Examples of the world that I thought is the balance between "competition" and "equality" important for economic development

Competition is indispensable for economic development, but the difference between rich and poor expands and public security gets worse. This is an American style society that chose capitalism during the Cold War. On the other hand, if we aim for an equal society, the gap between rich and poor will shrink and security will stabilize but the economy will not develop. This is a former Soviet-type society where socialism was chosen during the Cold War. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I traveled to 150 countries around the world, but there are no countries where public toilets are popular as in Japan. There are no countries where vending machines are popular as in Japan. Japan is a safe country rarely seen in the world. Perhaps it was because the economic development after the war was equally somewhat able to build such a society.

However, a disparate society is taking root in Japan. I have looked at the world where the disparity society created by competition will arrive in the world. However, we can not claim that society should be equal. I thought that I had to go forward while balancing competition and equality.

Former Soviet Union
Capitalism and socialism, once two sides fought violentlyCold WarThere was a time. However, the socialist camp has collapsed.

Even though the literacy rate was high in the countries of the former Soviet Union who were members of the socialist camp, though poor, there was a strange sense of security during the trip. Townscape unrelated to wire mesh and iron grid which is common in dangerous countries. A gentle society is formed. However, there is a risk of getting drunk.

One-party dictatorship of the socialist camp, the planned economy does not conform to the reality of human society, hence it lost to the capitalist camp. However, I do not think that everything was negative. At least the minimum life was guaranteed. Even now that the Cold War has become a distant past event, I think that it is the capitalist campaigns that worry about security. Especially Latin America.

◆ Latin America
During the Cold War, capitalist allies Latin America countries forced to follow the United States as the backyard of America. There is no such thing as Africa, and every country has achieved some degree of economic development, but it has created a society with a disparity in line with the United States. As a result, the security has become worse than ever in Japan. There was a security guard with a gun in front of the fast food store. There are many instances of violent damage such as taking powerfully if you want it more than a small play like trump fraud which is common in Southeast Asia if you make it a crime while traveling. Actually I was robbed by a young man with Nata in Mexico. Is it called the after effects of the Cold War, Latin America countries are still swaying between competition and equality.

As the number of poor people increases, in that country regimes will be created to rectify disparities. Venezuela'sChavez, Ecuador'sCorrea, BolivianMoralesIn ArgentinaFernandez,BrazilRulerAnd in South America, there was a time when the regime of the leftist who received the support of the poor had a strong period.

I traveled in Argentina at that time, but I was shocked for doing price control. The government decides the price of essential necessities. Also, at that time the government had set an official rate against the US dollar, but a black rate appeared due to market judgment of overvaluation. The value of Argentine peso is decreasing every moment, inflation occurring reminiscent of that Zimbabwe was occurring. I posted the disorder in Argentina then.

Avenomics also has blue inflation and a country that has fallen into currency deprivation in South America - GIGAZINE

Correcting inequality is also important, but the economy tends to stagnate when the leftists hold power. Subsequently, the right wing president was born in Argentina by the change of government. The confusion of Venezuela after the death of Chavez has also been well news these days.

When traveling in Latin America the economy is bright, it was a competitive-oriented country. In Panama in Central America, Peru in South America, Chile, I felt the economic momentum. Every country has things that are full of fun and I enjoyed shopping. Peru and Chile participate in TPP (Pacific Rim Partnership Agreement). I also made an article.

"Central America's Singapore" is also not a dream About Panama definitely changing with economic development - GIGAZINE

Disparity and security that I want to pay attention to in deep Peru, which is also closely related to Japan - GIGAZINE

From the spirit of the article it should be written that "Socialist countries are safe", but there is a dangerous atmosphere everywhere in Central and South America, so it can not be mind-bogged. However, La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, had a more calm atmosphere than Lima, Peru's capital, where there were many irons. Also I was surprised at the atmosphere of Nicaragua that passed through "Central America Three Fears" in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras. Until then it was a country with iron grills and guns as standard equipment, but in the first town of Nicaragua a currency exchange trader is doing a naked buggy on the market. The President of Nicaragua is also leftist. Moreover, this will reduce domestic poor,We decided three in 2016And. I also write such an article.

I want to know for Japan for the coming future reality of disparate society in Central America - GIGAZINE

Shopping in Central America was easy because supermarkets were popular

A thief comes from the sky? At the hotel in San José, the capital city of Costa Rica

◆ Caribbean Sea
The Caribbean island country other than Cuba I visited also had a strong American influence and under the capitalist camp, although it achieved some degree of economic development, I got the impression of poor security because of the gap between rich and poor. In the sunshine with Mr. san, a clear blue ocean, the image of such a paradise, you will be shocked when you visit the site. I was traveling with a sense of tension considerably.

When I bought juice at gas station in Trinidad and Tobago, accounting was over a thick glass. There is a small revolving door between the cash register and the customer, and we exchange the goods and money there. I realized that it was such a dangerous place and I got a bad sweat. At the airport in Bahamas, a shop in the hamburger chain called Wendies was open. However, a security guard with a gun in front of the store. A pretty girl with that pigtail was a logo like a girlfriend's daughter.

