I saw 'Okago Fireworks Fall Chapter 2018' where a new attempt such as fireworks which can enjoy even the theater type fireworks and audiences is also performed

In Daisen city, Akita prefecture where nationwide fireworks games are held in August, fireworks are launched somewhere every month besides August. Among them, the spring chapter to be held in May and the autumn chapter to be held in October are a large fireworks festival to be held at the same venue as the nationwide fireworks display competition, in the autumn chapter the fireworks merchants are united as one story You can see a theater type fireworks directing. Following the autumn chapter of 2017, I have also seen it in 2018.

Great Fire's Fireworks Fall Chapter 2018

The launch site of the fireworks is Aozen-shi Osamu Oikawa river bank in Akita prefecture.

Arrived at Ogari station on October 14. On this day, "SL Komachi" was operated at the event of JR East Akita branch office .

Arrived at the venue in about 25 minutes on foot from Omagari station. Because it cools down at night, the clothes of the audience are also thick.

The fireworks display program was dealt in the toll seats.

In the program, a message from fireworks maker and explanation such as what kind of balls will be launched is written, so we recommend you read it while it is bright.

At 4:30 pm, " HEAVENESE " live was held at the special stage in the hall before the fireworks display.

As the sun goes down, the hall will be dark in the blink of an eye.

" The Hustle " began to flow as an opening song at 6 pm. Sometimes the theme is Evergreen, it's a start with a composition based on green.

In the latter half, though fireworks of various colors were raised, the end of the changing star was made green, and ingenuity was made to interweave the green color.

After the greeting by Mr. Mayor Daisen and Hiroyuki Okamatsu, fireworks of 10 large Otama fireworks commemorating the tenth anniversary of friendship exchange with Korean city of Karatsu will be launched as a special program.

In the first act "Disco Fireworks" fireworks will rise to match nostalgic disco music. At the beginning, Star Mine is tailored to the Earth's & Fire Medley.

Next, to the bubble era. "CAN NOT UNDO THIS !!" flows Flower that seems to be Juliana fanfan is dancing in the sky.

In cheek time, fireworks will be relaxed as the Procor Hall 'blue shadow' and The Drifters 'Last dance to me' are relaxed.

In the end, we will tighten the first act with a dramatic directing according to "Medley Of Hit's" and "Dancing Queen" because "I like disco."

Fireworks based on the theme color blue were raised in accordance with Mr. Children 'HANABI' as the interval fireworks between the curtains as well as the world diabetes day on November 14 was announced.

Act 2 The "Creative Firework Theater" is a contest of creative fireworks by fireworks dealers in Daisen city. The first company is Yoshiya Omagari Fireworks Co. , Ltd., whose name is "Samurai Soul (Seoul)". In line with HEAVENESE "Samurai BRIDGE", it starts from Japanese traditional Japanese fire ......

It was a work of a composition similar to the history of fireworks which develops to modern colorful fireworks and time difference type.

The second company is Northern Japan Fireworks Industry Co. , Ltd., whose title is "-WILD BONGO-". The song used is "Hey Pachuco!" In the final stage, it was a volume full-scale work that expanded to the wide with oblique striking to the right, as if it represented a rough girl.

The third company is Waku-ku Co., Ltd., whose title is "TRY ME ~ Believe me ~". The songs used were "TRY ME ~ Believe me ~" by Amuro Namie with SUPER MONKEY'S as the title.

The fourth company is the Okubo Fireworks Factory, and the title of the work is "Hua Kai Mai". In accordance with "Dancing Queen", the fireworks blooming in all directions bloom.

The last company is the Komatsu Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd., whose name is "Art of Dancing Star". At the end of the introduction of MOVE "Gamble Rumble" Mie-fireworks fireworks appears, just starting with the feeling that the accelerator fully opens. It was a work that felt new, such as bright colorful stars and furthermore they changed in a staggered manner.

