MegaBots raised funds with Kickstarter for holding the world's first huge robot battle tournament, the backwater team of development stops unachieved

A giant robot that a person of aqueduct heavy industry can ride and maneuver "Cratas"WhenThe battle of the century which remains in the history of gigantic robotsThe two robots that played "Iron Glory (MK 2)" and "Eagle Prime (MK 3)". Megabots who developed these are planning to hold a tournament game where more giant robots are invited to decide the world's strongest huge robot and we are looking for investment on Kickstarter at the cloud funding site.

World's First Giant Robot Tournament! By MegaBots, Inc. - Kickstarter

Megabots who developed a giant robot "Eagle Prime" with a total weight of 12 tons, a total length of 16 feet (about 4.9 meters), and a 430 horsepower person riding and manipulating, and won the game against Claustas. The following article can check the appearance of the battle of the glow of Eclle Prime with Kurasutasu.

US-Japan huge robot battle, Suidobashi heavyweight "Kuratasu" totally pulls off one victory - GIGAZINE

After the battle, Megabots seems to have received a challenge from robot development teams around the world. So, Megabots is the world's first giant robot battle tournament with the help of robot fans all over the world "Giant Robot TournamentIt was thought that holding the holding of. If Giant Robot Tournament is held, Megabots is languishing, with no doubt that it will become the most crazy sports event in the world.

So far Megabots has spent three years on a robot battle with Kratas and a development cost of 6.5 million dollars (about 740 million yen). Also, among the staffs of Megabots are mixed fighting sportsUFCFounder of the popular TV program "Doubtful legend"There are also some staff who worked in, and there are also the best talent to create a new robot battle tournament.

Megabots has all the talent to create a new robot battle tournament, but in order to realize it, you need a fan to watch the game locally or watch live streaming video. This time Megabots solicited investment on Kickstarter to gather funds for hosting tournaments and also to know the core fans that support the robot battle tournament and how much investors, media and companies are That's right. Megabots positions the robot battle tournament as "the culmination of robot development so far" and states that "Megabots will be closed" when funds are not gathered.

China's "GREATMETAL" which is one of the robot development team that has been dragging the challenge to Megabots. "Monkey King", as the name suggests, is developing a robot that walks quadrupedly like a monkey.

GREATMETAL's Monkey King Giant Fighting Robot - YouTube

It seems that "Fighting My Bots" developed by this GREATMETAL wishes to participate in the battle

Megabots seems to have received a challenge from more than 20 robot development teams in China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia and the United States, but before deciding whether to actually participate in the convention, And that. In addition, if the contribution exceeds the target amount, Megabots is planning to move towards the realization of the robot battle tournament, open source of Iron Glory's design drawing, allowing more people around the world to participate in the battle, We are also planning to accelerate the development of huge robots.

The robot battle tournament will be held in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco, USA in the fourth quarter of 2018, and four teams are planning to battle. If the team is not ready or if you can not use the arena that will be the venue, you may change the date and time of the event.

The movies seeking contributions to Mobabots' robot battle tournament are as follows.

The target amount Megabots collects with Kickstarter is 950,000 dollars (about 100 million yen), and at the time of article creation, 32 million people have invested about 22,000 dollars (about 2.5 million yen). If the amount of investment exceeds 15 dollars (about 1700 yen), you can get the voting rights and you can add feedback to the dedicated mailing list and give feedback, etc. to decide the rules of the robot battle tournament. In addition, with a contribution of 20 dollars (about 2300 yen), in addition to the voting rights, an original manga book by DC comic illustrator, a further original T-shirt with a capital of 50 dollars (about 5700 yen), 99 dollars (about 11 thousand yen ), You can increase benefits such as parka, etc. In addition, you can get a ticket for the tournament with a capital of more than 125 dollars (about 14,000 yen), and for a capital of more than $ 1475 (about 167,000 yen) you sit on the Eagle Prime gunner seat for 10 minutes and weapons You can also get the right to actually operate.

The deadline for investing in the project is 0:51 on December 17, 2017.

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