Report on the first day of the 'Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~' event in collaboration with Splatoon 2 and Kyoto Aquarium

The collaboration event ' Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~ ' of Kyoto Aquarium x Splatoon 2 has started on Saturday, July 15, 2017. The event is scheduled to be held until August 31, 2017 (Thursday), a soaking wet event that is perfect for parents and children in the hot summer, a special exhibition about the ink ring model 'Squid' that appears in Splatoon, and an original drawing It is an event where the hall is covered with Splatoon, with a photo location where you can take a commemorative photo with a splatoon shooter with a wake-up illustration in the background, and original collaboration goods of Kyoto Aquarium x Splatoon 2. On the first day of such an event, I went to the Kyoto Aquarium and experienced an event covered with ink.

Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~ | Kyoto Aquarium

I came to the Kyoto Aquarium at once.

The Kyoto Aquarium is open from 10 o'clock, but as of 9 o'clock there was already a line waiting for admission.

The pillar in front of the entrance is transformed into a collaboration specification.

The entrance is also a collaboration specification with Splatoon 2, and it seems that everywhere beyond imagination is covered with ink.

Many of the people waiting to enter the museum were wearing Splatoon goods such as Uniqlo x Nintendo

Graphic T.

After 9:30, there was a tremendous procession outside, which shows the high degree of attention.

There are many customers with parents and children, but there are also male-only group customers who do not usually see it, and the staff were impressed by the magnitude of the response.

And at 9:45, a girl and a squid suddenly appeared.

The entrance bursts into cheers and screams at the suddenly appearing girl and squid. You can see how Girl & Squid appeared at the entrance in the following movie.

'Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~' Kigurumi Girl & Squid Appears on the First Day of the Event-YouTube

It became a photo session of girl & squid as it was.

It's extremely popular. Please note that Girls & Squids cannot meet at the Kyoto Aquarium after the first day of the event.

Girl and squid talking eye-to-eye during the photo session. The squid has legs and looks very surreal.

A pose decided by two people (?)

High cheese even in front of the signboard of Kyoto Aquarium

The Kyoto Aquarium is usually open from 10 o'clock, but it opens 10 minutes before the first day of the event.

At the time of opening, a countdown is being held with Girl & Squid, which can be seen in the following movie.

'Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~' Countdown & admission on the first day of the event --YouTube

Customers enter the Kyoto Aquarium one after another, but at that time, some people take a commemorative photo of the girl and the squid.

At the end of such an opening ceremony, I will enter the hall immediately. The ticket counter was packed.

When you go around the museum, we recommend the 'Suizokukaan-Squid Summer Vacation-' collaboration version of the 'Waku Waku Discovery! Kyoto Aquarium Ikimono Book' that contains quizzes about the creatures in the Kyoto Aquarium. The creatures (such as giant salamanders and penguins) depicted in the collaborative illustrations on the cover are somewhere in the hall, so I went around the hall with the creature book in one hand and said, 'Discover the creatures in the illustration!' Looks good too.

If you find a creature in the illustration, just stick the attached sticker on it.

That's why I regained my mind and entered the building. Immediately after entering the building, the giant salamander, the 'living fossil' of the Kyoto Aquarium, is waiting for you ...

Here, I found a hand-drawn illustration of the collaboration 'Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~'. It seems that this was drawn by an illustrator of Nintendo, and it seems that multiple hand-drawn collaboration illustrations similar to this are exhibited in the hall.

Discover the real giant salamander on the side of the hand-drawn illustration. Is Splatoon's character collaborating with the creatures of the Kyoto Aquarium in other areas as well?

Next to the hand-painted collaboration illustration right after entering the hall ...

There is a paper with details about the collaboration event. The time schedule and event map of 'Suizoku Khan Splash Time' that parents and children of the main event can enjoy are written in this, so it seems good to go around the hall with this in your hand.

Next to the giant salamander, a collaboration illustration of 'Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~' is displayed on a huge monitor.

Besides, in the 'Kyo no Kawa' area ...

Collaboration illustrations related to 'Salmon Run' implemented in Splatoon 2 ...

There was a stamp of 'Suizokukaan original tenugui stamp rally'.

When you actually press the stamp, it looks like this. You can make your own tenugui by stamping the original tenugui.

As you go around the hall, the walls and ceiling are decorated with Splatoon ink and squid, so it may be interesting for those who are interested to look for it.

'Fur seal' area and ...

After passing through the 'large aquarium' ...

There is a special exhibition 'Squid Research Corner' about 'Squid' which is a model of ink ring that appears in Splatoon.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing in the aquarium placed here ...

If you look closely, Hanaika is lurking.

In addition, an exhibition comparing 'squid' and 'ink ring' ...

A map that shows where the creatures drawn in the collaboration illustrations are in the hall

And there are many photo locations in one place where you can take a commemorative photo in front of the illustrations.

A splatoon shooter is placed here, so you can take a commemorative photo with the feeling of an ink ring.

On the first day of the event, a photo session was held where you could take a commemorative photo with the girl and squid.

Heading to the next 'Penguins' area ...

You can see 'Dolphin Stadium' in the back, but I found something of a squid that seems to be used in Suizokukan Splash Time.

