A future-filled jacket featuring the next-generation material 'graphene' as a material appeared

Graphene also called "dream material" holds the unique performance of doubling the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, raising the strength of concrete, or even desalinating seawater . Next time, a jacket with a parka using such graphene appeared.

Graphene Jacket. Part jacket. Part science experiment. Made with the only material in the world with a Nobel Prize. | Vollebak

The first graphene jacket is here, and it's magical

This jacket was developed by British apparel brand "Vollebak". It seems that graphene, which is considered to be difficult to manufacture, was made into a sheet by a newly developed production method, and it was successfully made into a fabric that can be used as a jacket by combining it with a fabric material.

The jacket is a reversible type. Materials using graphene are used for such glossy side. Since graphene absorbs heat, it is effective to keep the whole clothes warm by keeping it in sunlight beforehand, and to keep that heat.

When turning over and putting the graphene side inside, it changes to the appearance of a mat style. By doing this, graphene absorbs the water vapor from the body and keeps the humidity constant, it also distributes the heat of the skin to the entire jacket, prevents bacteria from breeding, has low allergenicity and low chargeability There are quite a variety of characteristics.

In making graphene dough, Vollebak's development team first made a film "Nanoplatelet" made by spreading graphene and mixing polyurethane there. And then, by adhering nanoplatelets to the nylon which is the outside of the fabric, it was made into clothing usable fabrics. Vollebak says, "By adding graphene, the mechanical and chemical properties of nylon underlie fundamentally.Normal nylon can not convey energy such as heat, but it can be done by combining graphene." I said.

Graphene is a substance in which carbon atoms are bonded in the form of a hexagonal lattice and is thought to be a substance stronger than diamond. It is not a material that can be easily obtained because it is very difficult to manufacture, but it is a material of the future that is expected to be utilized in a wide range of fields, such as new semiconductor materials and building materials by utilizing its unique properties.

Vollebak released this jacket with a price tag of $ 695 (about 77,000 yen). Vollebak, who announced this jacket as a kind of chemical experiment, wishes to advance research toward realization of functions which could not be thought in the past, such as technology to charge the smartphone by storing electricity in the jacket I am doing.

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