At the capital of Trinidad and Tobago

◆ Africa
Africa has entered Morocco from Spain and has dominated West Africa to Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville). From there I travel to Kenya by airway and cross the East Africa.

It was by far West Africa that he was poor. However, I felt the danger is East Africa who is rich. Even though it is a poor country, the idea of ​​danger is wrong. Everyone has the same level of life, social order is kept. Bamako, the capital of Mali, I walk around the city at night, but adults are out on chatting at the end of the road and are crazy about chatting, I can not forget such a sight. On the other hand, in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, I definitely did not walk outside when it got dark. Because, the stairs of the hotel is a grill of iron. And there are some guards with guns.

However, West Africa is short of things. Most industrialization is not progressing. In East Africa one thing was fulfilling. Especially in Kenya, I was excited about the supermarket where everything was placed. West Africa also has a supermarket. However, since imported items account for the majority, they are more expensive than Japan as they are not good. But Kenya was different. Because it is only made in Kenya, the price of goods is also equivalent to local prices. There was a pleasure to shop as much as I wanted. It was satisfied.

Also, in West Africa the economy is not running so the choice of cheap accommodation is limited. In that respect, the East African cheap resort was rich in choices and it was easy to travel. In the cheap hotel which I stayed for the first time in Kenya, the receptionist was dressing like a slack pants on a cutter shirt. A young elder brother working as a private clothes worked in a cheap hotel in the Republic of Congo who had been staying until just before and is in a state close to public and private confusion. However, the cheap hotel in the Republic of Congo is expensive. In Kenya it was an electric warm shower, but the showers in the Republic of Congo have only water. However, the cheap hotel in the Republic of Congo is expensive. Whether it is a journey or a love hotel, if there are environments in the country where local people use, competition is born and the price of the inn is lowered. West Africa, especially the French-speaking countries, is far from such an environment, and the hostel cost was high for the price.

The capital city of Kenya Nairobi

◆ Philippines
This disparity affects security. I also feel it in Southeast Asia. There was a security guard at the Seven Eleven in the Philippines, when I entered the store, the tension got stretched and my spine stretched out. Even in the same Southeast Asia, in Seven Eleven in ThailandA dog lying in front of the doorWell, as soon as you enter the store, you can hear the greeting "Sawasdee Ha" at the same time. Unlike pastoral convenience stores in Thailand, the convenience stores in the Philippines had a delicious atmosphere.

A convenience store in Thailand where a dog is located

A convenience store in the Philippines where security guards are located

Manila in the capital also had information that it was dangerous, and in the Philippines dared to run Cebu. I agree to visit. While in Southeast Asia, the Philippines smelled in Latin America. It seems that history deeply involved in Spain and the United States is influenced. Therefore, it seems that it is in Latin America also regarding security. The shop in the city where I stayed for the first time was the product exchange through the wire mesh. I also receive advice from an aunt of a shop saying "Please take care of yourself". Eventually, nothing happened during my stay, but I was wary of it. The impression that security in the Philippines is better than Latin America but bad in Southeast Asia.

Shopping over a wire net that can not pick up items

High defense shops

President Du Terte, who took office in June 2016, is struggling to withstand the shooting of suspects to eradicate drug crime prevalent in the country. As a result, thousands of suspects of drug offenses were shot dead without being subjected to judgment of the law. This method of President Duttelf has a big controversy both in the Philippines and abroad. People who commit crimes should be criticized, but I believe that the problems will not be solved no matter how long they will not change the soil where poverty is born.

However, the Philippines is not just a dangerous country. The economy seemed to be turning enough, there were things that were overflowing. There were big shopping malls in local cities that are not tourist attractions of Cebu Island, and there were plenty of people crowded. So I see the fast food in the Philippines, "Jollibee" which is more popular than that McDonald's. This Jolyby has stores outside of the Philippines as well as Vietnam, America. On the contrary, it also develops a fast food shop called "Eiwa Daioh" in China. In addition, Reway way Holdings which sells snacks with the brand "Oishi" in the Philippines also develops to the Chinese market under the name "Kamikoshi". The fact that it is the company in the Philippines that gives out a presence at the potato chips sales department in China where Japanese Calbee withdrew. Because of the remarkable economic development, companies in the Philippines are likely to line up with Japan.

Jolieby's mascot whose body shape is lovely like seki

Mall that was in the regional cities of Cebu Island

◆ Japan
At the time of the Cold War, Japan belonged to the capitalist camp but there was a time when we could enjoy socialist equality, also known as seniority and lifetime employment, also called 100 million total midstream. However, such peace does not last forever. Recently, a disparate society such as regular and non-regular is taking root in Japan. In addition, people who are foreign technical interns are also working.

As an alliance of the capitalist camp, we can not miss that the United States, which has developed the economy by competing more than anyone, is moving to correct the gap by President Trump. From the attitude of domestic industry priority, also withdrew from TPP (Pacific Rim Partnership Agreement). On the other hand, Japan will participate and challenge further competition.

Without competition the economy does not develop. But worry about security will come out if we do not deal with the disparity. The world I saw was like this. "Competition" and "equality" in economic development can not be neglected in any way? I wonder what kind of society we aim for, we would write materials like this if you think it would be a material for everyone to think.

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