About 80 penguins will welcome you in the 'Penguins' area.

I also found stamps and collaboration illustrations at the 'Sea of Kyoto' on the 2nd floor in the back of the 'Penguins' area.

Miura Bizen Shigany, who will be newly released in Splatoon 2, and Bukichi, who will continue to appear from the previous work, are drawn.

See the jellyfish depicted in the illustration and proceed while being healed.

There is a reception desk for participation in the experience program at the 'Exchange Plaza' on the 2nd floor ...

You can buy a living book and an original towel here as well.

Next to it is the reception desk for Suizok Khan Splash Time.

The time schedule of the day & the availability of events are written.

Some people wear Splatoon 2 hoodies at the reception desk for Suizoku Khan Splash Time, and those who don't wear the experience program.

Learn how to play Suizoku Khan Splash Time while lining up at the reception desk ...

You can see the actual Splatoon shooter and bucket to use.

When you get out of here ...

Although it is not a collaboration goods, there was a capsule toy of Splatoon goods.

There is an entrance to 'Dolphin Stadium' at the exit of 'Exchange Plaza'.

When I went inside, a 3D illustration of Splatoon 2 welcomed me.

The 'Suizoku Khan Splash Time', which is scheduled to be held 5 or 6 times daily, will be held in the 'Dolphin Stadium'. Thirty pairs of parents and children can participate each time, and one of the parents and children aged 3 to 6th grade (up to 2) can participate in each pair.

Two older sisters who are in the process of the event will tell you how to play.

Suizok Khan Splash Time is an experiential event where you can divide into two teams and use either a splash shooter or a bucket to collect more water than the other team.

At first, children using the water gun Splatoon fired a test shot ...

Next, your sister will give a lecture on how to use the bucket.

Water will fall from the ceiling of the 'dolphin stadium', so you can catch it in a bucket and put it in the target.

That's why Suizoku Khan Splash Time started right away. First of all, the children in the bucket came out in front and got wet with water while fluttering.

With larger children who knew what to do, smaller children seemed to be able to imitate their behavior and play properly.

Then, the targeting using the Splatoon shooter started. It seems that the splatooner weighs about 2.8 kg when it contains water, so parents will shoot water together while supporting their children.

The goal is the squid part.

Perform the bucket part and the splatoon part twice each ...

Collect the bucket and splatoon shooter when finished.

And the participants gathered around the target of the squid that had accumulated water ...

Compete which team has more water for the squid.

The losing team will be flooded with water from the ceiling, so if you want to participate, it's safe to bring a kappa or extra clothes.

When this is over, the splash time that everyone can participate in will start at the end.

Water pours down from the ceiling of the dolphin stadium, so if you want to be flooded with this, you can join. It was over 30 degrees Celsius on the day of the event, so I was envious of the children who got wet innocently.

You can see the splash time in the following movie.

'Suizoku Khan Splash Time' The last splash time that everyone can participate in-YouTube

This is the end of Suizoku Khan Splash Time. At 'Dolphin Stadium', there are dolphin performances in addition to Suizokukan Splash Time, so it seemed like some kind of event was always being held.

The Splatoon-type water gun used for the event looks like this, it is quite large even for adults, and it seems to be quite difficult for children to have it alone, so it may be obligatory to participate with parents.

Beyond the dolphin stadium, at the exit of the exchange plaza, there is the 'Squid Goods Shop' where you can buy original goods from Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~ and Splatoon goods.

Here, the 'Suizokukaan Tree' will welcome you.

If you look closely, you can see that there are giant salamanders in addition to squids, and that they are squid and giant salamander towers.

At the shop, cookies (810 yen including tax) printed with the creatures drawn in the collaboration illustrations and ...

Suizokukaan original tenugui (1000 yen including tax)

Exciting discovery! Kyoto Aquarium Ikimono Book Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~ (600 yen including tax)

Original clear file (324 yen including tax)

Original tote bag (2052 yen including tax)

Original T-shirts are on sale.

2D illustrations on the original T-shirt ...

There are variations such as those with 3D illustrations printed.

In addition, there are a lot of Splatoon goods, so you may be able to come across the goods that say 'Oh, I don't have this!'.

In addition, on the first day of the event, there was a tremendous line, and the staff of the Kyoto Aquarium seemed to be surprised, 'What is this?'

In addition, the sales status of goods is placed on the side of the entrance and the squid goods shop, so it is OK if you check this and decide whether to line up.

'Suizokukaan ~ Squid Summer Vacation ~' is an event where you can see collaborations all over the Kyoto Aquarium more than you can imagine, and many people hold Suizokukan Splash Time many times a day, which parents and children can participate in. It was devised so that it could be enjoyed. The exhibition that was originally in the Kyoto Aquarium remains the same, and the impression is that collaboration-related exhibitions are arranged well, so you can enjoy the Kyoto Aquarium normally even if it is not for collaboration purposes, and even if you come for collaboration purposes, you will be fascinated by other exhibitions. There is no mistake that it will be broken. If you haven't decided on a hot summer plan yet, it's a good idea to take a change of clothes and visit the Kyoto Aquarium.

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