Twitter announces that hidden tweets due to "vandalism" will be hidden

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In order to maintain the health of the entire platform, Twitter is "Internet troll (VandalismWe announced that it is a policy not to display tweets by users of the category called ") on reply or search results page.

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Twitter will hide more bad tweets in conversations and searches - The Verge

Approximately 1% of Twitter's accounts are "HarassmentIt seems that there is an account that has been reported, but most of these accounts are not violating Twitter policy. Nevertheless, in order to deal with this, as many as a few users are making tweets that others feel uncomfortable, those that tweets that do not violate the policies have a negative influence on other users are in the reply column Twitter has revealed that it is a policy to hide on search result pages.

Twitter has ranked users' tweets and search words, but until now we have not been able to take into account the downside of tweets, so that accounts, bot accounts, etc. that would adversely affect the world are mildly relieved It has been done. However, by analyzing a wider variety of information than before, users who frequently are blocked, muted, or reported abusive acts, that is, tweets of users who seem to be "vandalism" It is said to make it difficult to see the whole.

Specifically, it follows an IP address, analyzes whether it possesses multiple accounts, etc. If you are logged in to multiple accounts, what kind of tweet you are doing in each account, what tweet is blocked It seems to investigate Taka etc. According to Twitter, it seems that there is no way to delete the tweet itself from the service, but it seems that reprints of accounts certified as vandalism will be stored in places where it is harder to see than before.

Twitter is alleging that a new approach to rank each tweet has already been trialed and that the number reported as "harassing acts" has decreased by 8%.

Twitter to counter harassmentChanged to easy-to-report specifications to the investigation authoritiesOrFiltering with specific keywords · hash tag · pictograms etc.I made a variety of changes, etc. It is clear that this change in specification is part of this harassment countermeasure, and Twitter Jack Dorsey said "I want to remove the burden of those who are receiving abuses and harassment" about the significance of these policies .

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