Countries that have not visited around the world who visited 150 countries and their reasons

Visit 150 countriesMy bicycle circle around the world has ended. I knew the world sufficiently. I am satisfied with this result. However, the deeper the journey is, the more greed comes out. Hopefully I want to travel around the whole country. Algeria and Pakistan who can obtain visas only in Japan, Saudi Arabia and Bhutan who have restricted entry of foreigners have left only troublesome countries. Africa has 22 countries as well as unvisited countries. I want to go to Madagascar where there are Baobab trees right now.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. Since I have a future, I have finished my journey, but I will not get bored overseas. Also, I may be able to travel someday. For that time, I tried collecting the countries that are not visited. There should be some useful information for those traveling overseas ... ....

How to Count the Countries
How many countries are there in the world? There are two ways of counting the country, "a country with diplomatic relations" and "a member country of the United Nations". There are 195 countries with diplomatic relations with Japan and 196 countries in Japan. Meanwhile, there are 193 countries in the United Nations. The four countries - Kosovo, Vatican, Niue and the Cook Islands - have diplomatic relations with Japan, but have not joined the United Nations. On the other hand, North Korea (DPRK) is a member country of the United Nations but there is no diplomatic relationship with Japan.

Since I am adding Kosovo and Vatican to my "150 countries" visiting country, "country with diplomatic relations with Japan" is the standard. Incidentally, Japan does not include it. However, if I have a visit to North Korea I will count as one + country, I feel that the counting of the country is ambiguous and good.

Although Kosovo is practically independent from Serbia, it is not yet a member of the United Nations.

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Palestine do not count as a country, but independent governments exist and there is no "not to travel because they are not countries". Especially Taiwan was a cozy place to compete for one or two even around the world round trip.

Hong Kong was returned from England to China, but under one country two systems, it is a different political system from China.

Taiwan is the same Chinese culture as China but free air is comfortable.

Although Japan is not yet yet, many countries have approved Palestine as a state.

◆ List of unvisited countries
I was cycling around the world by bicycle with the following feeling.

A bicycle that over 150 countries and 130,124.54 kilometers Records throughout the world - GIGAZINE

I visited 150 countries except Japan, but there are still many visited countries yet.

· The Americas
4 countries: Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Cuba

1 Country: Monaco

·middle east
Four countries: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen

Four countries: Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan

Ten countries: Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Nauru, Tuvalu, Palau

22 countries: Algeria, Libya, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, Cabo Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Niger, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, Central Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Madagascar, Seychelles , Mauritius, Comoros

I would like to go to Nauru, a country made of Albatross Hun.

At present, there are 45 countries that have yet to visit. Plus North Korea. Since Oceania has 16 countries in all, Africa has 54 countries in all, these two areas remained quite. Oceania's unvisited country costs money, but difficulty is low because it allows you to travel freely if you have even air tickets, so many countries that need visas for Africa's un-visited countries will probably have higher difficulty levels It is.

In addition, there are independent moves in Scotland in England, Catalunya in Spain, New Caledonia in France etc. There is also the possibility that the number of visited countries will increase further.

◆ 100 countries to 150 countries
When I first started my journey,100 countries and 100,000 km targetwas. Around 100 countries in Tunisia flying from Brazil after a round of Australia, Southeast Asia profile, Asia Crossing, Europe roundabout, African profile, North and South America continental profile.

Tunisia in the 100th country.

I could finish with that. However, from there, there is nothing weapon that I can fight back to society in Japan, so I decided to increase the number of countries I visited to 150 countries, so that I could use the trip as a weapon. Fortunately I could do writing articles like this, but if I had not written an article I would have run out of money and the journey would have finished sooner.

Because I extended the trip, the pyramids of Egypt ......

The Taj Mahal in India could also be seen with this eye.

Especially India has a strong journey. Because it seems that Moyamoya will be left around the world around India without India, it was good that I could travel as it was.

After all, after finishing the trip, publication is not good and it is difficult to be at work, it is difficult to "live by favorite things", but if it is not possible to move it is also moving to the next hand, but the world One round was awesome, and I am satisfied even if it is such a result. It is hard to get from here, but since I have accomplished a cycle around the world, one thing in my life, I will try not to put the switch in too negative.

I changed my goal of 100 countries visit to 150 countries, so my trip is wasteful. I have been visiting the Caribbean again after I crossed the Americas and I should have gone to the island country and New Zealand in the Pacific while I was working in the Australia. The south from Egypt to Ethiopia also missed the timing and is returning from Malaysia. Total of about 500,000 yen will be uselessly used.

