The correspondence of popular TV program production company seems to be power hara and it can not be understood

Despite calling out to a man who excelled in one art, "Why are you interesting?" Despite calling out "Do you want to work together?" If it does not come true, it will be that "there was no case this time." You may be fine with that, but people who have been stamped not boring but not boring are not sorry.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ CharridermanIs ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 It did not pass for people working in a gorgeous world. defeat.

I think the cause is because I did not have talk skills. However, what do you do with acts that price those people, who have consulted their work? The answer does not come out no matter how I thought.

The chance was a map article gathered on a journey round the bicycle world.

When a geographically loving human goes around the world, this map remains on hand - GIGAZINE

I saw this article, a staff member of a company producing a popular variety program at midnight got a message saying "I am looking for people collecting various goods from all over the world". In the program, there is a maniac story that has both habits and two habits, and boasts tremendous popularity despite late night.

My bicycle traveling around the world like 130,000 km in 150 countriesIt was a unique opportunity to connect to work. I also replied in the direction to underwrite "I would like to take care of yourself" as a matter of course, from there, I exchanged e-mails several times and proceeded to talk. I talked a bit on the phone. In addition to the "map of the world", various questions about "the signs of the world" were asked. However, no matter how much you cooperated, if you can not decide the appearance, you will be free. Just recently there was a similar story and it ran out.

But this time it was different. The staff of the production company informs us that we would like to make a meeting. I went all the way to Tokyo suburbs where I work. I face a little at a coffee shop where I walked a bit from the nearest station of my house. Is the staff who kept in touch with you in the early twenties? She was a soft and refreshing young man. I respectfully touched you. However, he was baffled by his boss who came late. My boss in his early thirties is not too old with me either.

My boss may have made television programs for years. I got the impression of "Industry Man" with a slight nori different from the young people who were in contact. From the viewpoint of me, the program moderator has been on the clouds that are active in television for many years, but the boss was honoring that person without giving a honorific name. It may be common in the industry, but it was quite a shock to me.

After that, my boss asked me a lot of questions, but it seemed like I was being tested for talk skills. I'm sorry to the request that "I do not have much about the map you gathered, please tell me hotly." Still somehow, I try to talk, but obviously I can not hide my disappointment, it turns into a whitish air, and I can not bear it. It seemed that she wanted a character like two screws flying. Two of the production companies who finished talking a bit and quickly leave the coffee shop. I wanted to see the memories of the trip that I brought and brought me up, cleaned up my memories and chased after adjusting my dress quickly. It ended before fighting. I was a clown.

Even so, I was given a proposal of "Will not you send me a map because I do not mind paying for cash because it may flash up if I see the real thing?" "But if you do not get adopted it will be useless, is not it pretty painful?" Although he reluctantly talks to himself that the evaluation may be overturned "Somehow, please let me send it" Squeezed out. The container case with the map put on the closet of the parents house in Fukuoka. Although I contacted my old parent's mother, I could not get any accomplishment despite having heavy luggage carried. It seems there was a meeting the next day after the map arrived at the production company, so we informed you that "this time it has come to wait for appearance this time."

When we arrange the events of this time in chronological order,
January 21, 2018: First contact
January 23, 2018: Telephone coverage
January 26, 2018: Meeting at a coffee shop
January 27, 2018: We ship the map from Fukuoka, my parents home
January 29, 2018: Map arrives in program production company in Tokyo
January 30, 2018: As a result of the conference "This time it has become a form that I will not show your appearance"
February 3, 2018: scheduled recording date

Is it power huh?

I also want to interview as a writer, but if I get in touch you will only post articles. Whether the article hits or does not hit depends on my arm. It goes without saying that the subject of coverage is the best person. On the other hand, as it is this time, some people involved in the television industry have taken the action to test the subjects to be interviewed, despite asking, and if they do not have a chance to do so, they are doing it without mercy.

Dancers, entertainers, cartoonists, singers, gamers ... .... It does not matter what, what about the system that sifts from the television programmer and selects performers, even though a lot of people are calling out to the general public. If you do an audition and the other side has applied, it is natural for you to sift. However, when sorting is done despite calling out, the person who fell from the sieve is not something that has accumulated.

I also recognize this case as "I was treated like a power hara". Only me. Or is there any person falling off the sieve? But all in the hands of the production company. I do not know what was going on. The nominal was "meeting", but in fact it was judging.

◆ Can work well

In September 2017, I received consultation from BS TV program for work. I wanted to take up people who traveled all over the world including dictatorship states. " Although I exchanged e-mails and phones several times, unfortunate ending that the project itself was died. However, I think that it can not be helped because it was a good correspondence.

I answered the following questionnaire as well. It was a rough answer as I felt like listening on the phone for details.

Please tell me the beginning of your journey

I wanted to see the world before I died. I got an end to life from my husband.

How do you earn travel expenses such as travel expenses?

Part-time job at high school.
Light work at the factory.
Working holiday in Australia.
A series of Internet articles.
A temporary part-time job at a mountain cottage when temporarily returning home.

Please tell me the number and location of the autocratic states you have visited so far

China, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Gabon, Mauritania, Uganda, Moldova, Belarus, Zimbabwe.
Countries raised above are single-party dictatorships or long-term governments. They are so-called dictatorship countries.
Definition is difficult.

