The colorful cutouts of dolphins and penguins are cute "2018 Kyoto Aquarium Original Calendar" Review & Actually met at the Kyoto Aquarium with creatures that became motifs

At the time of opening in March 2012, the Kyoto aquarium, which became a topic of 100% artificial seawater using the aquarium for the first time in Japan, celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2017. "2018 Kyoto Aquarium Original Calendar"Is a calendar featuring cutouts of creatures raised at the Kyoto Aquarium. I also got one calendar at the editorial department, so I went to the Kyoto aquarium to see the creatures that are actually motifs.

Kyoto Aquarium

"2018 Kyoto Aquarium Original Calendar" (540 yen including tax).

The cardboard was also included together so that the part of the cutaway picture like a bookmark does not fold.

Just plug the bottom part to complete the foundation.

When you set up the calendar, it is very cute that the colorful cutouts of living things pop out from the end of the calendar.

It is about compact size of about 130 mm weft about 180 mm. If you compare it with iPhone X with long side 143.6 mm, you can understand its size well.

Since the hinge part is made of wire, durability is also no problem.

And most noticeably, it is a colorful silhouette of creatures cut out at the edge of the calendar.

Since it is slightly shifted according to the page, it can also help you turn it up.

In January it is a vermillion colored paper, with a picture of a fur seals. The calendar is displayed for the last month and the next month for 3 months. The week is Sunday's beginning, the date of Sunday and holidays has been changed to a simple design with a notation written.

February was printed on the back of January. It corresponds to two months on the front and back for each page.

I was really impressed, so I actually went to the Kyoto aquarium to see the living things that became the motif of the calendar.

At the Otosei corner of the Kyoto Aquarium, we are weaned in the hutMinami American fur sealsThere was.

There are aquariums for Minami American Futsales and Gomasfur Seals, and you can see their appearance swimming around in the water with unspoiled speed.

It is an orange colored paper in March and April, and a cut picture is a penguin motif.

The penguins raised at the Kyoto aquarium areCape Penguinis.

I heard that two chicks were born just on November 29, 2017 and 1 December 2017. Looking through the nest, there was a cape penguin taking a posture that warms the egg.

May and June are yellow colored paper with dolphin cuts.

Handwort dolphins are raised in the Kyoto aquarium.

I was doing a show at the dolphin stadium in the outdoors. When walking in the hall, there were times when I heard a crying sound from the outside.

In July and August it is a yellow-green colored paper, and the silhouette of the green turtle has been cut out.

As the green turtle in the large aquarium retracted in the back and did not come out, I saw minami turtle which is a natural treasure of Kyoto city instead. At the Yamashitaki Suizu Corner, I was able to worship the appearance of drying the shell.

In September and October it is a light blue colored paper, and the salamander is a motif.

It lives in the Kamogawa flowing through Kyoto, it is a special natural treasure of the countrySalty salmonHowever, it was exhibited at the corner immediately after entering the building.

In November and December it is a gray colored paper, jellyfish is a motif.

There was a jellyfish corner in the Kyoto aquarium, and various jellyfish were drifting in the aquarium, such as mizukuragage and red clover.

"2018 Kyoto aquarium original calendar" of a compact and simple design is available at the museum shop in Kyoto aquarium at 540 yen including tax. The museum shop can enter even if there is no admission ticket.

There was a special section of the calendar in one corner of the store.

We also do online shopping, and you can get it at 540 yen including tax from the following link.

Kyoto Aquarium Online Shop - 2018 Kyoto Aquarium Original Calendar | Yahoo! Shopping

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