Site summary 2019 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day

By mera

The familiar April Fool 's Day has begun this year as well! What is true, what is a lie, what is a story, and maybe it is really serious? It's a terrifying day when the borderline rattles and collapses, making it predictable in many ways, but unavoidable.

◆ A convenient way to know immediately every time an April Fool's article is updated
The editorial department of GIGAZINE will literally update each site that is preparing various things by piggybacking on April Fool's Day from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st in real time for 24 hours, and will continue to add it to this article collectively. Updates are being added to this article one after another, and it becomes a tremendous length over time. If you say 'It's a hassle to reload the page and check if there are any additions!' , We will post update notifications to GIGAZINE's Twitter official account and Facebook official account at any time, so please follow it. It will be useful in the future. In addition, for Chrome and Firefox, you can click the 'Notification' icon in the upper right to see the update with push notification.

◆ How to make a story about April Fool's Day
If you find 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' On a site not listed in the article, or if you can send me a self-recommended message 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' It's OK. In that case, even if I went to see the site, I could not judge 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' It seems that I do not know the state of the original site, so I do not know where and how it changed ... I was in trouble ... 'There are a lot of cases every year that I can not write an article or I am late, so when I make a comment 'This is the point to see! ' 'The site is different from before, it's April Fool's Day! ' Explanation, explanation, points to see, points to hold down on the page If you write it together with the URL and address of, it will be easier for GIGAZINE editorial staff and readers to understand, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation!

◆ Summary list from here
How many sites can be posted by 24:00 on April 1st, the end of April Fool's Day, and is it really physically possible for readers to access and complete browsing of all sites, all before that? Is it possible to comprehensively summarize the April Fool's site, so please see below for a summary list that will break through the limits and fight the extremes! The contents vary from official collaborations to informal ones by individuals, and although the contents are extremely rare, they are a big enemy because the truth may or may not be announced mixed with lies.

◆ Interlink
Interlink has converted all 245 types of ccTLD, which are top-level domain names assigned to each country, into virtual YouTuber. As the first of these, Anguilla Ai-chan, who was born from Anguilla's '.ai', has been released.

Nice to meet you! This is Anguilla --YouTube

'Nice to meet you all!', The following is Anguilla Ai-chan, who was born from the Anguilla domain '.ai'.

So far, it's April Fool's Day, but the domain island tour where Interlink goes to check the actual situation of islands with rare domains such as '.tv' and '.cc' in the world with his own feet and eyes is actually It is being carried out in.

◆ Get one A320 to meet your family 24 hours a day by Jetstar | Jetstar
Jetstar, a low-cost carrier that is almost seven years old, has launched a gift campaign worth about 11.1 billion yen, which is the highest ever. 'Jetstar supports'I really want to meet more family members, not by phone or email'' ...

The content is thatone whole real Airbus A320 will be presented to one person by lottery. If you get it, if you ignore the problems of airport, fuel, and maintenance costs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
You will be able to travel anywhere, anytime, anytime. I think you can apply for a gift by clicking the 'Apply Now' button ...

Unfortunately, this is a lie. However, the campaign that '1/100 scale model of Airbus A320' is presented to one of the applicants is really being carried out. The winner's first name is printed on the aircraft, and a commemorative pedestal is also included in the set. The application period is from April 1st (Monday) to April 16th (Tuesday), 2019.

Kirby (@Kirby_JP) | Twitter
On the official Twitter account of Kirby: Right Back at the Stars, there is shocking news that Kirby: Right Back at the Stars will change from 'Maru' to 'Shikaku'.

In 'Kirby Star Allies', the square Kirby is on the top page.

Kirby Star Allies | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

However, it was shown to be clear as I scrolled.

◆ Fate / Grand Order Quest official website
The field search type RPG ' Fate / Grand Order Quest ' of the popular game ' Fate / Grand Order ' has started distribution on April 1, 2019.

'Fate / Grand Order Quest' is available for iOS and Android . To download the iOS version this time, tap 'Download from App Store'.

The App Store page will open, so tap 'Get' to start downloading.

When the download is finished and the game is started, it looks like this. When you tap the screen ...

You will be asked to agree to the terms of use, so tap 'Agree'.

The file download will start, so tap 'OK'. The download size is 678KB.

The character design is Mr. Bernard Lyot III of 'I can understand more and more with manga! Fate / Grand Order'. First of all, Da Vinci appears as a guide.

You will be asked for a name, so enter it and tap 'OK'.

Select your gender and tap 'OK'. This time, I chose 'female'.

Apparently, a new singularity has appeared.

Mash Kyrielight joins the ranks. Also, for some reason, the director of Olga Marie Animsphere will accompany him.

When surrounded by light and ray-shifted to a singular point ...

It used to be a nostalgic NES-style castle. It looked like that super-famous RPG , including the part where the king in front of me called the player a successor to the will of 'Yusha Roma'.

However, the King attacked, 'Test your power!' The UI of the battle screen is also clearly designed to look like you've seen it somewhere. What will happen? If you are interested, please install the app and play it.

In addition, at the head family 'Fate / Grand Order', it was said that a campaign is being held in which 10 sacred stones will be presented in commemoration of the release of 'Fate / Grand Order Quest'.

