Send the conversation data that Alexa recorded without permission to a third party who does not concern at all

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Amazon's unique speech recognition assistant " Amazon Alexa " is installed in smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and supports users in various situations of life. It is reported that such Alexa recorded male and female conversation without permission, and conversation data was transmitted to a third party irrelevant at all.

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A German male requested personal information such as its own Amazon purchase history and search history based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , in addition to his own information in addition to his own information recorded by Amazon Alexa I noticed that 1,700 incoming voice data was sent. The man said he was quite surprised because he did not have Amazon Echo, and the sound was recorded in a living room, bedroom, shower room, etc. of an unknown person, he said he was able to hear both male and female conversations and names.

When men reported this fact to Amazon, Amazon said that they merely deleted Alexa's speech data that was misdirected, and he did not explain or apologize in particular. However, since the man stored the file locally, the man reported the incident that occurred this time to the German news site " Hais Online ".

As a result of a survey of facts relating to Hyos online reporters, it seems that the owner of Amazon Echo leaked information from the weather information of the area, recorded name, etc., was identified, and the victim males against journalists "I was really surprised" on the phone. In this case Alexa saved the recording of conversation contents indefinitely and revealed the fact that there was a security vulnerability in the utilization process.

by Fabian Hurnaus

Amazon spokesperson said, "This unfortunate accident is based on human error, it is a single case only for this time," he said. We were in contact with the relevant authorities and cooperated with the two users involved in the incident to optimize the relevant processes.

Hais on-line who received contact from men for the first time said that "This case is hard to believe that Amazon is a single isolated case as Amazon says, and other similar cases may occur" , Alexa's problem is a very big concern.

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