I was impressed with the masterpiece quality that both beginners and advanced players can enjoy at the "Super Mario Odyssey" which is good and relaxing old and new Mario

It's no exaggeration to say that it is the world's most famous game character. With Mario you can fly around the world and enjoy the usual and adventurous journey through usual operations "Super Mario Odyssey"is. Appeared in March 2017Nintendo SwitchIt is the first 3D Mario work as a game for sale, only 3 days from sale2 million books soldAlthough it is said, when I actually played it became a masterpiece that the old and new Mario skillfully intermingled and it became a fun to be able to show the high degree of completeness "This is Mario of the world!" It was.

Super Mario Odyssey | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

◆ 2D Mario and 3D Mario's good marvelous Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario SeriesSpeaking of today,You can also play on smartphoneA popular action game that came to be. Broadly speaking, there are two types of 2D actions: side scrolling starting with "Super Mario Bros." and 3D action starting from "Super Mario 64". The Super Mario Odyssey that appeared in the Nintendo Switch is which Mario is basically a 3D Mario, but a 2D Mario-like element is a skillfully integrated piece of work that was skillfully incorporated into the game It is getting.

Super Mario Odyssey 's basic screen looks something like this, flying around the world in 3D Mario and adventure.

And if the person who has played the Super Mario series once, the point that you surely feel will be the operation feeling that you can not stop thinking "It's usual operation". Of course, fine operability and arrangement of buttons are different, but the Super Mario Odyssey's "feeling of running" or "feeling of 3 jumps or long jumps", etc., is a combination of 3D Mario such as "Super Mario 64" With the same feeling, if you have played once, "Oh yeah, Mario will feel like this".

With such usual operation, we stroll along the modern city like a salaried worker ......

It is Super Mario Odyssey that you can enjoy a nonbili vacation at the beach.

Also, if you go to the snow country the body and screen of Mario freezes to tick ... ...

When going to the side of the waterfall, the screen begins to get wet with a splash of water as shown below, and at the same time the HD vibration of Joy-Con vibrates to "realize that the waterfall is near", so the player himself and Mario I feel like I'm adventuring in various places. This is the part that can be expressed because it is the latest game machine Nintendo Switch.

Besides such a latest game-like element, it is a green clay pot that I have seen somewhere that I can meet in various parts of the world.

Entering into this, Mario will become an 8-bit 2D mario of old fashioned old days. It is very fresh thought that it is supposed to have played 3D Mario but it becomes 2D Mario of fluent. Operation when entering the clay pipe remains "Super Mario Bros." It is a simple action of "dash" and "jump" only. So, if you have played Mario in the past, you can not stop feeling nostalgic.

Still, it is the three-dimensional world of Super Mario Odyssey that 2D Mario adventures. So, even though it is 2D Mario, you can also experience a magical feeling of 3D.

In addition, even when you are adventurous in 3D Mario, there is a stage that progresses with side scrolling, which makes you think that "Do you encounter with some work of 2D Mario?" In the stage. For example, in the case of the stage below, I will move in the direction of the red arrow, but if I fix the camera I feel like I'm playing 2D side scrolling Mario though it is 3D Mario. Many 2.5D Mario stage like this is prepared, it is 3D in normal time, 2D when putting in a clay pipe, 2.5D depending on the stage, so you can enjoy various Mario anyway so you can be impressed honestly .

For the latest game, the action is also very simple, so even people who say "play the game after a long time" could easily play. The feeling that anyone can easily play easily is like Mario.

◆ You can enjoy various degrees of difficulty depending on the skill of the player
There are few action buttons and operation methods are simple, but it is not equal "overall difficulty of the game is low." Although it is not always required, it is also possible to perform more complicated actions with sophisticated manipulation, thereby deciding "startling actions that can not be thought of in ordinary people" and "actions that are too complicated to reproduce" I can.

A good example of "You can enjoy the difficulty level according to the player" is listed in the following tweets. People who want to enjoy high difficulty skillfully fly around a small scaffold, beginners move only when all the scaffolding appears, such as "small scaffolds" are always prepared on the ups and downs scaffolding The player can freely choose the degree of difficulty that matches.

Also, if you can skillfully manipulate and have excellent observation eyes, you can also find a surprise that you can follow "a different route from usual ..." ... you can go ... ...?

What is happening anymore ... a series of speedy actions at the level of ......

You can get this moon even if you can not superplay, but it seems like you can go with this route as well.

※ The following tweets contain spoiler elements so when you see someone planning to play from now on, please take self responsibility.

If you think, some people struggle in scenes with insufficient difficulty.

Beginners can also make the story full of crisp, but various levels of difficulty are prepared so that the game professional can also enjoy it. Depending on how you play, players can also play games with difficulty that matches their skills, so it is a game that everyone can enjoy from just a beginner to an experienced person.

◆ "Capture" of the new action is too fun
Of course, actions unique to Super Mario Odyssey are also available. That is "Capture" which throws a hat and manipulates enemies and things.