◆ Oishimism | Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut, a pizza delivery chain, announced the debut of the world's first 4-disc pizza idol group, 'Oishimism.' It is an epoch-making idol who holds a 'delivery party' instead of a 'handshake event' with the concept of 'an idol who goes to a designated destination and comes to meet' instead of an idol who can only meet at theaters and domes.

The 1st single 'Unrequited Love Delivery' is a song produced by Pizza Hut that perfectly matches the familiar melody sung by a wide range of generations and the hot and painful straight lyrics 'I want you to turn to the other party'.

The unit members of 'Oishimism' are the following four people. Salami, sausage, tomato sauce, and Miku Miku, an orthodox piece that goes the royal road.

Grilled vegetables with Italian vegetables such as zucchini, red peppers, yellow peppers, and eggplants and semi-dried cherry tomatoes.

Mayo-chin, the leader of the unit, has a hot heart with teriyaki chicken, special mayo sauce and chopped paste.

Idaho is from Aidaho, which boasts potatoes.

Goods include 'Pizza Cutter-style penlights' and T-shirts that look insanely dangerous when swung around live ...

What a pizza hut bike was also added to the lineup. It is expensive enough to test your love for 'Oishimism' at 1 million yen per unit, but it is a must-have item for fans who can feel like a manager carrying idols to their fans' homes at the delivery party. I did.

◆ Okiraku Death Game | Arc System Works Official Homepage

The easy and fun game series ' Okiraku ' is now available as a horror survival game. The concept is 180 degrees different from the conventional 'Okiraku' series.

Nozomi-chan and Genki-kun, whose characters collapse.

Appearance of Kidooka (President).

And the scene of a perfect crime ...

◆ ORIGAMI REFORM | “Asahi Living” for rental property renovation and private home remodeling
Asahi Living has started a new service, ORIGAMI REFORM, which uses origami, which is a traditional Japanese culture, to reborn the deteriorated parts of your home in a cute way. A crack like this ...

A heartwarming remodeling.

Deterioration of the tiles you care about ...

It is completely hidden and creates a warm atmosphere. 'The point is that just pasting origami directly on the deteriorated part will change the old impression and make it look cute.'

◆ Kunihiko Ikuhara's new animation 'Sarazanmai' will be broadcast in 2019
From 24:55 on April 11, 2019, the visual of the animation 'Sarazanmai', which will be broadcast on Fuji TV 'Noitamina' and others, has been released as a new gourmet animation. The character who became a sushi chef had a pose that he had seen somewhere , and the anime title had a logo design that he had seen somewhere with a big tuna in the background.

The outline of the gourmet anime 'Sarazanmai' is as follows.

The stage is Tsukiji.
One day, Kazuki Yasaka, Yu Kuji, and Enta Jinnai, who are in the second year of junior high school, meet the mysterious humanoid 'President'.
Forcibly robbed of the kappa ball and transformed into a sushi chef.
'If you want to return to the original shape, hold it in a certain way and bring the tuna kappa ball.'
Three people who are told so to the president. Can the boys clasp and steal the tuna's kappa ball? !!
Around the same time, something was about to happen at the Asakusa Kaminarimon store where Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu work.

c Ikuni Rapper / Siri Commanders

'Jet Jaguar' Teaser --YouTube

A mysterious movie is being released on YouTube's Godzilla Channel Godzilla (Toho special effects) channel. A place like a dark warehouse is opened ...

'Something' starts.

Is it thunder ...? I think ...

'Is my power justice or evil?'

What appeared ...

Developed by youth scientist Goro Ibuki. Life-sized robot 'Jet Jaguar'. The huge Jet Jaguar defends Godzilla.

It says 'Advent to Kunitachi in the spring of 2020', but it will not.

◆ Theatrical version 'Made in Abyss' -Dawn of the Deep Soul-Official Site
Theatrical animation 'Made in Abyss-Dawn of the Deep Soul-' scheduled to be released in January 2020 has been changed to 'Maruruk-chan's daily life' due to various circumstances. Maruluk walks with a sun umbrella through the falling cherry blossom petals. And the suspicious figure who secretly watches while smiling from behind was Ozen, who is the master of Maruluk and has the nickname of 'Sir Fudo'.

This is the most tasty watch in the world! Seiko Presage 'Senbei Dial' Appears Seiko x Senbei | Presage

Seiko releases 'the most tasty watch in the world'. Seiko's Presage has collaborated with the traditional Japanese confectionery 'Senbei' to realize the special 'Senbei dial'.

'This watch was created through trial and error by a skilled rice cracker craftsman.'

Roman numerals and logo marks have the delicate technique of 'Nori work'.

Received numerous awards such as 'Watch Award for Japanese Tea' and 'Watch Contest with Soy Sauce'.

In addition to soy sauce, there are lineups such as 'sesame' and 'zarame'.

In addition, you can see how the clock face is actually baked and how the seaweed work is applied from the following movie.

Seiko Presage Rice Cracker Dial Model-YouTube

◆ Anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs' Official Website
The official website of the anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs', which will be broadcast from April 12, 2019 (Friday), has undergone a major renewal. From the usual dark atmosphere, it was changed to a refreshing youth animation, 'Our encounter, that is the brilliance of life --- Someday Bungo Stray Dogs opened!'