Iran and Nigeria, for example, are doing presidential elections, and I think that when it is said to be a dictatorship state, it is an owner. Although it is easier for people who have expanded the framework with the failing state or the rotten state, it is easy to talk, how is it?

· Have you ever had danger when you visited a dictatorship? What kind of experience is that? (More than one will be saved)
· Please tell me the episodes that you felt as dangerous experienced when you visited a dictatorship country so far, or you felt terrified (more than one will be saved)

I will answer them together.
Foreigners refused at Vietnam = Net Cafe. Once I got stuck, I called a man like a yakuza ... I thought it was a police officer.
Moldova = have an automatic rifle. You can take a picture. I became indebted to the kindly secret police people.
Jordan = It is taken to the police. Put the tent in the station as it is.
Iran = I will meet the examination of a plain clothes cop. I will answer at a glance.
I sleep in the Republic of Congo = malaria.

Please let us know if you have an episode that you felt as a unique rule, unusual custom, changed in countries in the dictatorship states visited. (More than one will be saved)

There is a lodging where only Chinese = Chinese can stay. But I was staying.
Uzbekistan = Legistrater is required.
Uzbekistan = There was a border where foreigners can not pass, and it took a detour.
It is difficult to obtain Turkmenistan = tourist visa. Visit with a transit visa.
It is troublesome to take Africa & Central Asia = Visa. Visa can not be completed as scheduled.

Zimbabwe = the local newspaper that the president says that he fell asleep. Reporting is surprisingly open to listen to dictatorship.
Egypt, Jordan ~ The basics of the Arab region are bothered. Therefore, he was only fighting. But in Islam people who have money have to pay more. It's a bad thing to do from us, but it's not a bad thing from them, it is difficult.

It was serious as a story when I visited a dictatorship state. Did you have any troubles? (More than one will be saved)

Turkmenistan = bribe is required at the border. turn down.
Guinea = Police officer is asked for bribes.
Guinea = bribe is required at the border. turn down.
Nigeria = Too many checkpoints on the road. Nothing is requested.
Zimbabwe = Capital Harare. Clothes of people going on the road are beautiful. I was dirty.
It is made fun of Africa in general = Chinchon Chang. Eastern people are all Chinese targets.
Sudan, Uzbekistan = I have to exchange darkness. There are an official rate and a darkness rate.
Iran = There is no ATM.
Gabon = The road is rattling.

Please tell me the authoritarian state that I do not want to visit again and why.

Because I like traveling, all the countries I want to travel.

Are there any countries you would like to visit in the future? What is the reason for that?

Cuba. Unvisited country.
Venezuela. Unvisited country. The second Zimbabwe. The gap between rich and poor in Latin America is intense.
Bhutan. Unvisited country. I can participate only on tour. high.
Saudi Arabia. Unvisited country. It is difficult to take tourist visas individually.
north korea. Unvisited country. There was a matter of an American traveler, so we discussed it.

Also, while traveling in South America, I received a request from a major Japanese advertising agency "I want you to cooperate with action camera promotion". I appreciated my journey and it was a feeling that "let's go through the plan together", so I felt a clear feeling even though the result was useless.

Because of this experience, I can not understand this case. At the very least, I wanted to think about making use of my character rather than killing it. If you were on my side, you may have swallowed the results even if you were sifted.

My circumstances

If you get enough money to spare,Make a guest houseMy dream come true, and I can go overseas as well. And you can get married more than anything else. Speaking of such a future as a weapon, there is only a trip to me, I tried hard in such a direction for a while after finishing my trip, but I gave up because I never gave buds. And I have worked at a factory in Tokyo because I got the money.

The activities since the trip have been summarized in this article.

A matter of feeling that Charlerman refuses the request for lecture that was longing for the hand to come out from his throat - GIGAZINE

A once-in-a-lifetime fly in the second half (probably) in the blink of an eye. Tsuké who has skipped so far is big, and life in the future seems to be hard. Besides traveling, we should have made weapons that qualify as well as licenses and are acceptable to society. The factory work is also not bad, but the upper limit is visible. Despicable women are not accompanied, but libido is going down. Hair does not have the momentum of once. I want you to wait more, but time will pass away.

That is why I did not wish for TV appearances this time. If you can go out on the TV and talk about it, there was a possibility that the journey that you have had so far could lead to a new job, so you can not make a unique opportunity and it is being deceived. If I knew more names, I had access to the article I wrote so far and I should have been able to give back to GIGAZINE too.

The other party's argument
However, what I wrote so far is my subjectivity. The production company received the following kind of communication.

· I apologize about having let you feel uncomfortable.
· The theme of this time is to consult with the person who is traveling to collect ◯◯ at "◯ ◯ collector in the world".
· The program cherishes "the purpose of the project does not shake!"
· I did not understand you unless I met you directly and asked concrete talk.
·Your book(Electronic book) I read after the meeting.
· Because you are the main traveler than the map, we declined this time.
· You may have asked if the trip was a theme.
· Please contact me if there is a border again.
· I want you to pay the prescribed amount as I spend my time.

In response to such a response I told that "I do not want apologies or money to settle but I still want to talk with the host." Nevertheless, I have written such an article. It is not a "spider thread" but it is a style that will cut itself off threads that must go up. But, if you swallow it silently, will you be able to reach a helping hand? There was no salvation in the world that I originally knew. I feel like I can not help it.

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