"RIVYT" which creates a stylish website just by specifying the YouTube channel

Although it is now time to make money by uploading videos to YouTube, in order to have everyone see the uploaded videos, it is important not only to upgrade but also to announce using SNS and blogs. "RIVYT"Designates a YouTube channel, it creates customizable webpages that are designed primarily for videos, so it can also be useful for announcing activities on YouTube.

RIVYT - Websites for YouTube

To create a channel page with "RIVYT", first visit the official site and click "GENERATE YOUR SITE".

It is not necessary to register the mail address if it is temporary registration stage. Search the YouTube channel to enter the keyword and build the site. This timeOfficial YouTube channel of GIGAZINEWe will build it based on "GIGAZINE" search.

Several search results came out, but please click "GENERATE THIS SITE" of the channel you want to base on.

When loading is over it pops up, so click on CLOSE.

Temporary registration is over with this. Movie is the main design, the movie is displayed full of the browser.

Of the videos registered in the channel, the movies displayed in the playlist of the page are nine in order of updating. Regardless of the other videos, those that you want to display on the page are registered in the playlist at any time.

You can customize the page from the Edit menu. Click the red button in the upper right.

A sidebar expands to the right side of the browser. If you want to add a video to the playlist, click "ADD VIDEO" at the top.

Since other videos registered in the channel are displayed, select the movie you want to register, click "ADD 1 VIDEO" at the bottom. Of course, you can also add multiple videos at the same time, but since the thumbnail image of the movie becomes unstable, such as things of another movie, it is better to register one by one.

When you register, the number of videos in the playlist has increased by one.

To manage movies such as order change and delete, click "VIDEO LIBRARY" from "MENU".

Clicking to arrange the thumbnails of the currently displayed video. By rearranging thumbnails by dragging, it is also possible to change the playlist order. For example, if you want to change the video displayed on the site top, just bring the video you want to display on top to the top OK.

Apart from YouTube's thumbnails, you can set thumbnails separately in RIVYT. First, click the video you want to change thumbnail.

Click "Select New Image" on the movie, select the image you want to be a thumbnail, and click "UPDATE" below.

When I looked at the page, thumbnails that were properly displayed were displayed.

If you want to remove a movie from the playlist, select the movie you want to remove from MENU's VIDEO LIBRARY ......

Click on the trash can icon at the top right of the thumbnail.

By clicking "DELETE VIDEO" you can remove the movie from the playlist. The operation is intuitive and easy to understand, so it is very easy to manage videos.

Of course it is possible to change the design of the entire page. Click "DESIGN + OPTIONS" from "MENU".

You can choose to switch between page design and video information display. In the free version you can choose from 11 different templates.

After deciding the design, proceed to book registration. Click "ACTIVATE THIS SITE" at the top of the page display screen.

Determine the ID that will be part of the URL. Enter your favorite ID and click "CONTINUE". Be careful as this ID can not be changed basically once it is decided. However,Official supportI was able to apply for changes by contacting from.

Enter the email address to be registered and click "CONTINUE".

Register the password and click "SUBMIT". This completes ID registration and page creation.

If you click "NO THANKS, NOT TODAY", the page is completed with a free plan. Although this service can be used free of charge, there is a chargeable service of $ 20 a year (about 2282 yen), too. Paid versions are partially restricted and features are released, allowing you to view YouTube comments, automatically add new videos, analyze with Google Analytics, and more.

"RIVYT" is a service that began in 2017, there are parts that receive the impression that it is still under development, such as being unable to change the ID or thumbnail of the movie being wrong. However, because it has a linkage function with SNS, management and operation are also intuitive, easy to understand and easy to understand, so if it plans to distribute video mainly on YouTube, it may become a service to be utilized in the future.

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