The account name was changed on Twitter as well, and the settings and visuals of each character dressed in school uniform were released.

Melon Books Super Breaking News
Doujin shop Melon Books opens 'Melon Books Super Breaking News'.

'[Breaking news!] New era announced! Decided to be' melon '. '[Amazing] You can find a douujinshi from the Yayoi period' '[Adhesion] Adults who put their lives to stacking melons' and other interesting news are lined up, and there is also a button called 'See more' ...

When I put the cursor on it, I discovered that I couldn't see more.

Gboard spoon bending version
'What we focused on this time was the flexibility of character input,' so Google Japan released the 'Gboard spoon bending version.'

You can see the function of the Gboard spoon bending version in the following movie.

Gboard spoon bending version-YouTube

This is the Gboard spoon bending version.

It is a tool that enables intuitive character input depending on the bending angle of the spoon.

A 'bending sensor' and a 'non-bending base' are installed in the spoon.

'Up until now, I've been playing fastball games, but I wonder if it's a curve or a bending ball ... I had a hand called a fork,' said the Google Japan staff, who unfolds a mysterious story.

Development site.

The bending durability test is perfect, and it is safe to use for a long time.

In addition to the spoon, the straw version ...

Arm version

Accordion version

There is also a super input version.

The details are also explained below, and future developments are also explained.

Google Japan Blog: New suggestions from the Gboard team

◆ R-TYPE FINAL2 | The latest legendary shooting game 'R-TYPE FINAL2' has started!
One of the side-scrolling shooting game big three to be counted, even after the first installment released more than 30 years The popular Irem of the masterpiece ' R-TYPE ' latest in the series 'R-TYPE FINAL2' is announced from Guranzera it was done.

You can see the trailer from the following movie.

R-TYPE FINAL2 -Teaser --YouTube

'R-TYPE FINAL 2' is a sequel to the PlayStation 2 exclusive shooting game ' R-TYPE FINAL' released in July 2003. As a shooting game, it was labeled as the final work of the 'R-TYPE' series, and it was officially stated that the R-TYPE series would no longer be released from Irem, but from Granzella, which was established independently by the Irem staff. There seems to be a sequel. The stage will be newly remade and will have the first 16: 9 screen ratio in the series.

It is said that the exhilaration is improved by the wave cannon attack by the dimensional fighter equipped with the firepower of the battleship.

The violence of Bide, who stands up as an enemy throughout the series, has doubled. It seems that the enemy is strengthened with each play. If you look closely at the screen below, is it the R fighter eroded by the bid that looks like an enemy?

Four types of R fighters are open to the public. In 'R-TYPE FINAL', it was said that 'a total of 101 types of R fighters were developed', but in 'R-TYPE FINAL 2', I'm wondering if the R plan has restarted.

In addition, although T-shirts are actually released, 'R-TYPE FINAL 2' seemed to be a lie of April Fool's Day, of course ...

At the same time, there was a surprising announcement that a new project of the 'R-TYPE' series will be carried out by Granzella around May 2019 by crowdfunding.

◆ The ultimate parking system '4D PARKING' that can be parked infinitely is released! | akippa Co., Ltd.
'Akippa', a service that allows you to temporarily use vacant monthly parking lots and private parking lots nationwide, has opened 4D PARKING in outer space.

The structure looks like this. It boasts an overwhelming hugeness, and the number of parking spaces is ∞ (Infinity).

Dog sledding, regardless of the car model available ...

Space aircraft carriers are also OK.

However, since there are many mistakes with a normal parking gate, please check your own Hz number before using it.

◆ 'DLsite cat' service that gathers 'likes' of all cat lovers started: 'DLsite Doujin' for downloading doujinshi, doujin games, and doujin voices
DLsite, a 2D comprehensive download shop, has launched a new service for cat lovers, 'DLsite Cat'.

It is a service specializing in cat content, and a voice work called 'Twin Cat Dante & Virgil Grooming Ear Licking Voice' and a CG collection called 'Sakura Furuyo ni Nose Chu for DL Version' have appeared.

Registration of cat works has started, but since the cat is sleeping on the registration button, it says 'Please wait a while before accessing'.

◆ 'CLOCK WORK RABBIT Is the Order a Rabbit?' Official Website
The official website of the anime 'Is the Order a Rabbit? ' Based on the loose-fluffy comedy 4-frame manga set in the coffee shop 'Rabbit House' is the official website of the near-future robot SF animation 'CLOCKWORK RABBIT Is the Order a Rabbit?' It was changed to a site.

The cute rabbit Tippy has become a 'floating autonomous computer', and wherever Mofumofu used to be, it looks hard and smart.

Chino is the administrator of the old tippy lovers community site 'Rabbit House'.

Cocoa is the daughter of a hot bakery and is familiar with mechanical engineering.

Rize who belongs to the Metropolitan Police Department and cracks down on illegally modified Tippy.

Chiya is the president of a venture company that uses Tippy.

Sharo provides ideas to the convenient goods development community while working part-time at a cafe.

There is a SPECIAL page on the official website, and it seems that you can see some new information by entering the password.

In addition, the official Twitter account has also been transformed into the official account of 'CLOCKWORK RABBIT Is the Order a Rabbit?' Chino, who was surprised at how crowded Tokyo was, was released with 'Many people!'

