Japanese and U.S. Giant robot battle, Suidobashi heavyweight "Kuratasu" pulls off the 1st victory with full punch

Suidobashi heavy industriesHuge robot made byCratas"Megabots made"Iron Glory (MK 2)"Eagle Prime (MK 3)"The fight against the plan came two years later on October 18, 2017, at last it became a reality thing.

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The relay started from 11 o'clock on October 18, 2017, after why the fight was to be done, and the images which show what kind of robot are being sequentially stopped, after 11:35, the main part finally arrives start.

The stage of the battle is a huge warehouse.

Victory conditions are "to defeat the robot" "to disable the robot" "to surrender the pilot".

First race: Iron Glory vs. Krathath
In the first game, the Megabots side launched "Iron Glory (MK 2)".

Suidobashi heavy industry side receives and stands at "Kurasutasu".

Clutas moves forward by raising white smoke with a signal of start.

The fist of the left arm protrudes to the front of the aircraft ......

Punch with the whole weight on. The body of Iron Glory is fluctuating ......

down. Claustas won vivid victory.

2nd round: Eagle Prime vs. Krathath
The Megabots side launched in the second game is the bigger "Eagle Prime (MK 3)" than Iron Glory.

It is like a heavyweight boss awaits.

Considering the physical disparity, Clathus once hidden behind drums.

And I started the drone.

This is for squashing, Mr. Kurata says "It worked so far".

But Eagle Prime is not going around and going forward, for proximity fighting.

Clathus eating paint bullet attack of Eagle Prime in nearly adjacent state.

Since the situation got stuck after this, I started apart and restarted. In the meanwhile, we are changing arms respectively.

This time Clathus attacks with the paint bullet of the right arm.

Eagle Prime to take this as a shield with a beam.

And with the chain saw equipped on the left arm I will scrape the armor of Clathus.

Crathus' right arm, destroyed wretchedly.

Clathus also has a physical disparity, continues to be captured solidly and is subject to saw attack.

The hand of the referee went up and Eagle Prime won the victory.

As a result of 1 wins and 1 loss, Kuratas was greatly damaged, but Mr. Kurata talked about the impression "I had a good time!"

I hope that somewhere we can realize such a huge robot battle.

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