It turns out that 1,000 trillion tons of diamonds are sleeping deep under the ground

by Wilerson S Andrade

Researchers say that diamonds are asleep inside the earth as much as the researchers say, "Diamonds are not quite common minerals on a global scale, they are relatively unusual minerals," Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University I understand by collaborative research such as.

Sound waves reveal diamond cache deep in Earth's interior | MIT News

Diamond, which is known to be the hardest substance in nature, can be obtained by carbon which has crystallized under high temperature and pressure conditions inside the Earth and rises to the depth that can be mined in the crust It will be like. Because of this route, diamond output is as small as 20 to 30 tons per year, and because of its rarity and high transparency it is a very expensive jewel.

The place where diamonds are produced is limited, and it is on the crustal part called " craton " or "stable land mass" such as North America, Eastern Europe, Africa. Kraton is a part that is stable for 500 million years even in the crust that covers the surface of the earth, but it is hardly affected by the crustal deformation because it is eating into the mantle .

When the research team was studying the velocity of seismic waves traveling through the crust, we found that the velocity of seismic waves traveling faster in the part called "root" in the deep part of Krathong. Analysis of the components of Kraton's root from the velocity of the seismic wave as to why the seismic wave becomes faster, it became clear that the root part is composed of diamond · mantle derived peridotite · eclogite . According to the research team, the volume ratio of diamond is up to 2% of the root of Kraton, and its total amount is about 1,000 trillion tons. However, the root of Krathong has a depth of approximately 100 to 200 kilometers, and it is impossible to recommend mining to the depth with the current technology.

Mr. Ulrich Fall, researcher of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science at MIT said, "Diamonds are not quite rare on a global scale but we found that it is a relatively common mineral, sleeping deep under the ground Acquiring diamonds is impossible with modern technology, but there are still many more diamonds in the ground than we have been thinking about, "he said.

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