◆ Magic: The Gathering Japan Official Website
On the official website of the world-famous trading card game ' Magic: The Gathering ', a visual and logo like a famous RPG was displayed. The attached illustration is also similar to Yoshitaka Amano 's design.

Also, at 'Magic: The Gathering Arena' where you can play Magic: The Gathering online, it seems that the cards are featured only on April Fool's Day.

◆ TV anime 'If you are cute, will you like it even if you are perverted?' Official website
The official website of the anime 'If you are cute, will you like it even if you are perverted?' Will be occupied by one of the heroines, Yuika Koga.

It seems that the TV anime 'If you are cute, will you like Yuika even if you are perverted?' Will be broadcast in the summer of 2019.

All 12 episodes are also released.

◆ Head spa specialty store 'La Scalp' OPEN! | Rascal the Raccoon Official Website
The opening of the head spa salon 'La Scalp' was announced on the official website of ' Rascal the Raccoon ' of the World Masterpiece Theater series broadcast in 1977.

There is only one type of treatment menu, 'Shampoo Spa Course', and the treatment fee is only accepted with corn. People who have few corn on hand are recommended to prepare in advance at a greengrocer or a supermarket.

In addition, it was said that 'La Scalp' brand products are also on sale only at stores, but the location of the important store is not vacated by the owner's policy. It seems that those who want it have no choice but to find a store on their own.

◆ The new era is decided to be 'Hirakata'! At the press conference, the Chief Cabinet Secretary misreads 'Maikata' again: Tsushin Hirakata
A press conference was held by the Secretary of State SUGA, and it was found that the new era was changed to 'Hirakata'. At the press conference, Secretary of State SUGA misread 'Maikata' when explaining the reason why the era name 'Hirakata' was chosen, and the scene where the proprietress who happened to be next to me whispered and corrected it. There was also.

The citizens of Hirakata commented on becoming 'Hirakata' as follows. In addition to those who say that the popularity of 'Hirakata-san' has skyrocketed ...

Some people liked the reading 'maikata'.

◆ Daily Portal Z
All the characters have disappeared from the Daily Portal Z, which handles various stories. Hiragana, katakana, kanji, and alphanumeric characters have disappeared from all of the site article titles, article texts, writer names, information, etc., and everything is expressed only with photos and pictograms.

All characters except pictograms disappeared from

the Twitter official account of the Daily Portal Z editorial department. The account name 'Daily Portal Z Editorial Department' was also beautifully expressed only with pictograms.

◆ TV anime 'Wise Man's Grandchild' official website
On the official website of the anime 'Wise Man's Grandchild', it was announced that the main character's parent, Merlin, will make her debut as a singer. It's a jacket that looks just like Itsuro Oizumi's 'grandchild' ...

In fact, comments from the head family, Itsuro Oizumi, have also been released.

I heard from the staff this time that there is a novel called 'Kenja no Mago', and that it will be animated, so there is a collaboration project with 'Grandchildren'. I am very honored to hear from you.
What exactly are you doing? I didn't understand well, so I left it to the staff.
I'm good at singing 'grandchildren', but I'm sorry for talking about the internet.
I heard that the main character of this story is a story about a second life raised by a wise grandpa and growing up with his friends.
One of the songs I sing is 'Because I'll never have a life again'. There should be something in common.
Living with your grandchildren as the center may improve your family relationships.
It seems that such a story is in the story, so I will definitely see it when it is animated.
I'm looking forward to it.

◆ Love Live! Sunshine !! 2019 Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin Admission Mock Exam
On the official website of the anime 'Love Live! Sunshine !!', there is a page where you can take the entrance examination of Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin, where Aquors attends.

Click 'Start Exam' while grabbing the thankful words of Mari Ohara, who has the title of student and chairman.

Sound will be heard during the mock test. Click 'OK' to start the practice test.

There are 10 questions in total, from questions that any fan of 'Love Live! Sunshine !!' can answer to unreasonable difficult questions that have nothing to do with 'Love Live! Sunshine !!' Will be asked. When I tried it immediately, I got a C judgment with 27.79 points, which was the correct answer for 3 out of 10 questions. Apparently, Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin was a very difficult school.

◆ Raku Hapi 'Just click the man's agent in the room' | Earth Pharmaceutical

There are three types of 'just click the man's medicine in the room': 'sexy', 'cool', and 'wild'.

When you put it in the middle of the room, click the main body and spray the male ingredient.

Thirty minutes later, when a man who seems to get up comes into the room ...

It is a super convenient item that makes you a man with a click. However, he said, 'Please do not call people directly, thinking that the effect may be strengthened.'

What kind of man you can become depends on which man you use.

◆ Somehow Pay-Issue your favorite Pay and send money freely
Togatter Co., Ltd. has developed and released a revolutionary service 'Somehow Pay' that allows any Twitter user to freely issue, send and receive the original 'Pay'.

First, click 'Twitter login to start now'.

Enter your Twitter account and password and click 'Authenticate linked app'.

Then my page was created like this. Click 'Issue New Pay'.

Set Pay with your favorite name and click 'Create' ...

Pay was issued like this. When you press 'Send money to someone somewhere' ...

