A movie that understands at a glance how much territory has changed by the rulers in the past 2500 years of European countries

In the countries of Europe, what kind of ruler was so far, and how the territory of the country under the rule has changed has been displayed on the map and the movie summarized in one year "The Ruler of Europe: Every Year"Has been published.

The Rulers of Europe: Every Year - YouTube

The movie started from 400 BC. It is still a period of time that most of Europe still can not even have the predecessor of modern nation. On the lower left, the ocher color spreading along the Mediterranean coast isCarthageThen, the king of the time built the largest versionHimilco II(Himilco II). The blue territory spreading from the Mediterranean to the Aegean coast as it mixes with it is a Greek city state so the name of the ruler is not written. Like Rome, it is not an individual name but "Consular Tribunes"Has become. In addition to this, in the depths of the Aegean Sea is the Kingdom of Macedonia (purple)Alkeeraos I(Archelaus), on the west coast of the Black Sea is the Kingdom of Odolysai (gray)Amadocas I(Amadocus I), now the Turkish Anatolian Peninsula is the Achaemenid Persian (Yellow)Artaxerxes IIYou can see the name of Artaxerces II.

The movie goes on a yearly basis, but here it skips time to 336 BC at a stretch. In the Kingdom of MacedoniaAlexander the 3rd generation(Alexander the Great) is throne and will spread the version by the Greek dispatch that continues from the father 's generation.

Alexandros III made an expedition to India outside the screen and pushed the Kingdom of Macedonia to a power of East Asia in 324 BC.

But 323 BC, Alexandros III died suddenly before Arabic expedition. Based on the will saying that "the strongest person will inherit the empire", the generals of the subordinates will contest for supremacy.

The time also flew 219 BC. Depending on Rome (dark red) and Carthage (ocher color)Second Poeni WarIt is in front. The Second Poeni War is the captain of KatagoHannibal BarcaIt is widely known that an elephant took over the Alps and attacked Rome from the north. The Kingdom of MacedoniaPilipis V of the worldOriginally it keeps its forces along the Aegean Sea, but the Anatolian PeninsulaAntiochus IIIThe power of Seleucos morning (green) led by is growing. Also, the Kingdom of Odolysai remained on the Black Sea coastRhescuporis IThere is a name of.

In 146 BC,The Third Poeni WarAt the end of Carthage is destroyed. The Kingdom of Macedonia was also destroyed by Rome, and the power of Rome came to extend from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to the Balkans in the east. As a result, Rome came into contact with the Kingdom of Odolysai, where the reign of Teles VI led.

Julius Caesar(Julius Caesar)Gallic WarIt flattled Gallia which is now around France. With the sword to return, with the opposing senatecivil warIt will rush into. In the year 49 BC as shown here is the year when the civil war began, the display is only the name of Caesar, but the real Romans should have been divided into Caesar and senate school.

43 years BC the year after Caesar was assassinated,Octavianus(Octavian),Marx Antonius(Mark Anthony),Lepidus(Marcus Lepidus) established the second round of three-pronged politics. It is unknown why the movie producer is not the same Roman character but the unification of the notation in Latin.

Octavianus is the title of 'Augustus' 27 years BC. This is the first Roman emperor Augustus.

It is 55 years across the AD. The map of Europe is finally becoming white with no country, or the color of the Roman Empire otherwise. The emperor of these daysNero(Nero).

The reason why he built the Roman Empire's largest versionTrajan(Trajan).

Third century "Military emperorIn the era,Postums(Postumus) became independent in Gallia and sometimes called Roman Emperor.

EmperorDiocletian(Diocletian) split and rule the broad empire, in 285MaximianAs an emperor, I left the empire west. Furthermore, in 293Division of Governance with 4 People (Tetra Rukia)Will begin.

Diocletian started Tetalluquia in 324,Constantine I of ConstantineIt ends with reunification. But in 395Theodosius IAfter death, the eldest sonArkadius(Arcadius) to the east half of the empire, the second sonHonorius(Honorius) was split in the west half, after that the Roman Empire split in the east and west. The gray which spreads widely to the north was led by Balum BellHun tribeAlthough it shows, there is a theory that balomber is the existence which was invented later.

In 452, known as the king of the Hun tribeAttilaThe name of the appeared. You can see that the version is drawn into Rome. Furthermore, on Great Britain Island, the princes of the seven kingdoms periodVortiganAlthough the name of (Vortigern) is written, it is unknown whether it exists.

The Western Roman Empire, which somehow came down, was destroyed in 476. Written in red purple is the king of eastern goatTheodoric(Theodoric the Great).

It was quite a period of time that the 8th century, the real power of the Frank Kingdom was heldCarl Martel(Charles Martel: Charles Martel). It is known for stopping the invasion of Islamic forces from the Iberian Peninsula.

In the 9th centuryCarl the Great(Charlemagne) unified Western Europe.

However, after the death of Karl the Great, inherited it, in 843,Treaty of VerdunThe Kingdom of Frank celebrated the end of being divided into three people, Charles II, Lothaire I, Louis II. Charles II 's West Frank Kingdom will be followed by the Kingdom of France, Ludwig II' s Eastern Frank Kingdom will be followed by the Holy Roman Empire.

In the middle of the 12th century, it became the Emperor of the Holy Roman EmpireFriedrich I of England(Friedrich red tribe: Frederick Barbarossa). I feel that this era is depicting a border line that is also familiar to Europe now ... ...

In the 13th century Ogoday Han (Ögedei Khan) invaded Eastern Europe and the situation was confusing.

Mid 16th century. Next time in the Grand Duke of Moscow Tsari,Ivan IV of I(Ivan the Terrible) and the Ottoman EmpireSuleiman IFamous people, such as, are prominent.

It was called "King of the Sun"Louis XIV(Louis XIV) was King French in 1714.Carl VI of the world(Charles VI) The border with the Holy Roman Empire governing is a mess.

In the 19th centuryNapoleon BonaparteAppeared. Sweeping across Europe, this Russian expedition will be held in 1812, but it will be defeated and will be lost.

1914 is the year of the outbreak of the First World War.

In 1920,Treaty of VersaillesIt came into effect, the end of the First World War.

In 1933, in GermanyAdolf Hitler(Hitler) to RussiaJoseph Stalin(Stalin), this also comes out famous faces.

In 1939, Britain and France declared war on war against Germany that invaded Poland and the Second World War opened. Germany kept its advantage until the middle of 1942.

But the opportunity to defeat at Stalingrad in February 1943, Germany came to be pushed back to Allied, May 8, 1945, was surrendered. Since this figure is color coded at the occupied place at the end of the war, it is in a state where Germany temporarily does not exist.

After the war, Germany, which had long been divided into east and west, was unified in 1990.

In 1991 the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia collapsed.

And to the figure of 2017 ... ....

In addition, "If you do not need the information of the ruler of the country, want to see mainly the movement of the country", it is recommended that "The History of Europe" shows the borders and population information from 400 BC.

The History of Europe: Every Year - YouTube

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