A Japanese 'Black Thunder Matcha Azuki' Tasting Review with 100% Uji Matcha with Azuki

" Black Thunder Matcha Azuki " using Matcha biscuit using 100% Uji Green Tea and Freeze Dry's Hokkaido Red Bean appeared in spring 2010 from Monday, March 11, 2019. I used Uji mathema different from Kyoto Osaka area limited Kyoto Osaka area, which means that even when azuki beans are added, it is different flavor. I was able to get Black Thunder Green Tea Azuki, so I tried it at once.

Black Thunder Matcha Azuki New Release Notice | Black Thunder Fan Site

The package of "Black Thunder Matcha Azuki" looks like this. For comparison this time we also bought a regular version of Black Thunder, so if you compare it, black sander green tea Azuki has its package centered on bright green ... ...

I used letters & illustrations from Azuki and Uji made by Hokkaido.

When I looked at the raw material name, grease processed foods, semi-chocolate, cocoa cookies and so on line up, and found the letters of "red beans" "Uji green tea" "Hojicha extract" in the second half.

The calorie per piece is 130 kcal.

What I took out of the bag is this. The left is black sander matcha green azuki, right is the regular version black sander. Black Thunder Matcha Azuki is slightly more shade of chocolate.

However, when you try to break it, the inside is bright green. You can also check Cocoa Cookie and Asuki.

Comparing it is like this.

As I tried eating, there is no bitter taste of matcha in the first mouth, but as you continue to crispy, the smell of Matcha and the smell of Hojicha will come up gradually. It is easy to eat because it pushes "fragrance" to the whole face rather than the bitterness of matcha, and it is more delicate sweetness than the regular version Black Thunder because of the fragrance of tea and the flavor of azuki. It is an impression that it is a well-balanced finish although there is a possibility that it is unsatisfactory for a person who wants sweetness made as a gut of chocolate.

Azuki also had a large grain, and there was rarity that it was slightly different from ordinary black sander.

In addition, black sander green tea Azuki is 40 yen for tax, it will be available from the convenience store nationwide from March 11 (Monday), supermarket nationwide from the 25th (moon), drugstore.

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