It is possible to send Pay to a random user suddenly without any notice. So, on the contrary, Pay may be sent from a stranger suddenly. Of course, you can also send Pay to your Twitter followers.

'Popular Pay' included 'Oval Pay,' 'Tuna Pay,' and 'No-Work-No-Pay.'

◆ d Anime Store | Free anime viewing site for the first 31 days!
When I accessed the anime distribution site 'd Anime Store', there was no change at first glance ...

If you look closely, you will find thumbnails of food images lined up in the 'Recommended for you' column, which normally displays the visuals and titles of the anime. Also, the favorite button displayed at the bottom right was 'I want to eat' instead of 'I want to see'.

Click each thumbnail to jump to the distribution page of the animation in which the food appeared. If you are interested in what kind of animation these foods appeared in, please check with your own eyes.

◆ Garu Frendo (Kari) Official (@girlfriend_kari) | Twitter
In the official Twitter account of 'Girl Friend Beta', a romance social game for smartphones provided by Ameba, all the characters are turned into young girls, and it is ethically out to say 'Why don't you start love with a little child?' It was a romantic game with an atmosphere.

Not only did all the characters displayed on the Twitter official account icon and header become little girls, but the account name was also written in hiragana.

◆ Pig Party [Pigpa]
Ameba Pigg's smartphone app 'Pig Party' is distributing 'Suppin Face Parts' that allow you to change the face of Pigg with a realistic face.

When I actually change my clothes, it looks like this and it's quite surreal.

…… But as you get used to it, it looks more and more cute.

◆ Not just charging !! App | e announces wireless charging mat 'AirPower Max'. | iPhone + iPad FAN (^ _ ^) v
The announcement of 'AirPower Max' was newly reported on the Apple information site 'iPhone + iPad FAN'.

'AirPower Max' is a much larger wireless charging pad than 'AirPower'. How big is it ...

Not only iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, but also iPad.

It is compatible with basically all Apple products with a built-in battery, such as MacBook, Magic Keyboard, and Newton Massage Pad.

Moreover, it is an excellent product that can also be used as a hot plate.

◆ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Official App Twitter
On the Twitter account of the official app of Hirohiko Araki's popular manga 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure', 'Aba no Ocha', which is familiar to Abaccio, the popular character of Part 5, was announced. By saying 'Replay the golden experience!', It seems that a certain amount of 'preparation' is required to drink without a stand.

◆ TV anime 'Yurucamp △' official website
When I accessed the official website of the anime 'Yurucamp', the poster of 'Soracamp' was displayed. Looking closely at the five people standing in front of the tent, they were not 'Yurucamp' but 'a place further than the universe'. Kobuchizawa House, who is dressed in Shima Rin's clothes from 'Yurucamp △', has a Shima Rin style hairstyle.

◆ TV anime 'A Place Further Than the Universe' Official Website
On the official website of 'A Place Further Than the Universe', a poster of 'A Place Further Than the Universe' was displayed. Of course, the five people walking in Antarctica are 'Yurucamp'. In the upper left of the poster, chikuwa is shining instead of the sun.

◆ 'Hanamaru Udon' appears at Naha Airport! ?? | Sanuki udon noodles

It was discovered the day before the opening that Hanamaru Udon at Naha Airport had become 'Hanamaru Udon', probably because his love for Naha had passed.

As a result of worrying about what to do, he said that he solved it by having the customer replace the characters and read them.

The shop looks like this. Although it is not a sign that says 'Nahamar', Hanamaru Udon is actually open at Naha Airport from March 18, 2019.

◆ List image of guys who want to be made into TV animation in the summer of 2019 Uzura Info
On the new animation information site 'Uzura Info' that will be broadcast, 'List of works that I want you to animate in the summer of 2019' was compiled. Of course, this content is Uzura Info 's personal wish, and of course it is not really animated, so be careful.

◆ Ciba Tele [Official] (@ chiba3ch) | Twitter
The official Twitter of Chiba Television Broadcasting announced that it will 'end without permission' on April 30, 2019, saying 'TV is over!'.

The anniversary of the opening of Ciba Tele is May 1, 1971, and the timing of the era change, so it seems that it is about to become a legend as 'the TV that ends at the end of Heisei.'

From now on, the program will be 'on smartphones, not on TV.'

◆ Soccer game BFB Champions 2.0 | Thinking simulation soccer game for smartphones
In the soccer game app 'BFB Champions 2.0' distributed for smartphones, it was announced that the new Kemari game 'Kemari-chan Pionzu' will be distributed, which gathers Heian aristocracy to form the No. 1 team in the court.

In addition, Fujiwara no Narimichi, who has been praised as 'Kemari' and has the legend that 'the mystery was given by the spirit of Kemari', will appear as a player who can actually use it in the game.

◆ April Fool's Day (2019) | Eye beauty store for cosmetics and cosmetics mail order
Along with the mysterious catch phrase 'Ora, Petit Petit Suzo!', The cosmetics mail order site Eye Beauty Store has released the strongest SPF sunscreen. Its name is 'GYORAN BALL X'.

'I definitely don't want to bake this year!' It has been decades to pursue research to fulfill the wishes of such women. The research team discovered the ingredients that are effective in preventing sunburn, and succeeded in packaging the taste and flavor as they are.

The combat power (SPF) of sunscreen is said to be 530,000.

