A shocking sight of a giant King Cobra and a Reticulated Python python at the end of a deadly battle


shocking sight of a giant king cobra and a python entwined and dying was posted on the image posting site Imgur.

The King (Cobra) Is Dead (and So Is the Python)

You can see the battle between the two giant snakes in the post below.

The King has met its match ...

The location where the photo was taken is unknown, but it is somewhere in Southeast Asia due to the overlap between the habitat of the king cobra and the habitat of the Reticulated python, and the sandy areas where dust such as PET bottles are scattered in the photo. There is no doubt about that.

King cobras, the largest of which are known as the 'world's largest venomous snakes' with a length of over 5 meters, use a tactic of biting their prey, sending poison, killing it, and then swallowing it, predominantly preying on other snakes. .. Reticulated pythons, on the other hand, are the 'largest snakes in the world' where individuals that have grown to over 9 meters have been confirmed, and they strangle reptiles and small mammals before swallowing their prey.

The two snakes in the photo are both large individuals, the one with the neck tightened is the king cobra, and the one with the neck bitten is the Reticulated python. Reticulated pythons have a characteristic python pattern, whereas king cobras have fine scales. According to Frank Bablink of the American Museum of Natural History, a large king cobra comparable to the Reticulated python is an adult individual because white spots are disappearing on the surface of the body seen in the upper left of the photo. ..

Shab Mohammady of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said it would be difficult to say from a single photo what the death fight was like, but said, 'King cobras that prey on other snakes turn into reticulated pythons. The battle began with the attack. ' In other words, the King Cobra set up the battle, and the Reticulated Python responded. The king cobra succeeded in biting the neck of the Reticulated python, but it seems that he was suffocated by the Reticulated python before sending poison and paralyzing his prey. The Reticulated python, which became the prey of poisonous fangs, succeeded in crushing the enemy, but seems to have died.

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