The PGA Tour Official AR application "PGA TOUR AR" that can reproduce the trajectory of professional golfer on 3D on the table

A PGA tour organizing the American professional golf championship, an AR application corresponding to ARKit "PGA TOUR AR"Has been released. Data analysisShotLinkData is utilized, and the ballistic trajectory of all shots of all the players can be displayed in 3D, making it possible to watch deeper golf.

PGA TOUR announces innovative new Augmented Reality app

"PGA TOUR AR" is an iOS application, it supports iPhone as well as iPad. However,ARKitIt is a requirement that it is an environment of iOS 11 or higher which can be used. On the App StorePGA TOUR ARSearch "and tap" Get "to download and install.

When launching the application, the tutorial starts in the horizontal screen.


Tap "OK".

Show the horizontal course that displays the AR course on the camera. Turning the camera to the table ... ...

A blue rectangular frame appeared. If the blue frame does not appear, tap the arrow on the upper right and try again if OK. It seemed that pure white tables etc could not be read well.

Tap inside the blue frame to select the course to download.

At the time of article creation, it was available in 7 courses (halls), mainly in the 2017 convention.

This time, Arnold Palmer invitation held from March 15 to 18, 2018 was held "Bay Hill Club & Lodge 2018I will choose. Tap "Download" icon.

After waiting for a while ... ....

The download has been completed and the course map has appeared.

By saying that it is an AR application, I can also rotate the course and zoom in / out. Tap "CONTINUE".

The player selection screen is displayed on the left. From here, you can choose up to 4 athletes who participated in the tournament.

Select "Matsuyama, Hideki (Hideki Matsuyama)". Furthermore, when the locale is Japan, the names of players appear to be displayed in order of family name / first name.

This is the first day shot of Matsuyama of the 6th hole Arnold Palmer invited.

You can rotate the course with two fingers and see the course strategy from the tee ground.

If you change the angle of the smartphone, you can change from a lower position to a field of view and you can better understand the trajectory.

The second shot crosses a pond like this.

I pushed the second shot to the green, and I succeeded in the pleasure easily.

It is also possible to compare shots from the first day to the fourth day at the lower right of the screen. "1st" is the first day.

The first strike on the fourth day, I can see that I was aiming for a pond nearby. It is very convenient to analyze the play, such as "Back calculation from the position of the cup that was cut into the green, you were knitting the course strategy like this?"

Of course, it is also possible to compare shots of multiple players at once. Matsuyama, Rory McIlroy, Ian Poulter, Tiger Woods are selected.

Four ball players look like this. You can see that Poulter (green) brought the first shot quite a bit.

The most aggressive driver was the Tiger. It seems like a way to enjoy with golf fans who imagine the condition of favorite players, such as "Oh, Tiger's waist looks good".

The data of PGA TOUR AR isShotLinkThe accuracy is obsessed as it provides. The data collected by ShotLink will be further utilized in the future. We can expect to greatly enhance the function of PGA TOUR AR such as real time trajectory analysis.

In the PGA tour, at least one hole in the general meeting of the PGA Tour in 2018 is planned to correspond to the PGA TOUR AR, and in the latter half of 2018, the stand which tracks the player on the actual course and sells the product We are planning to add an AR function that we can look for. Nevertheless, it seems that mobile batteries are essential to use PGA TOUR AR when watching the tournament, as it is actually an ARKit compatible application and battery reduction is pretty fast.

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