Successfully reproducing the "diamond rain" falling on Uranus and Neptune on the earth

Like Uranus and Neptune "Ice planet (Uranus planet)"Although it is thought that hydrogen and carbon are compressed due to extremely high pressure and it is thought that rain of diamonds is falling down, researchers announced the demonstration result that actually" rain of diamonds "falls under high pressure did.

Scientists Create 'Diamond Rain' That Forms in the Interior of Icy Giant Planets |

ResearchersSLAC National Accelerator Research InstituteThe X-ray free electron laser reproduces the environment inside the Uranus planet by forming a shock wave in a plastic material (polystyrene) composed of a mixture of hydrogen and carbon.

As a result of the experiment, most of the carbon atoms of the plastic have a very small diamond structure "Nano diamond"It turned out that it became. In previous experiments, it was confirmed that the tendency to form graphite and diamond was confirmed even at lower pressure.

By the way, we can not observe how diamonds actually rain on Uranus and Neptune, but the falling diamonds are thought to be huge millions of carats . Moreover, it is thought that it is not descending like the rain of the earth, but slowly sinks the layer of the ice of the planet and forms a thick layer around the core.

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