Cutting timber with robot and remodeling rumba Easily create pre-order maid furniture DIY method "AutoSaw" movie released by MIT laboratory

A laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced "AutoSaw", a method for easily creating pre-order-made furniture by combining software and robot, even for individual users who are not high in carpentry work and design skills. In this method, a template of furniture designed by experts in software is selected, and a complete set of parts is automatically and accurately cut out and created by a robot. It is that human beings assemble the parts. In this announcement, it is also released in the movie that the robot actually cuts out the parts and the furniture is completed by DIY.

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An interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AutoSaw research team at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory announced the pre-order maid furniture creation method "AutoSaw" introduces a robot at the carpentry site of a building that has not yet advanced digitization "Digitization of carpentry work" and "Custom ordering for a large number of consumers of furniture" such as custom ordering of output and mail order at a 3D printer at home,Mass customizationIt is said that the goal is two effects:

You can see how to make furniture with AutoSaw by playing the following movie.

AutoSaw: Robot Assisted Carpentry - YouTube

First, use a dedicated application and choose furniture templates such as chairs and tables created by experts. In the movie, select the template of the table. This makes it easy to design your favorite furniture.

Next, adjust the shape of the template. This makes it possible for users without design skills such as CAD to change their shape to their liking to some extent. For example, you can change the shape of furniture according to the environment of the house, such as "L-shaped room".

Next, we simulate whether designs that can be furnished can be created using "boundary condition" and "stress analysis" and "elastic deformation".

Next to the simulation, a list of parts required for creating furniture is automatically created. That completes model creation of pre-made maid furniture. Next we will move on to automatically create furniture parts by robot.

The robot automatically creates a complete set of furniture parts. Two orange arm robots will lift the timber located on the right.

Next, the orange robot rotates its own feet tire and carries the timber to the rotating saw pallet that turned green on the left side of the image to cut the wood. Rotary saw is automatically set by AutoSaw software and set to cut wood.

The orange robot moves the arm and the tire, adjusts the position of the timber and adjusts it according to the place where it cuts, the software automatically controls the rotation saw and cuts the timber automatically.

Next, programmable rumba "iRobot Create 2"Based on the sawtoothed rumba attached to saw a circle on the board, cut out a table top of a circular table. By adopting a method in which a robot, such as an arm robot or a modified rumba, cuts parts, it is possible to reduce the risk of carpenters not only personal users but also dangerous fingers and hands with saw motto. It is based on electric saw to cut wood because the carpentry craftsman makes it easier to carry the AutoSaw to the site and cut it automaticallyCNCThere is also a merit that it is less expensive than a machine tool

After cutting out the parts set with a robot, the rest is completed if human beings assemble. Follow the application's guide by looking at the PC screen ......

I will assemble the cut parts. Since the parts of the furniture set have already been cut out by the robot, human beings can only assemble the parts.

Assemble the legs of the table ......

When putting the top board ......

A table with AutoSaw is completed. Even in amateurs of design and carpentry work, pre-order maid furniture was able to be safely created.

Mr. Daniela Rus, co-author of the paper published at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Manager, said about AutoSaw's possibility of robot "Robot has already enabled mass production, but with artificial intelligence , We have the potential to enable customization of every product to suit individuals. " Because AutoSaw's robot uses motion tracking software and a small mobile robot, cost performance is better than using a large robot arm.

ByJiuguang Wang

However, the work that AutoSaw can do at this stage is quite fundamental. There are only four kinds of furniture templates, simple ones, human assistance is necessary in many processes such as robot and wood set. In addition, Rumba who cut out the top board has only the power to cut Styrofoam, the range of customization is narrow. You must borrow the hands of human beings to assemble them.

The first Mr. author of Jeffrey Lipton papers AutoSaw "This is only the beginning .AutoSaw, please think demonstration robotics showed how the theory can enter how much carpenter work or its auxiliary work. such as the output of the rumba that had cut the top plate of the foam rises, once the basic technology is ready, it will be practical incredible fundamental technology "and the possibility that the robot is to advance to the construction site I will talk.

Lipton said, "In the next few years, when workers put commands into software at the construction site, the robot will cut the construction materials and transport the constructed parts.When the robot becomes the assistant of the carpenter Workers in the field can concentrate on really important tasks.The cutting of lumber does not require high skill but it is also an indispensable work in construction.We will create tools like AutoSaw By doing so, I do not want to replace carpenters with robots, we want to improve safety and improve carpenters' knowledge and skills. "

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