I tried using Anker's mobile battery 'Anker PowerCore Lite 10000' that can be charged with both Micro-USB and USB Type-C cables

" Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 " has been added to Anker's mobile battery lineup from Friday, August 24, 2018. Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 is a mobile battery of 10000 mAh and features two ports, "Micro-USB" and "USB Type-C", for charging the battery body. Therefore, even if you have only one cable, it is possible to charge the battery body. I tried using real thing that I got to the editorial department as to what kind of feeling it is actually usable.

Anker | PowerCore Lite 10000

The package of Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 is based on white and light blue.

Besides the main body, there was one Micro - USB cable, a travel porch, instruction manual, support contact information in the box.

The size of the main body is 144 mm × 72 mm, and compared with iPhone 8 Plus, it is small size one size.

The thickness is 14.5 mm and it is about double of iPhone 8 Plus.

The weight was 210 g in actual measurement.

On the side of the main body there are a USB Type - C port for charging and a Micro - USB port, on the right side there is a full size USB 3.0 port, power button. The USB 3.0 port is compatible with Anker's proprietary technologies, PowerIQ and VoltageBoost , which makes it possible to charge many terminals at high speed.

Press the power button ......

The indicator on the left side of the button lights up, you can check the remaining capacity of the battery. One LED indicates the remaining capacity within 25%, and the following image shows that the remaining battery power is 25% or less.

Because the main body and cable fits perfectly on the included travel pouch ......

It is convenient to carry.

Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 can be charged by connecting the supplied Micro - USB cable to the Micro - USB port of the main unit.

While charging, you can check the charging status with the indicator on the left side of the power button.

Also, even if you connect the USB Type-C cable for smartphones to the main unit, not the supplied cable ......

It is possible to charge. For this reason, even if you inadvertently forget the Micro-USB cable, you can charge the phone if you have a USB Type-C cable for smartphone charging, so it may not be easy to buy a cable in a hurry. By the way, because the width of Micro - USB port and USB Type - C port of the main body is very narrow, you can not connect the other cable while charging with one cable.

Immediately, charge the iPhone 8 Plus with the battery empty. Insert the USB terminal of the Lightning cable into the USB port of Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 ......

Charging starts when you connect the Lightning terminal to iPhone 8 Plus. It took 2 hours 17 minutes to fully charge.

Next, use " USB simple voltage / current checker " to examine the current and voltage during output.

The PowerCore Lite 10000 itself does not support Quick Charge (QC), but when charging the Nexus 6 that is compatible with QC 2.0, the current is 1.40 A.

The voltage was 5.14 V, and there was output of roughly 7.2 W.

Then charge the iPhone 7 not compatible with QC, the current is 1.57 A.

The voltage was 5.13 V and the output was about 8.1 W, which resulted in iPhone 7 having a slightly larger output. Since Power IQ and QC have different standards, there was no such thing as difference in output as QC correspondence.

Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 is 2999 yen including tax with Amazon, but only for August 24 (Fri) 2018, it is limited to 2699 yen including tax.

Amazon | Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 (10000 mAh high capacity mobile battery) 【USB-C input port installed / thin design / compact size】 iPhone & Android compatible | Mobile battery mail order

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