Secret service calls attention while fraud to exchange IC card of debit card is expanding

byJohn Jones

It is an enforcement agency that guards the President of the United States, and even in action movies and spy movies,secret Service"Alerts financial institutions that new fraud on debit cards with IC chips is rampant.

Secret Service Warns of Chip Card Scheme - Krebs on Security

The fraud of the new signature that the secret service is calling attention is to replace the IC chip attached to the debit card to that of another card. If you are not concerned about the possibility that the IC chip of the card has been changed, the thief will be able to shop freely using the modified card.

The following picture is a debit card only IC chip was replaced. A small hole around the IC chip is empty, and damage due to heat is seen as a feature of "a card with an IC chip replaced".

The scheme of the fraud group is as follows.

The fraud group secretly steals the package sent from the financial institution to the large enterprise secretly and plans to work a fraud based on the "debit card that can access a large amount of funds" contained in the package.

The fraud group melts and peels off the IC chip attached to the surface of the stolen debit card by warming it.

Replace the IC chip of the stolen card with an old chip or an invalid chip, and re-package the cards that have been replaced with IC chips to send them to the company.

A valid IC chip is attached to an old debit card at the hand of the fraud group.

A large company that was originally planning to receive a large debit card from a financial institution will receive the card without noticing that the IC chip of the debit card sent from the fraud group is being replaced.

The company enables debit cards. However, since the card is attached to the old IC chip, the card can not be used.

The fraud group purchases money and money using the card using the stolen IC chip after the company enables the debit card.

byChris Potter

The fraud group purposely took the troublesome procedure of exchanging the IC chip part of the card because the stolen debit card could not be used at that time. Because I could not activate the card, I think that waiting for the debit card to be activated by sending it to the company by doing a simple task of replacing the IC chip.

The secret service does not describe at which stage of the fraud group the stolen card was stolen, but it is suggested that the US Postal Service or employees of other postal services may be involved. Or thieves may have accessed the company's mailbox directly in some way. In any case, the attention caused by this secret service can be said to be valuable in detail describing the process when the fraud group targets large companies and the like.

Some people may wonder why Secret Service warns about new fraud aimed at debit cards, but Secret Service says, "In the Civil War era, as a counterintelligence and investigation agency against the rampant of counterfeit currency Since it is the institution that was born ", it may be felt to be true based on this.

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