Mario threw a hat ......

If you hit a specific enemy or thing, you can operate it.

You can also capture that Kuribo and you can become a Tower Kuribo.

Besides, cute (?) Buddha statue Mario ... ....

Hammerbros Mario and other things, not just becoming enemies, it has come to let the stage clear the special abilities and actions that can be used when capturing.

To see what other things can be done with capture, please refer to the Super Mario Odyssey's formula as follows, so please check it out if you are interested.

◆ full of adventure elements other than the main story
If you just follow the story you can clearly be cleared apart, but elements that will color the adventure like 3D Mario are quite full.

The main is to collect 'Moon' scattered around the world ... ...

Collect the purple "local coins" prepared in each world ... ...

Search paintings 8bit Mario painted on the stage secretly ... ....

You can challenge mini games that are available around the world

The mini game is also a superpray exhibition by mini game gachi musics, and at the beginning it is just astonishing, "I can do this ... ...!", But as soon as I get used to playing, Can you do it ...? "And gradually wants to manage it.

Of course it is not a play that can be managed overnight, but since it is possible to compete with the record with players all over the world, it is ants to hone up Ultec to aim for world records update.

◆ Mario is being loved as a character
Thanks to the screenshot function of Nintendo Switch, I do not know whether it is thanks to the "snapshot mode" prepared by Super Mario Odyssey, but before "Mario nipplesThere are people who take Mario's arele collegia with various ideas as if more attention was gathered than ever before.

Just the right height

An image that collaged a game screen of Super Mario Odyssey in a nice way

It is popular that photogeneric pictures can be taken in the game.

BGM also combined with excellent image finish.

"If IT / It "It" is visible, it is over."A pic of the pictures.

Certainly a good picture.

Make better use of Mario's actions and NPC

One-sided photo

Shoot a moment when it might be a minor incidents

NPC appearing in the game seems to recognize the object firmly.

Some people express movies that can not be conveyed with photos alone.

Urban legend of New Donke City ... ...?

Besides, around the world, enthusiasm for the world went "How to shoot Mario in sketches" immediately after release.

The world is enthusiastic about how to take Mario in sketches, Mario's exquisite facial crazy people - GIGAZINE

Also opinion that Mario is too excellent as a subject, it is too fun to advance the game just by taking interesting pictures.

Homage to past works is also hidden
In addition to the stages and actions in the game, homage to past works is hidden in Mario's appearance and other places.

For example, if you advance the game to a certain level, you will be able to transform it to look the same as Super Mario 64's Mario ... ...

I love you guys Mario's partner · Yoshi will appear.

Besides, the theme song of Super Mario Odyssey "Jump Up, Super Star!Mayor Pauline singing, "Funny dance" to show around the following movie in two minutes ... ...

Pauline's Full Jump Up, Super Star Concert in Super Mario Odyssey! - YouTube

Game released in 1983 "Donkey KongIt is a dance reproducing the silly movement that lady caught in Donkey Kong shows, and it seems that various homage is hidden.

◆ Summary
Although it is 3D Mario, it is also 2D Mario, there are stages that run through like a mario scrolling plane, if you think that you were adventurous in a three-dimensional stage, a free idea that can not be caught in the binding of 2D or 3D Maps are dotted here and there. Adventure such a world, so if you have played some Mario before, you can taste some nostalgic feeling, even a man who plays Mario for the first time feel like a strange game as if you are going to and from 2D and 3D There is no mistake to be surprised.

In addition, it seems that Mario series seems to have a map of various degrees of difficulty in the game, so even beginners can easily clear clearly even if it is a beginner, even people who played as it is, There are places where you have to repeat the error. However, even if I mistake many times, the coin on hand is reduced only to a small extent, so I can do it over and over again, so the impression that even beginners have become fairly easy game design. However, Mario has many action maneuvers, and the stage design is also quite skillful so that players can enjoy playing according to their degree of difficulty and play a high degree of difficulty that even advanced players can enjoy You can enjoy enough.

Still, there are plenty of elements full of the charm of the character Mario. With Super Mario Odyssey's unique action "Capture", you can now control familiar enemy characters in the Mario series, you can collect harvesting around each stage, with hats and clothes you've never seen before in the world You can also adventure inside. In addition, there are "snapshot mode" which can apply various effects to the game screen, so you can enjoy the game even by shooting screenshots.

"Homage to past works" that Mario fans can enjoy is hidden everywhere, and although detailed contents do not reveal because they want to actually enjoy playing games, they will be directed at New Dunk City The last development of the main story and so on is Nintendo-like seems to be a Mario-like "director's director" Anyway, as entertainment is superb as "amazing Mario!" You can enjoy the entertainment of the real monsters that you will not regret, so Nintendo Switch It is a work that should be played by all means if you have.

The package version of Super Mario Odyssey is sold for 5566 yen, and the download version is sold for 5812 yen.

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