Detailed information is as follows.

◆ Kentucky Fried Chicken
In Kentucky Fried Chicken, 'Bone Only Kentucky' is now available on the new menu. Kentucky Fried Chicken's official Twitter account has announced that it will offer only the bones, which are carefully removed from the familiar fried chicken, as a single item and as a barrel.

Bone-only Kentucky is offered for 250 yen including tax for 1 piece and 490 yen including tax for 2 pieces.

In addition, it was said that barrels filled with bones from various parts will be offered for 1,500 yen including tax.

◆ [Official] Megiddo 72 Portal Site
It was announced on Twitter that the smartphone game 'Megiddo 72' has evolved into 'Human Bito 72'. The logo has also been changed slowly as shown below.

Also, in 'Lie ★ Magic Summon', a gacha that can summon supporting characters (general people) that appeared in the past is implemented.

'People who seem to be free' are summoned with a feeling of tremendous power.

◆ Earth Defense Force (EDF) Official
For some reason, the official account that released it announced that the exclusive leak video of 'Earth Defense Force 6', the latest work of the 3D action shooting game 'Earth Defense Force' series of D3 Publisher, was leaked. The leaked video was also openly released on YouTube.

[Exclusive acquisition] Leak information of unpublished title 'Earth Defense Force 6' !? [Limited time offer] --YouTube

For some reason, the new leak information is told on a lap that has been relaxed.

The new work is set in a future where humankind has simply abandoned the earth and jumped out onto the moon. Its name is 'Moon Defense Force 6'.

The enemy this time is not the giant insects that have fought in the previous 'Global Defense Force' series ...

Only sushi ingredients such as squid, tuna, sea urchin, octopus, and how much.

In addition, it is said that pesticides are sufficient because normal size ants appear.

The large monster that becomes the boss is also named 'Botulinum'.

Members who go down in Botulinum will be replenished with the smartphone app 'HeiHei'.

Of course these are all jokes. The real new work ' EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: IRON RAIN ' will be released on April 11, 2019.

◆ Vegetable Prince Sama ♪ Veggie LOVE Kingdom
When you access the official website of 'Uta no Prince-sama', for some reason, a mini character whose body is made into vegetables and fruits appears with the words 'Love & Vegetable'. As time goes on ...

You can see each character sticking out only the neck and limbs from vegetables and fruits instead of mini characters.

Two types of juice packages have appeared, saying, 'There are really vegetables that are better than 100%.' 'Princes with a delicious and shining body, but those who love vegetables can see their true appearance.'

The juice is a 'power charge mix' with the following fruits as the main ...

There is a 'healing beauty mix' that contains root vegetables such as carrots and beets.

In addition, Twitter of each prince was also vegetable & fruit specification only on April 1st.

◆ ConoHa for rental server | Number of registered users exceeded 150,000 accounts
The official website of ConoHa, which handles rental servers, has a very nostalgic design, such as a drill number counter, an icon that follows the mouse cursor, and a blinking 'What's new!'.

When you right-click, you will be warned that 'right-clicking is prohibited!'

As a new service, 'Pokeko', a pager-compatible plan for server management systems, has been announced. In addition to sending the server status to the pager one by one, it is possible to enter commands of various servers such as start, restart, shutdown, forced termination, etc. by using the fixed phrase of the pager.

◆ Season7 Act1 Gaiden Horse Racing | Arad Senki --Official Site
'Horse Racing' has appeared as a new content from the online action RPG 'Arad Senki'.

Racehorses run around in all dungeons. In addition,

Danjin has discontinued the sale of acupuncture points and will be active as a jockey in the future.

◆ [Starira] Girl ☆ Opera Review Starlight -Re LIVE- (@starlightrelive) | Twitter
For some reason, the smartphone game 'Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight -Re LIVE-', in which female students audition at a drama school such as Seisho Music Academy, has been renewed to a baseball game, and the name is 'Shoujo Baseball'. It has changed to 'Review Starlight Reversal Three Run Home Run'.

When I accessed the official website of 'Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight', the extra of Seisho Sports was displayed.

Haruki Iwata, who plays the role of Mahiru Rosaki, was surprised at Mahiru showing the director who entered the hall.

◆ Completely shift production to virtual! ?? | Dospara mail order [Official]
Dospara, a mail-order site for customized PCs, completely shifts production to virtual.

Since the process from manufacturing to shipping is completed in virtual reality, the surprising 'shortest delivery time is 0 days'.

It is safe because it is a factory where you can see the manufacturer's face.

The warehouse has been minimized due to virtual inventory, and the office, which was about 7,000 tsubo, has become about the size of a studio.

In the virtual world, the staff manually assemble the parts ...

Shipment with 0 days delivery.

Because it is virtual, you can receive the product anywhere.

◆ Disney Official |
On Disney's official website, a movie supporting the rumor that Mickey Mouse will appear in the 'Avengers: Endgame ' road show on April 26, 2019 was released.

'Avengers: Endgame' 4/1 Special Video-YouTube

An extra that conveys the surprising news that 'Mickey will be added to the new members of The Avengers'.

Mickey reaches out to a script-like booklet of 'Avengers: Endgame' with the words 'Confidential' written on it.

Mickey who stretches carefully.

Mickey trains muscles with dumbbells.

