Home got off at the underground tunnel, at the Mogura station in Japan and at the Dogo station in Gumma prefecture

Concrete space deeply built underground in Gumma prefecture that is made a story with "undeveloped land" "gunmar" . Moreover, if it was built 50 years ago, I was impressed. It was a feat of half a century ago. It takes about 10 minutes from the underground home to the ground station building, and you have to go up the total staircase of 486 steps. Such a strange train station in the world was in the prefecture border of Gunma prefecture and Niigata prefecture.

Hello, this is Takuya Sudo @ Charriderman who toured the world by bicycle . This is a record when I went north to Niigata prefecture because of the rest of the youth 18 tick used in Namie Town , Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture Tomioka Town · sawama . The train journey that you can move considerably far in one day is fresh, if you are looking for a bicycle distance impression. Even if it is blunt. I took a tour of "Mogura Station in Japan" in the street.

◆ Cirrus <br> The purpose of this short trip was to see Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture. When I was cycling around Japan, I was doing a tour around the castle. Among them, Matsumoto Castle is one of the famous castles that is well-balanced and well-witnessed with large ogori, small tenant and oar (toyura), one of the national treasure four castles (five castles from 2015). It was a place I wanted to visit again while I was working in Tokyo.

From the apartment in western Tokyo to Hachioji, the route of Kofu city in Yamanashi prefecture and Matsumoto city in Nagano prefecture was easy. However, it is not very fun to travel back and forth between the same route. So, if you were looking at the map and what to do, from Route Hachioji to the Takasaki city of Gunma prefecture, Nagaoka city Niigata prefecture Nagaoka city, Nagano prefecture via Nagano city Route called Matsumoto city emerged.

◆ Dogo station <br> Tokyo in winter has strong wind, but weather is good and there are many sunny days. The reason is that the cold air from the continent hits the mountain ranges which are also known as Japan's backbone because it contains moisture in the Sea of ​​Japan and it becomes snow. Clouds like snowfall often fulfill their role before reaching the Kanto plain. Therefore, Niigata is a heavy snowy zone.

Between Niigata and Gunma there are mountain ranges with mountains close to 2000 m, such as white sand mountain, Tanigawa dake, and Shikokuyama. There are also such mountain ranges and the road connecting Gunma and Niigata is limited. It will not be like a prefectural boundary on a flatland where roads like the eyes of the net continue. In the case of the prefectural border of Gumma and Niigata, two routes, Mikuni Pass and Shimizu Pass, were common since long ago. And it is still almost unchanged.

Currently, there are four national highways connecting Gunma and Niigata, No. 17, No. 291, No. 353, No. 405, but only 17 is open all the way, except for the rest. National Route 17 overlaps the route of Mikuni Pass. Apart from that, the Kanetsu Expressway on the expressway and the JR Shinkansen and conventional lines connect Gumma and Niigata. This overlaps with Shimizu pass almost. Dogo station will be the station set up in such traffic difficulty.

Completion of Shimizu tunnel in September 1931, the Joetsu line connecting Takasaki station of Takasaki city of Gunma prefecture and Miyauchi station of Nagaoka city of Niigata family is fully opened. Shimizu tunnel with a total length of 9702 m was the longest tunnel in Japan at the time. For a while it was a single-track operation, but it was doubled by opening the Shinshui tunnel in 1967. The home of the Dogo station was built in Shinshui tunnel with a total length of 13490 m. The uplink ground-based home and the descending underground home are separated and now we are going.

Here is the place where Dogo station is located.

◆ Downhill Underground Home - Since I was heading from Takasaki City in Gunma prefecture to Niigata area, it was a downtrain arrival. I entered the tunnel and unexpectedly arrived at the underground home of Dogo station. I got a bit of caution when getting on and off at this underground home. There is a person coming out of the train to take pictures though it does not get off, so home will be a bit hurried at a slight stop time. Because it is a rare station, I understand the desire to take pictures, but I want you to prioritize those who get on and off. It was before noon on Saturday, but I think that about 20 people came down. It was a famous place as a sightseeing spot. Shut up soon after getting down. I wore a coat as it was a bit cold. Smell of a mildew to the nose in a damp air. I walked around the underground home.

Home located in the tunnel.

Station name label written "Dogo station".

At the home there was a waiting room like a prefab cabin. Because it is cool even in the summer, it looks cooler in the winter and seems like a necessary place for cold weather.

In the waiting room.

I found something memorable note. I was relieved to write "I missed the train and waited 4 hours."

Also equipped with toilet.

A green box written with a phone.

◆ Stairs of 462 steps <br> After finishing the tour of the underground home, head to the station building on the ground.

As you go through the tunnel along the exit guidance ......

There was a stairway that I could go on endlessly. It looks like I was on a hunter test like this.

