I have seen 'Gamagori festival fireworks festival' which can see three huge fireworks 'regular three scale ball' spreading to about 650 m in diameter

Every year at the "Gamagori Festival Fireworks Festival" to be held at the end of July, three positive scale balls spreading to about 650 m in diameter are raised. The theme of 2018 is "Flower", so I went to enjoy the big three-sized balls of great power while seeing what kinds of fireworks are rising.

Gamagori Festival

The venue for Gamagori Festival Nishitake Fireworks festival is around Takeshima Futo in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture.

At 9 am, I arrived at a park in Takeshima-fuku which will be a tour place.

The typhoon 12 passed through the unknown, but the event was held down but there was an announcement that the event will be held.

At the launch site of the opposite shore, fireworks are prepared for fireworks while discharging collected rainwater to the sea with a pump.

The spotlight of the fireworks festival, discovered a ship carrying a huge tube that launches a regular three-sized ball whose opening diameter is about 650 m. As it is, looking at work ...

The work of filling the cylinder with a large regular three-sided ball with a diameter of about 90 cm and a weight of about 300 kg has started.

It is a work to be done early in the morning, but it was able to be seen because it was delayed by the influence of the typhoon.

Although it will rain strongly in the afternoon, the weather is recovering. At 3 PM, fireworks announce fireworks display to the blue sky, lightning (lie) goes up.

At around 3:45 pm, a barge carrying a barrel for launching a regular three-sized ball went off the coast.

At the event headquarters Mr. Katsunori Kato of Mikawa Fireworks Akira Miyako · Kato Hakko Co. , Ltd. who is in charge of this fireworks display event is conducting check work of BGM of fireworks. As I was worried that the program would be shortened due to the unknown typhoon, I heard that "We are planning to launch it as planned".

The state of the viewing area around 6 PM. A lot of people gathered.

Gamagori Festival The fireworks festival program is full of content such as the size of the fireworks to be launched and the number of balls, messages from the sponsors and comments from fireworks. While reading, wait for the launch of fireworks.

At 7:30 pm, launch of fireworks began as planned. Opening star Mine "Fireworks" begins from the simultaneous striking of the scale ball (fireworks ball diameter about 30 cm) with the countdown.

Next, as the message accompanied by the name of the sponsor was read aloud, No. 4 ball (about 12 cm in diameter) and No. 6 ball (about 18 cm in diameter) were launched in succession. This fireworks display is made up of participation of various sponsors of individuals and enterprises, and single fireworks from 4th ball to Shaku ball, star Mine, big star mine etc are launched according to the sponsorship fee.

Star Mine "Fly, change it"

Next, it is the Great Star Mine "Gyoshoukensen (Kisho-shinken)" which the local Mitani elementary school sixth graders thought about the composition. Fireworks will be launched according to "Doremi no Uta". It was a pretty Star Mine where I felt childlike.

Next is a corner to compare multiple fireworks that require advanced technology, which can only be seen in competition events. Here, the triple core, the quadruple core, and the fireworks of the five-point core lapped. The picture is a five-point core.

On the big Star Mine "Starry Star Mine", flashing fireworks expressed stars shining in the night sky, and occasionally fireworks pulling the tail as if representing a shooting star were also striking.

Finally, it is the launch of the first three regular 玉 balls, but it seems that a trouble has occurred and it does not rise quite easily.

Once the launch of the regular three-size ball was postponed. Various characters such as Heart · Smile · Rabbit · Robot will go up to the corner of the mold fireworks.

In the big star Mine "Danger Zone", the theme song of top movie movie " Danger Zone " was launched with BGM on OGAMI.

Wide Star Mine "Paradise Has No border" is a fun Star Mine with movement like watching fireworks from right to left and from left to right.

Here, the first one of the three regular balls, which did not come up with a problem in the past, gets applauded from the venue without fail.

After the regular three-ball coin, the message to the next star mine All the scale balls raised by the fireworks do not open anything by sound alone, fireworks of the kind called thousands of rings in which small floral blooms are made all at once all together after a while It was raised. Variations are abundant, such as only white or magenta, mixed with various colors, and flashing ones.

Fireworks launched on the sea in front of our eyes will explode, one after another, on the ocean top disaster major star Mine "Peacock Mai".

In the big Star Mine "Thousands Flower", we synchronized with B'z 's " ultra soul " by calculating the timing of opening fireworks. One thousand rings that opens simultaneously with the last "Ultra soul, Hay!" Shout.

Subsequently, fan star Maine "Mai fan".

And the second three regular balls, the thousand rings of the regular three-sized balls will go up. A lot of small flowers bloom even in Kurobama but when it became a regular three-size ball, the number further increased, and small floral enough to fill the sky before the eyes appeared one after another.

A large fireworks using Otama Shoko, No. 8 (about 24 cm in diameter) and scale balls will be launched one after another in about 50 fireworks.

Today is the third biggest ball of three squares, but unfortunately it looks like this ball does not rise due to trouble. I will skip the program and proceed.

Fire on the bay "Fire on the bay", the firework struck diagonally opens in the water.

A Fireworks consisting mainly of golden color was launched in accordance with the big Star Mine "Summer of the Barley", the song of Suntory gold wheat .

The third triangle ball is being adjusted and it will not yet be laid. Finally, the last oversized Star Mine "Flower" began. A wide star Mine starts like the ending that uses the full launch place.

"Beautiful light" "fireworks", one after another.

At the end, the golden crown is launched in large quantities and the fireworks are finished, but a light from the left side is ... ...

How, the third shot three square balls lapped. It became like a surprise directing from the finale and the venue was boiling and the Gamagori festival fireworks festival was over.

There was also a scene that worried "Are you OK?", But as a result all fireworks have been launched, and all is okay if it is all right. It was a gift of experience that we could cope quickly with necessary means without giving up even if trouble occurred, and it was a fireworks display that I think that "I want to come see the fireworks of Gamagori fireworks and Kato fireworks again next year" .

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