Mickey releases power.

Mickey, who has been adventuring with as many works as Marvel's hero, has emitted an aura from all over his body that makes it possible to participate in the Avengers.

◆ [SNOW] Major announcement --YouTube

'SNOW Contact' was newly developed by the image processing app SNOW.

SNOW contact is a smart contact equipped with three functions: 'instant search function', 'super-sensitive translation function', and 'spatial change function'.

What a woman walking in the city sees ...

A dress worn by another woman. SNOW Contact's 'instant search function' picks up data on clothes that you see in the city ...

It enables you to purchase the dress you care about on the spot.

Furthermore, if you use the 'super-sensitive translation function', you can find books in foreign languages that you are interested in ...

In a blink of an eye, it's in Japanese.

If you use the 'space change function', you will be able to see the scenery in the state of being processed by SNOW.

You can enjoy a space with a different atmosphere by using various types of filters.

SNOW contacts are 'contacts that reborn everyday life.'

◆ Pokemon Gaore [Official]
The official Twitter account will be released in the summer of 2019 when the 'Pokemon Gaore Mini', which is a 10% reduction in the housing size of the amusement game 'Pokemon Gaore ' based on the popular game 'Pokemon', will be released. Announced. Not only is it smaller, but it also has a function to pay out the separately sold Gaore disc. ..

◆ ROCK / POP / CUTE Harajuku character design brand 'HYPER CORE'
The ROCK brand 'HYPER CORE' owned by illustrator / designer Hisacy suddenly turned to a tapioca milk tea shop.

All tapioca milk teas where you can see the brain and eyeballs are 690 yen.

In addition, with the wish that 'I want you to remember the weed spirit of those days', it seems that the tea leaves of milk tea use the powerful weeds that grew in Ura-Harajuku.

◆ Welcome to Hackacities
A portal site with a name reminiscent of Yahoo! Geocities, which ended its service on March 31, 2019, has appeared on the smartphone news app ' Hacka Doll'.

The structure of the URL was also similar to Yahoo! Geocities. The portal site has links to various personal homepages.

The homepage of Hacka Doll No. 1, which also became VTuber, looks like this, and it is a homepage full of handmade feeling and nostalgia.

On the other hand, the homepage of No. 2 has a strange and dark appearance. The content is to select people who are 'wall anthropomorphic' secondary creation, but this reflects the taste of Mr. Kaya Okuno who was in charge of the voice of No. 2.

A Twitter icon and a GIF banner were distributed on the homepage of No. 3, which is popular even though it is a man's daughter.

In addition, some links did not have a page, and when I clicked on it, the familiar ' 404: Not Found ' was displayed.

◆ 60th Anniversary of Plarail Release 'Furusato Rail' will be released, which will make you think of your hometown!
TAKARATOMY releases 'Furusato Rail' that makes you think of your hometown.

Furusato Rail is a rail named after 47 prefectures nationwide. There are also mysterious rails such as 'Jurassic rail' and 'Mikan no streak rail' that ask 'Why is it named after that ...'.

For example, in Mie Prefecture, 'Marbled Matsuzaka Rail'

In Okinawa, 'Mensoreru'

There are 47 types of rails, so what kind of rails do you live in? You can confirm that.

◆ If you are a douujinshi printing company ・ A douujinshi printing shop 'Shimanya-Publishing' that is kind to the first person
The official website of Shimaya Publishing, a long-established printing company specializing in douujinshi, has cat specifications. The cat in the picture is Yuki-chan, a 'company cat ' who has been kept at the company for a long time, and the two cats went on strike to improve the treatment of 'Lick CIAO Churu more'. It seems that it became 'Shimanya-bookstore' unavoidably.

In the movie released on the top page, a song produced by Shimaya Publishing, which celebrated its 51st anniversary, to commemorate the 50th anniversary. The composer was

Shintaro Mori , and the director of the movie was Kenshiro Morii .

◆ Is Satomi Akesaka married? --Project Tokyo Dolls Official Website | SQUARE ENIX
Mr. Akesaka, who plays the role of Setuna in the project Tokyo Dolls, reports his marriage on his official Twitter account.

The word 'marriage' was also displayed on the official website of Project Tokyo Dolls.

A full voice of Mr. Akesaka's enthusiastic performance of many memories he spent with his favorite person, such as 'pool date' and 'hot spring date', has also been released ...

Actually, the one who got married was Setuna, a group played by Mr. Akesaka. You can play the marriage story of Setuna in the game by saying, 'Even if it's two-dimensional ... it's still a marriage !!!'.

A solo version of the song 'Eien Memory' by Satomi Akesaka from 'Project Tokyo Dolls' has been released on YouTube.

'Project Tokyo Dolls' Limited Audition Video 'Eternal Memory [Satomi Akesaka (Satomi Akesaka) Ver]' --YouTube

◆ [Official] Sensual Phrase CLIMAX (@kaikanproject) | Twitter
The app ' Sensual Phrase CLIMAX ' based on Mayu Shinjo 's 'Sensual Phrase' has released the AI singing robot 'Intuition ★ Phrase -CLIMAX Robo-' with dummy voice, announced on Twitter official account. ..

By following the official LINE account, you can experience Clarobo first. Tap Add to follow your account.