Guide board with illustration of moles. The stairs are 338 meters, there are 462 stages. The altitude of the descent home is 583 meters above sea level, the altitude of the station building is 653.7 meters, the altitude difference is 70.7 meters. It took about 10 minutes to reach the ground station building from the underground home.

The space next to the stairs seems to have been planned to install an elevator.

I will go up the stairs to the ground.

The distance to the exit like an ordinary tunnel is displayed on the wall.

There were benches somewhere in there. If you get tired uphill you can sit down and relax.

There is a display of the number of stages every 10 steps.

Since there are landings every 5 steps, the stairs do not rush so much.

Looking at the picture like this.

Moragawa station in Japan and going up the stairs of the underground home of Dogo station in Gumma - YouTube

This long long staircase is the end of 462th stage.

The notation "1967-9" that was in the 462nd row was the year when the downhill underground home began operation.

Stairs to look back at the 462nd stage. Atmosphere that seems to be connected to another world.

It was a passage like a bridge across the river beyond the end point. The triangular screen in the back plays the role of dispersing the blowing wind.

On the other side of the cloudy glass ......

The natural beauty of green trees and clear stream.

A door written as "Good work." It seems that there are still 24 stairs left in 2 stairs.

I will walk through the concrete wall passage like the one made with Lego block.

Go up one short staircase.

And this is the last stairway. It was finish at the 486th stage. There is no more stairs anymore.

When you turn this corner, you arrive at the ticket gate.

◆ On the premises of Dogo station - It was a big station building that I could not think of as an unmanned station. The campus is also wide and there is a waiting room separate from the bench in front of the ticket gate and window. Depending on the influence of the Joetsu Shinkansen and the Kanegoshi Expressway, it is said that it was made into an unmanned station in 1985, so it may be a busy station until then.

Ticket barrier.

Because the timetable is Skyca, those who visit by train are planned.

Attention that "Middle aged and many years distress frequently". It is a starting point to climb the famous Tanigawa-dake at Dogo station.

A box to put in the climbing notification.

Remembrance notes are also placed in the station building.

Although it is an unmanned station, the vending machine was in operation. It is the only item that you can realize the year 2018.

On the premises we posted Trivia at the station called Yomogi Hakkei.

Answer "This mystery" to the question "Is this iron stick ...?" It is too far from the unexplored station.

This is the mystery iron rod.

Both buildings and premises have year-round. Even if it is old, there is no problem if it is well maintained. However, at this time the premises were dusty and the carcasses of insects were scattered and I was worried hygienically. It will be because the insects are clustered too much if the lights are lit up there too.

Insects and butterflies come in at night so please close the door.

Only the mountains of green are around the station building. Therefore palm-sized moth like a monster Mothra is stopped

◆ Uphill Ground Home Home - There are homes on the ground on the uplands of Takasaki, Omiya and Ueno. I also visited here.

The basement is the first home, the ground is the second home.

Passage to the home located at the other side of the ticket gate.

Furthermore, if we go through the concrete wall passage similar to the opposite home ... ...

There was a station home with a pounding in a quiet mountain. It seems that railroads are laid along the valleys of the mountains.

There is also a waiting room.

The train station name was written as 665 m above sea level.

Overall view of the uphill which can be seen from a place that is slightly far away.

The track to Niigata seemed to disappear again in the mountains.

◆ Station building of Dogo station Address: 218-2 Minakami-machi Yonezo (Tone-gun, Gumma Prefecture), the northernmost station of Gumma prefecture. The road in front of the station is a national highway, but it is not connected to the Niigata area. So, there was not much traffic. It was a perfect place to express expressions such as remote mountain.

Nothing in front of the station. Moreover, it is unpaved.

Station building with characteristic triangular roof.

On top of the entrance is an indication "Welcome to Japan's top morning station". Moles are hidden in the character of "Mo".

The mountain covered with deep green was connected around the station building.

There is a well-known abandoned shop located in the immediate vicinity of the station building.

The road in front of the station will be National Route 291. However, because the area in Niigata beyond this has been interrupted, it is a dead end.

There was a bus shelter at the side of the road. Whether there is also snow countermeasure, it was made firmly. Although it is an appearance which does not feel oldness to that extent, the graffiti of a traveler on the inner wall was like the time capsule at the end of the Showa era and the beginning of Heisei.

◆ To Niigata Prefecture <br> Because I strolled around enough, I will go back to Dogo station.

Arrow called Niigata direction.

Please note that it is a big deal if you mistake downhill and uphill.

The train came.

A train of two-car train.

I got on the train properly and proceeded as it was to Nagaoka-shi, Niigata prefecture.

By the way, the tweet that I remembered before on Twitter is kore.

In the underground space where light does not pass, the underground home of the Dogo station that can inflate the imagination such as the temple, the fortress, the nuclear shelter, the country of Hell, the different world. Moreover, since completion is over 1967 years ago more than 50 years ago, there was something that was included in the accomplishments of the people of those days.

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