I increased the bitterness and tried to eat a new black sander "Black Thunder Bitter" which became moderately sweet ahead of time

Black Thunder's new flavor "Black Thunder Bitter"Will appear on March 26, 2018 (Monday). The new flavor is a bitter seasoned dish with a lot of requests from users, and it is a finish that is easy to eat while sweetness is sweetened by blending two kinds of chocolate. I got a new flavor early so I ate it and tried it.

Yuraku Cookery Co., Ltd.

This is a package of Black Thunder Bitter (32 yen including tax).

By aligning black sander bitter (left) and regular black sander (right), you can understand the difference in one shot.

The package says "big," not too sweet! ".

Regular Black Thunder is "Semi-chocolate confectioneryIt is calledLow class cacao fractionChocolate. On the other hand, Black Thunder Bitter has a cocoa content of chocolate cloth which is one rank higher class than the regular black sander "chocolate"chocolate candy"Has become. In addition to regular "black chocolate" not included in regular black sander, "Cocoa mass" and "cocoa cookie" are listed in the earlier order as compared with regular black sander description. Notation of materialIn descending order of weight ratioBecause it is described in, so the proportion of cacao mass and cocoa cookie is larger than regular ones, black sander bitter can expect that the flavor of chocolate will be stronger.

Heat quantity is 113 kcal per 21 grams.

As I tried out it looks the same as regular black sander, but ... ...

The scent feels slightly bitter-like in the scent of sweet chocolate. Coated chocolate from EcuadorCacao massHakakao chocolate which used a lot and milk chocolate were blended and used, and it is said that the amount of cacao is 60% so as to eat easily.

Black Thunder Bitter (left) is the same size as Regular Black Thunder when compared with Regular Black Thunder (right) from package. Although it did not understand by itself, you can see that the color of the surface is darker than the regular black sander, and the surface gaps are small.

A cross section looked like this when cutting both black sanders. It looks like there is not much difference from Black Thunder Bitter (left) and Regular Black Thunder (Right).

When eating, the rich aroma and sweetness from the chocolate of the coating. Sweetness and faint cocoa fragrance and bitter taste from crispy cookie dough and complement sweetness but I feel that aftertaste is somewhat faster compared to regular black sander. Black Thunder Bitter scented chocolate, finished in ease of eating very close to traditional black sander although it has a slight bitterness.

Black Thunder Bitters (32 yen including tax) can be purchased at convenience stores and supermarkets and drugstores all over the country.

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