I drank a drink "GODIVA milk chocolate" using chocolate carefully selected according to Godiva standard

Supervised by Godiva, using Coubertur chocolate based on Godiva's strict quality standards "GODIVA milk chocolate"Appears from Morinaga Milk Industry on September 12, 2017 (Tuesday). I got GODIVA milk chocolate ahead of the other, so I drank it and checked what kind of drink it was.

"GODIVA Milk Chocolate" New release at national CVS from Tuesday, September 12 | News Release | Morinaga Milk

This is "GODIVA milk chocolate". The size that fits in one hand of a woman, it is a little smaller than a general chilled cup.

Compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm this is about this.

The content volume is 180 ml and the calorie is 202 kcal per one.

Nonfat milk solids content 3.9%, milk fat content 2.5%, raw material names include cocoa and chocolate as well as coconut oil.

When a golden straw is inserted in a golden lid, a luxurious appearance is seen from the appearance. After drinking, the mouthfeel is smooth and smooth, rich. There is only the name "milk chocolate", there is almost no bitter, sweetness is strong and mild. But the richness and good smell of cacao are healthy, and when you drink, the fragrance of chocolate falls off from your nose and fluffy.

When you look at the state of poured into a glass, you can see well that "GODIVA milk chocolate" is lumping.

I tried pouring "GODIVA milk chocolate" into the glass - YouTube

When I relocated it to a glass, it looks cocoa whole.

Since I had a comment saying "The fragrance of chocolate is solid, but it has a taste like Morinaga's cocoa" from a drinking editorial staff member, I compared it in Seven - Eleven, Meiji, Morinaga 's cocoa. Then, although Morinaga's cocoa and base are the same feeling, the scent of cacao of "GODIVA milk chocolate" is a different dimension from the three cocoa, it is named "milk chocolate" instead of "cocoa" Also convinced. There is no sweetness that is sticky, it is clearly a high-level atmosphere.

Morinaga's cocoa is put in a glass and after drinking, liquid does not stick to the side of the glass ... ...

The "GODIVA milk chocolate" can be seen from the trace on the glass as well as its richness.

Because it can enjoy a very "thick" chocolate feeling, it may be difficult to drink a little on a hot day, but it is perfect for the season when it got cooler. The suggested retail price is 220 yen including tax.

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