Why does not the birthrate rise as the American economy is recovering?

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American Disease Control Center(CDC)Report released, It became clear that the United States in 2017 has become the year with the lowest birth rate in the past 30 years. The declining birthrate has been told in the background such as "women's advancing into society", "increasing opportunities for education for women" and "effective contraceptives appear". However, Alex Press of Northeastern University Sociology argues that the birthrate is low rather than a change in society rather than a "political and economic problem".

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In February 2018Articles posted by the New York Times"The number of women who want children is increasing, but the number of women who actually have children has not increased" is written. The average number of children that women think "I want" is 2.7 people, but the average of the number of children actually has women is 1.8 people, and among the survey conducted from 1972 to 2016 , This gap has become the largest in history.


In the United States, especially after the economic recession caused by the Lehman shock, the birthrate has declined. There is, of course, a motivation for women to give birth to children besides economic factors, but many sociologists and economists agree that the economy is involved in the movement of the birthrate. Some of the studies conducted in the past indicated that the birthrate is an indicator of the economy. One of the causes of the low birthrate as of 2017 is also seen as being in the economy.

However, the GDP of the US is recovering, and the unemployment rate is also decreasing. If you look at only numbers, the birthrate should rise as the economy recovers, but there is a condition that you are knocking out the past record low. The point to note here is that the economy does not necessarily mean only quantitative things.Quality of life(QOL) is also an important measure of economic prosperity, the situation that a woman who wants a child can not have children means that the average American citizen does not feel "recovery".

Credit card debt in the U.S. in 2018 has exceeded 1 trillion dollars and in terms of student debt it already exceeded 1 trillion dollars six years ago. Meanwhile, for the cloud-funding platformKickstarterSo those who set up a project seeking medical expensesThere are many. It is unlikely that workers' wages are likely to rise and it is unlikely that they think that "children should be kept alone".

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In addition, there are no paid childbirth or childcare leave in the United States, and it is difficult to seek support from the private sector.The GuardianAccording to the report, 56% of the companies have a maternity leave system in the USA, of which only 6% are paid full salary during maternity leave.

In addition, it is said that the expenses for children's daycare cost $ 9589 per year (about 1 million yen), which is higher than the state university's tuition fee. In this way, even from a multidirectional perspective, there are environments in the United States that can not keep childbirth and parenting both economically and policyfully.

Declining birthrate may increase the economic burden on people. As the aging progresses, the number of workers paying social security decreases, and few people take care of people who have lost labor. There is also the possibility that abortion and contraception will be regulated in order to increase birth, which may lead to a situation of reducing women's choice freedom rather than increasing freedom.

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The birthrate is the place where the political and economic choice is reflected after all, and in order to increase the birthrate, "Motherhood is more important than anything for women's life" is not appealing, but parenting leave, childcare facility subsidies, workplace Mr. Press said that it is necessary to change discrimination against women in women, health care and other policies.

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