'Uber Eats for Business' that enhanced the function for business use started

" Eats for Business " specializing in Uber Eats ' service for business has appeared that can deliver the dishes offered at neighboring restaurants to home etc.

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Uber Eats, which has been launched in Japan in 2016, is a service in which Uber's delivery staff mediates restaurant cuisine that originally does not correspond to delivery, and delivers it to users. Shops can reduce the cost of home delivery, and users benefit from being able to enjoy the taste of shops that they could not eat unless they actually come to the store.

Uber launches 'UberEATS', which dispatches a cuisine of a famous restaurant - GIGAZINE

Uber Eats has already gained a lot of popularity in the US, and there are many cases that it is used on a daily basis. So Uber launched Eats for Business as a new service that allows us to focus on the Eats service that was offered to individuals and use it on a per-company basis.

In Eats for Business, it becomes possible to interact with companies by collectively controlling, reporting, and requesting orders that employees used for lunch or late night snacks. The following points are explained as features of Eats for Business.

◆ Once you set it, you manage the order automatically if you set the time zone and location such as a night meal for a night shift worker or a meal for a lunch meeting and all the orders of Eats It will be compiled for enterprises. For example, if you set up a system that provides a nighttime meal to work after 19 o'clock, if you set the time zone, location, supplementary amount, etc., the Eats used by the employee will be billed to the company's account It is said that. If an employee orders exceeding the subsidy amount, it seems that it will be charged to the personal account.

◆ Unify billing - In the United States, many people already use Uber for lunch etc., and it takes a lot of trouble for the employer to collect those orders and pay them as lunch fee. Because Eats for Business will be able to bill those accounts together as a group, it can greatly reduce the burden on the part of the company.

◆ You can grasp all the order contents
Utilizing detailed reports from Uber for Business, companies will be able to receive bundled invoices and will be able to get information on the time zone and order purpose for each team. This allows companies to better determine what kind of meal program should be provided to individual teams.

Eats for Business can be registered from the following page. It seems that provision has been started all over the world, it was possible to choose the location of Japan.

Uber for Business - Eats for Business

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