"FastFFF" that enables super high speed 3D printing at the level considered to be fast forward at seven times higher speed than in the past appeared

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJamison GoWithJohn HartThe professor has created a 3D printer that can output unbelievably fast, and has released a real-time movie that shows how this is outputting three-dimensional objects. 3D printers are capable of high-speed output at the level that you think you are playing movies at double speed, and the possibility to become a technology to realize the future such as outputting broken parts of plastic models with 3D printers. It is secret.

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Reducing the output time in 3D printers is an essential element in terms of cost efficiency and competition with conventional 3D printers. The manufacturing method that laminates materials from nothing state to produce processed products is "Additive Manufacturing(AM) ", the 3D printer is exactly the representative of this AM. By combining the speed of a series of manufacturing processes enabled by AM and the ability to enable shaping processing of complex shapes, we create a completely different workflow for product design and customer-specific product creation Professor Go and Professor Hart think that it will be possible. Based on that idea, two people designed the desktop size AM type 3D printer system "FastFFF"It is possible to output much faster than other commercial 3D printers.

The two-person developed system called FastFFF is designed based on the findings obtained by analyzing the rate-limiting mechanism of "Thermal Dissolution Stacking System (FFF)" which melts and outputs conventional filaments. FastFFF realizes high extrusion force, rapid filament heating, high speed gantry operation by using a nut feed extruded print head, laser heated polymer liquefier, servo driven parallel gantry system, breaks the limit of the conventional system It is said that. Since the extrusion / heating mechanism adopts a compact printhead, it can output filament filament, and since it uses a fiber-coupled diode laser, heat transfer can be increased. Moreover, FastFFF is suitable for output of high temperature thermoplastic resin and composite material by excellent heating mechanism.

The prototype model with FastFFF system can output 127 cubic centimeters of object per hour. It seems to be about seven times larger than a commercially available desktop size 3D printer. It is also noted that on the benchmark you can output up to 282 cubic centimeters per hour.

In fact, how fast is the output, 3D Printing 3D Output Output Service "Tokyo Lismatic"I think that if you make an object of length 70 mm × width 120 mm × height 15 mm (126 cubic centimeters) with resin output service, it will take about 4 hours to output, so I think that you can see that it is a steady high speed plunge.

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So, the movies that show the fact that the prototype model of FastFFF system is actually outputting objects can be seen from the following.

Fast desktop-scale extrusion 3D printing - YouTube

In the following movie, it seems that a conventional 3D printer different from FastFFF outputs objects, but in comparison, you can see how fast the FastFFF printhead was moving around.

Why This Is the Best 3D Printer - Comparing ALL My Printers !!! - YouTube

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