy" and "high mortality rate", so most of the living beings are very young people.

Neolithic periodIt is speculated that the average life expectancy of human beings until the end of the year was 32 years old.

We can see that the average life expectancy does not continue to rise because the average life expectancy was 26 at the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, which will be visited next to the Neolithic Age.

Ancient GreeceThe average life expectancy of people is 28 years,Ancient RomePeople are 20 to 30 years old. It is also related to the fact that many children of those days died at under the age of 10.

In the Roman Empire, the average life expectancy of children who survive until the age of 10 dramatically improves, reaching a maximum of 47.5 years.

Pre-Columbian periodThe average life expectancy of Americans is 25 to 30 years old.

It is said that medieval Muslims average 35 years old who had the longest average life expectancy before the industrial revolution.

Compared to today, the country with the shortest life expectancy in the worldSierra LeoneAt 50.1 years of age ......

The average life expectancy of the whole world of the present age is 71 years old.

As a result, the vast majority of people who have returned to life will be children or infants, and even adults will be mostly under the age of 33.

It is estimated that more men will survive from the past world as 51% of men and 49% of women are born in modern times.

Also, since there are 29% of people who lived in urban areas since 1950, most of the living beings will appear in the rural areas of the world.

If dead people survive around the world, sudden population surge is expected to put an incredible burden on global resources. Considering the current global resource volume, the population that can support the entire earth is expected to be around 10 billion people and can not support the world population of 108.2 billion people.

To support all 108.2 billion people, a huge farmland is needed from the Asian continent.

In other words, when all historical humans revive, 90% of the world population of 102.2 billion will starve to death within 2 months.

It is also expected that global warfare will break out from global resource talks.

In summary, if all the human beings who died in the past revived for some reason, the world population which had swollen to 108.2 billion people will settle to around 10 billion people within two months. If we are revived and it is assumed that 2.5 million people are living after 2 months, it is estimated that 2% of the living human beings will be able to walk the second life.

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