Report on the Kuwana Suigo fireworks festival that I wrote a super-oversized Star Mine "NTN super extra large widget" that incorporates as many as 480-meter big wheat blooms 17

Fireworks display fireworks of various sizes ranging from small to large, fireworks balls of about 30 cm in diameter called shaku balls are popular fireworks balls that can bloom a large wheel of about 320 m above the sky. In Kurobama you can see enough powerful fireworks, but at the Kuwanae fireworks festival held every Saturday of the end of July every year, a large number of two-sized balls (about 60 cm in diameter) spreading to about 480 m above the sky are used In recognition that the powerful Star Mine can be seen, the popularity has increased in recent years. So I've been checking out what rumor "NTN super oversized widget" is, what kind of star mine is, so I'll report on it.

Kuwana Suido Fireworks Festival

The venue is Mie Prefecture's Kuwana CityOn the bank of the Ibigawa river (Nabeya Tsutsumi)is.

When arriving at Kintetsu Kuwana Station and going up the stairs of the connection bridge,NTN CorporationI found an advertisement.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Kuwana station to the venue, but the sidewalk is also a wide and flat road so you can go easily.

Here is a brochure distributed at local bleachers.

In this fireworks display, each program was held in the form of fireworks provided by sponsorship fees of organizations, companies and others. For example, a case where several companies sponsor money by spending money.

With the sponsorship of Kuwana's fireworks, the Star Mine of about 1 minute has risen.

A case where we are co-sponsorsing Star Mine and two-sized balls together.

It was a short Star Mine with a fireworks of tiger blowing up from the bottom and launching many balls at once. Immediately after this scene ......

A two - tiered ball that spreads to the full width of Star Mine, a surprising voice rises from the venue to the huge fireworks at the beginning of the day.

At this fireworks festival there was also an underwater starmain where you can see the fireworks that open on the water at hand.

Programs of about 1 to 5 minutes can be continued in this way, but the program sponsored by NTN Co., Ltd. is allocated for 20 minutes. "Super super-large widget and two-sided ball simultaneous launch" and the name is also luxurious.

Moreover, there is a story of 3 parts 5 scene composition, and 17 shots of two-sized balls will be launched in total of 5 shots, 6 shots, 6 shots.

At 20 o'clock 6, at the scheduled time, NTN co-sponsored super super-large widget work began. First of all, announcement by Mr. Noriko Otsuki of NTN Kuwana Manufacturing Human Resources Education Division began, and Fireworks set on fireworks written as "NTN 100".

Fireworks will be launched after the 100-year history is read aloud by the river flow, such as "upstream, middle and downstream" and the state of nature. First of all, from the opening, fireworks in the form of N · T · N letters will be launched in accordance with the theme song of the journey of 2001 in space. The type of fireworks will change depending on the orientation of the moment of opening, so it is difficult to align with the NTN. The crowd and laughter from the crowd also appear to have been launched many times and are doing their best.

Scale up fireworks according to the excitement of the song.

The momentum of the tiger that blows one after the other from left to right and right to left is awesome, overwhelmed by the volume.

Two wide double beads are opened simultaneously with a wide wide tiger.

In a large piece such as a secondary feet ball, it will be used fireworks called big spread crown (Kamuro) while burning slowly. A gigantic two-dimensional fireworks becomes more wide by two overlapping. Clapping happened from the hall. Even the opening of about 1 minute 30 seconds is this scale, so expectation will increase, "Fireworks that will be up for now will be outrageous".

The announcement of Mr. Noriko Otsuki had an atmosphere that let you read the picture book. Star mine is started with the theme "Part 2" upstream "by saying" It's departing from the breathtaking wind. " The fireworks that went up here are staggered fireworks. When we say fireworks, if it is the same part such as the outer parent star and the inner core star, the thing that fire at the same time and disappears at the same timing is basic, but in the time difference fireworks, by shifting the lighting timing even in the same part, You can make the light appear as if it is moving.

Light faded from bottom to top.

The theme of "Upstream (birth) of the river" is that many weeping weeps of relaxed movement are used.

It was Star Mine in about 3 minutes, and the two-rise went up only by 1 on the way.

The opening and the second part upstream can be confirmed in the following movie.

NTN super oversized in-process opening & upstream part 2 [Kuwana Suigo fireworks display 2017] - YouTube

Subsequently, it will be "Midstream (Turbulent era)".

Right-to-left, left-to-right, the movement of a tiger representing just turbulence.

The pattern was abundant, and the launch sound like a machine gun hit repeatedly.

At the end of the game, you will be able to launch two-sized balls. First of all, those with vivid octagonal flowers.

Followed by was launched, the core at those with a wheel, such as Saturn's double, before also grew bigger larger audience of cheering for looked than those of.

After opening for a while, this 3rd scale double ball with Star Mine. This is similar to the former two-sided ball, but the shape here is three-fold.

In addition to this, there are various patterns on the two-sized ball as well, like the fourth shot, this time not Saturn's circle, but all-season blooming.

Lastly, after the relieved Yuen's thousand rings were launched ......

Simultaneous double beads are finished. This Star Mine was launched for 5 minutes 30 seconds.

Part 2 Midstream (Turmoil era) can be confirmed in the following movie.

NTN super extra large-volume process second part middle (turbulent era) [Kuwana Suigo fireworks display 2017] - YouTube

The end of Part 2 is "Downstream (Flow of Okawa)". The wide weeping willow that makes me think of the great river rises.

Fireworks blinking and flashing will be ongoing. It looked like the shining of the river.

A lot of beautiful florets bloom. The production has become dynamic.

After a wide launch has been repeated many times ......

Ootama will open. Two of them are considered two-sized balls.

It spread to the whole venue. It is Star Mine in about 3 minutes.

The second part downstream (flow of Okawa) can be confirmed in the following movie.

NTN super oversized parts in-process second part downstream (stream of the river) 【Kuwana Suigo fireworks display 2017】 - YouTube

Finally NTN became the third part "Final Stage". First of all, it starts from underwater star Mine.

Fireworks also began to rise.

Fireworks are already being launched at the start of 40 seconds with the same amount as the climax.

About 50 minutes underwater fireworks which had been going from right to left after 1 minute. At the same time as the underwater fireworks are over, the scale balls will become mixed in Star Mine, and the place to focus attention from the water surface to the sky will change.

Only after the scale balls have exploded at the same time, since I thought it was the end ... ...

A surprising two-headed ball opened.

I will continue more.

Fireworks that change instantly with purple, blue, green, orange, and scarlet have risen.

Thousands of rings will appear without intervening, and will also be hit by surprise.

Two two-sided balls opened at the same time, and the audience also began to hear screams.

In addition to further hitting, I will come up one after another.

A large amount of large rice cracks. It seemed that two shaku balls opened three at the same time.

It spreads over the sky.

With fireworks brightly shining with explosive sounds, NTN super oversized gimmicks hit the ground for about 20 minutes.

A surprising production with surprisingly surprising surprises can be seen NTN super extra-large widget The third part The last stage can be confirmed with the following movie.

NTN super extra large volume process third part last stage [Kuwana Suigo fireworks display 2017] - YouTube

As in the first half, underwater fireworks sponsored by companies / organizations and Star Mine will continue.

I was surprised to be able to enjoy a lot of two-sized balls at one time, but it was surprising that the two-sized ball was opened in a very beautiful form. When it becomes bigger than the scale ball, the shape of the fireworks when it opens tends to collapse, but in this fireworks you can see a two-pronged ball firmly in shape. This excitement that the two - scale balls are going up one after another is a fireworks display that I want to come to see again next year, because it is quite difficult to taste elsewhere.

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