Unlike 100 countries, trying to do 150 countries, you can not increase the number of visited countries too much. If we aim to visit more than 150 countries around the world, I think that it is an iron rule to go inside while you can go. I was able to visit Afghanistan, Iraq (Kurdish Autonomous Region), Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, if timing meets until 2007 - 2016 when I was immersed in the trip.

◆ Reason for becoming an unvisited country
The following countries were unable to visit due to these reasons.

I had a chance to visit from Mexico resort, Cancun, but as the rainy season was approaching Central America, I gave up. Like Anpanman, Chariderman is also vulnerable to water, so we avoided rain as much as possible. In the winter of 2014Carrying a folding bikeI went around the Caribbean island country. At that time there was also a chance of a visit, but I could not incorporate it into the route because I had no idea of ​​getting a visa (tourist card).

·Saudi Arabia
I need a visa, but I can not get that visa. Despite being in the same Gulf countries as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar where Dubai is active in accepting tourists, we are taking the opposite policy. Because it is a strict Muslim state, there are many criticisms that human rights violations are rampant and you do not want external humans. However, it is possible for Muslims to obtain a pilgrimage visa because of the Holy Land Mecca.

It is a country that needs a visa. At the time of 2009, from Central Asia via Uighur Autonomous Region of China,Karakoram HighwayAt the route which goes beyond the "Kungju Love Pass", we got an arrival visa. At that time, it was crossing the Eurasian Continent, so I took the course to the west. After a while, it is impossible to obtain the arrival visa of that route. Currently it seems that you can only get a tourist visa at the Japanese embassy.

In February 2010, I reached Eurasia and arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. There was also a route heading south to there for Egypt. Syria was able to travel as usual at that time. However, I went ahead to Europe which is easy to travel. By increasing the number of visiting countries, I bounced around the bicycle world. After that, rush into the civil war from the turmoil of the Arab Spring. There is also the rise of Muslim countries, it is not a situation where you can travel now.

· Lesotho, Swaziland
In May 2012, I arrived at Cape Town, South African hope peak. From there, I was aiming for the continent of the Americas by Alaska start from July across the temporary home country, so I could not afford to do Lesotho and Swaziland. I have been away from Japan for about 3 years so I wanted to return as soon as possible. If it was a visit to 100 countries, it was good in the pass, but it was a country that I wanted to hold down if I visited 150 countries. Access from South Africa, which is a neighbor country, is easy.

·South Sudan
There was a route route from Uganda in 2011. I was intrigued, but I gave up because I was going to need money.Friends visited in 2012I heard that it was possible to get an arrival visa at the border. After that, political confrontation evolved into a military conflict. Currently, on the overseas safety website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South SudanAll the evacuation adviceIt is not a situation where you can travel freely.

· Somaliland
The confusion continues Somalia and Somaliland are different countries. Somaliland rules the vast majority of the former British Somali land next to Djibouti. Visa for Somaliland was taken in Ethiopia in 2015. There was also a route. So, I was aiming. But at that time the Ethiopian visa was single. Even though I entered Somaliland, I had to escape by air. I should have taken Ethiopia's double visa in Cairo, capital of Egypt. If so, I could travel back and forth from Ethiopia to Somaliland by land. But at that time Egypt entered the city called Hurghada, the resort of the Red Sea. Luxor in the central part of Egypt was close, not close to the northern capital city of Cairo. Continue straight to Aswan southern. I got a Sudan visa in Aswan and I got an Ethiopian visa in Sudan, but it was a single visa according to information in advance. Also, even if I looked it up on the internet, the travelers of this year were extremely few, and I was worried about the activities of the Islamic state. I considered safe first and passed.

◆ All-round domination

There is a goal of "I want to win the whole country" to die. However, this is a small wishes that can not always be said to be done.

I have finished my trip so I need to get back to society. It may be possible to get married in the unlikely event, and if that is the case, you will be raising the child. It takes money. But here's what I want to follow next. I want to build a familiar home. I think that it is more difficult to live with someone than travel alone. So, from now on I will not consider big trips like cycling around the world by bicycle.

But I have never given up my goal of visiting all over the country. Even now, if it is not zero to earn more than people, we will live without abandoning the pale possibilities. If you give up, the match is over. Both child rearing and old age, if you win it, you dream that you want to go around the world freely again. Of course, with the approval of the family. I met someone who actually traveled like this in Peru. Despite being in his forties, he made his company run successfully and traveled the world on a monthly basis.

It may end with just a mouth. But if you can live exciting goals by setting goals, that is not bad for that and I would like to continue to chase what I want to do the last, as I had done so far.

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