When the creative fireworks theater was over, it became the corner of the fireworks "life fire (life in fire)" for the audio-visual disabled who was paying attention as a new fireworks directing this time. It is a project entrusted by the Tokyo Olympic Games and Tokyo Paralympic Games Games Promotion Headquarters .

You can actually check what kind of fireworks are shown in the following movie.

Fireworks for people with auditory disorder "Life Fire (Life Fire)" 【Fireworks of Omagari Fall Chapter 2018】 - YouTube

A story flows from the speaker together with the fireworks with the theme of "making people who have a disability in vision, people with hearing impairment, healthy people can enjoy together fireworks". The idea of ​​fusing the explanation of the situation of the fireworks being launched as a part of the story was done by overlapping the fireworks which are rising in front of the eyes and the dialogue. In the scene of the photograph, lines like "Dark orange fireworks like the dark incense fireworks that continued from the Edo period, Waka Fire" flowed.

For those with hearing impairment, we also had equipment to convey vibration. It was also enjoyable as a lecture fireworks where you can learn the kinds of fireworks as well as the story.

Subsequently, the third act is "traditional quota and novelty free ball". Nine fireworks awarded the Prime Minister Prize, the highest prize at the National Fireworks Games, will be launched. Komatsu Smoke & Fire Industry Co., Ltd. "Akanekai"

Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. "Kirakira Kaleidoscope"

Kikuya Obata fireworks store "Butterfly Garden"

Yamazaki Fire and Fire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "Meteor shower"

Yamauchi smoke fire shop "Lingerie Chrysanthemum"

Northern Japan Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. "Utopia in the Sky"

Isoya Smoke Shop, Inc. "Mirror ball"

Red Star Aoki Fireworks Shop "Palm of Evening Glowing Evening Sun"

Ikabun "Rising Multiple Core Chrysanthemum Tide"

The fourth act Finale fireworks "007 with love from great tune" consists of four parts, and at the beginning the opening was reproduced together with the theme "007 Theme" The James Bond Theme ". There were also fireworks that reproduced scenes that stained red with blood.

The second part is "007 Diamonds Forever". Fireworks will rise to Shirley Bassey "Diamonds Forever" to BGM. Fireworks expressing the radiance of diamonds and jewels with flashing fireworks and expressing love with Bond girls, etc.

The third part is 'they die' 007. In Paul McCartney & Wings "Live and Let Die", in accordance with a certain rhythm of tuning, in the up tempo scene, the development will be full of speed from right to left, from left to right, such as car chase and boat splash, It was a production of fireworks spreading all over the width. It is regrettable that the wind weakened and the smoke had gathered up.

Finally "007 Gold Finger". I saw the fireworks of the cards of the cards looking beautiful, imitating the scene that uncovers the trump scams from the movie.

At the end, it became a simultaneous strike of tightening after the night sky dyed gold in the crown of crown.

Closing "Stoppage" One day of "Shigetsuzura Jinbukuro Kiku Gokudaki Float Float Mr." of the two-headed ball (about 60 cm in diameter), which is the biggest ball of the day, was launched and the program of this day was closed .

The last is light communication between fireworks and spectators. The fireworks shake the red smoked candle, and the audience is waving with a pen light and others shining. Until now, there was no directing etc in the communication of light, but this time the fire blew up during the light communication for the first time.

In the summer nationwide fireworks games, we keep the tradition and in the autumn chapter we have a clear policy to positively incorporate new things and challenge, and you can also see the production of the great fireworks not shown in the summer. Together, it is a great fireworks display where each artistic fireworks ball that won the Prime Minister Prize was also seen.

The full story of this "Great Fire Fireworks Fall Chapter 2018" can be confirmed in the following movie.

【Full-length 720p】 Great Fire's Fireworks Autumn Chapter 2018 "Fireworks Theater - Evergreen ~" Omagari Fireworks Autumn Chapter - YouTube

On October 14th the day after the autumn chapter was done, the fireworks viewer exam was done. In fiscal 2018, 82 candidates tried the exam after listening to lectures by active fireworks and fireworks experts.

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