Bitcoin's famous cloud mining service "NiceHash" was damaged by hacking, or 7 billion yen was stolen

Virtual currency · Bitcoin (bit coin) price temporarily on December 7, 2017It surpassed 14,000 dollars (about 1.57 million yen)And keep on updating the highest value. Under such circumstances, "NiceHash" which has offered cloud mining service of bit coin enters a long time maintenance from the evening of December 6, 2017 Japan time. After that, it was announced that the bit coin that was in Wallet was stolen because it received "security breach", and we are doing 24 hours service stop to investigate how much it was stolen.


Maintenance announcement tweeted at 16:52 on December 6th. There is nothing wrong with this itself ... ...

About 3 and a half hours later, we announced that it will take time to solve the problem of the service. Because time is longer than maintenance so far, some users think that something happened.

After that, a user appeared that the contents of his wallet became 0. In the opinion that it was hacked, NiceHash announced the official statement at 5:00 on December 7, 2017. As I expected the worst, "It was hacked and the contents of Wallet was stolen" became clear.

It is still not clear how much the stolen bit coins are,Trends in Wallet indicated by NiceHash usersIt is believed that "4736.42 BTC" was stolen by the current rate and about 62 million dollars (about 7 billion yen) at the current rate.

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