I tried "Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla" using Hokkaido fresh cream and French rock salt a day ahead

"Black Giant Stone God" that you can taste plenty of chocolate and cocoa cookie taste harmony in about 50 yen per pieceBig Thunder"Series, a new flavor"Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla"Will be added from the 18th June (Monday), 2018 with a limited summer time. Together with vanilla flavored cookies and cocoa cookies, I used French rock salt, so I got a product that became "sweet and good for summer" specification a while before I tried eating with crispness.

Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla - Product Lineup - Product Information | Yuraku Confectionery

This is "Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla" (50 yen without tax). In the vanilla color package there is a "salt-like thunder god" different from the normal big sunder phrase "black great thunder god".

The long side is about 12 cm and it is almost the same as the normal big sander. Compared to traffic-related IC card (long side 85 mm)

It is recommended that chocolate turns into crisp and it is eaten as "summer chocolate" when it freezes.

The type of chocolate is the same "normal chocolate" as normal, and the notation of raw materials includes "cocoa powder" "cocoa cookie" "fresh cream (100% from Hokkaido)" and so on.

Contents per sheet is 38 g, calorie is 202 kcal, salt equivalent is 0.3 g. Although it is a flavor called "salt vanilla", surprisingly salt equivalent is normalBig ThunderIt seems to be 0.1 g less than "0.4 g" of.

When you take it out of the bag, the fragrance of vanilla drifts, but the contents look the same as the normal big sander.

Next to "Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla" (left) side by side the normal "Big Thunder" (Right), you can see that the chocolate of the coating of "Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla" is darker brown.

When you try to cut it, you can see that "Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla" has nearly white cookie and the color is completely different from normal.

When eating, the chocolate of the coating is gentle sweetness which vanilla smells. The cookie dough is crispy texture and blended with cream powder made with domestic fresh cream so you can feel the flavor of milk. It seems that it is also a factor that makes me feel strong mildly because there is no taste of normal Big Thunder's gut and coming cocoa. It is a flavor of "salt vanilla" but the presence of salty is modest, I felt that a slightly salty taste complemented the sweetness of chocolate

"Big Thunder Cookie & Salt Vanilla" is scheduled to be available at a convenience store nationwide from June 18, 2018 (Monday).

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