What is the average age, number of births, percentage of birth inexperienced people during first birth of women in developed countries

by Julie Johnson

Generally it is said that developed countries tend to declining birthrate, but the analyzes newly announced by the American think tank, the Pew Research Institute , show that compared with women in many developed countries, American women are older than their age of first birth It is low, and I found that there are many children with lifetime.

US women are having kids earlier than in the most developed nations | Pew Research Center
http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/06/28/us-women-are-postponing-motherhood-but-not-as-much-as-those-in-most-other-developed- nations /

The average age for American women to lay their children for the first time is 26.4 years old, which is lower than the 28 countries whose data are published in the OECD. The average age is 30 years old or older in Greece, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Italy, etc. In addition, the average age is the highest age of the survey conducted in Korea in 31.4 years.

This is a graph of the average age at which women in each country experience first birth. Japan is 30.7 years old.

Also, America has not only lower age of first-time birth than other OECD countries, but also that there are many final children who one woman gives birth. From the same survey, it is known that an American woman gives birth to an average of 2.2 children during the baby availability period. Of the 21 OECD countries where data are available, 20 countries have fewer lifetime births than the United States, and only the number of lifetime births in Iceland was 2.3 on average. There are 17 countries with lifetime births below 2.0 people, 1.5 for Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Looking at the whole of the United States, 86% of women who have children in their lifetime will be 14%, and those who do not have children will be 14%. This number is the same as Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and France. Meanwhile, 23% of women in Germany do not have children at the time of birth, and in Spain, Italy, Finland more than 20% have no children. The proportion of women without children in the Czech Republic is 9% lower than the United States, but on the whole it can be said that the proportion of women who do not have children in America is relatively small.

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