The talk screen looks like this. When you tap 'Experience Clarobo!' ...

You can select the theme of the song. If you select 'romance' as a trial ...

Clarobo will think and send you the original lyrics according to the theme. At the same time, an audio file of the singing voice by Clarobo was sent. When you press the play button, an original song with a robot-like voice will be played.

Also, when I chose the theme of food and gourmet, I received a song that had nothing to do with food and gourmet. If you are wondering what kind of singing voice you actually have, please try to make your own original song.

◆ Gorimon days | Team name changed! To 'Hankyu Hanshin Tigers'
The professional baseball team Hanshin Tigers changed its name to 'Hankyu Hanshin Tigers' on April 1. In the newspaper of the era name ...

It was reported that the team name was changed like this. The business integration of Hankyu and Hanshin was

an event in 2006, but it seems that many of the group will be renamed to 'Hankyu Hanshin' after the change.

Kitchen Chauyo (@tyuuboutyauyo) | Twitter
Mr. Chauyo Kitchen has released a collaboration movie of the novel games 'Tsukihime ' and 'Fate / Grand Order' released by TYPE-MOON during the doujin circle era on April Fool's Day. Although it is a personally produced derivative movie, its quality is quite high, and it has collected more than 36,000 retweets and more than 51,000 likes.

At the beginning is Arcueid Brunestud, also known as 'The Princess of the True Father.'

Shiki Tono, who divides the arcueid into 17 parts and has the evil eye of direct death, fights with Emiya [Alter].

Ciel, the agent of the church, holds a black key and engages in a fierce battle.

Akiha Tohno activates the different ability 'Red Red Vermilion'.

Maids amber and jade who serve the Tono family will also appear.

Satsuki Yuzuka seems to have met Zion in 'Fate / Grand Order' for the first time, but he is close enough to form a back alley alliance with Zion in the world of 'Melty Blood'.

Nero chaos that draws a beast from the shoulder.

Finally, for a moment, the back view of Brnostad on the red moon was reflected.

◆ VR that becomes a wall just to watch | DREAM! Ing -Dreaming! - Official site
The official website of the smartphone game ' DREAM! Ing ' became the wall of Shinonome Gakuen, and there was a VR content page that just 'watched over' youth.

Besides school, there are places where you can become a wall ...

Various such as own room, kitchen, dream live, backyard. You can really get close to your life.

When you press 'Experience the' wall 'of the dream system' ...

With this kind of feeling, a VR compatible image that allows you to see your favorite place 360 degrees is displayed.

In addition, a 360-degree full-face 'Yume VR Mask' is also available.

I pressed 'Add to cart' ...

The cart was moving too fast to add.

◆ MakeS official website
A new concierge 'May' has appeared in the alarm clock app 'MakeS' that allows handsome men to wake up in the morning. It is an 'addiction escape app for smartphones' that invites you to get a good night's sleep away from your smartphone instead of an alarm clock.

You can check Mei's voice from the following movie.

[Official Teaser PV] MakeS --Good night, just for me ... --- YouTube

Mei forcibly asked Mr. Soshun Kitajima for a female voice. At first, Mei says 'good morning', 'sleep a little more?', 'Do you have anything to say?'

Eventually, I felt uneasy, saying, 'I'll erase the schedule,' 'Isn't it natural?'

It makes me feel like 'I can't help it' or 'It's time to get into the futon', but ...

'You only have to listen to my voice,' Yandere said.

'Good night' and Mei make me forget everything.

◆ Bathynomus doedrum | Original craft beer [Sankt Gallen]
The original craft beer 'Sankt Gallen' will sell 'Bathynomus beer' using about 500 Bathynomus doedrums for 24 hours on April 1, 2019.

The Bathynomus doedrum is a member of the pill bug and is a deep-sea creature with a body length of over 10 cm.

It looks squishy, but it has a shrimp-like aroma and a tomalley-like richness, and it tastes good.

However, there is a drawback that the shell is too hard ...

In order to solve this, about 500 bathynomus dorsalis are powdered. The rich taste of shrimp soup stock is combined with beer.

Although it is April Fool's Day, you can actually buy Ogusokumushi Beer. It costs 1770 yen for 330 ml per bottle.

◆ 'Alice Gear Aegis' official website

On the official website of the smartphone game 'Alice Gear Aegis', the official fan club special website of Shimoochiai Momoka was explained.

During the membership period, there are various benefits such as getting a special original membership card, the right to draw live tickets in advance, and selling member-only goods.

The original goods look like this.

Gold members are 9800 yen a year, silver members are 5300 yen a year, bronze members are 2400 yen a year ...

Cards are prepared like this, but you can not actually apply because it is an April Fool's Day project.

In addition, you can see the video letter from Momoka from the following ...

[Alice Gear] FC opening commemoration! Momoka-chan thanks video letter! --YouTube

You can play the retro game only on April 1st in the game.

'The Promised Neverland' Official
The official 'The Promised Neverland ' has posted a tweet announcing the opening of a nursery school named after the luxury farm Grace Fieldhouse that appears in the anime 'The Promised Neverland'.

Gracefield Nursery School has the catchphrase 'Grow your'brain'through gifted education.'

The words 'surrounded by high walls' and 'no damage to the body' reveal the depth of darkness.

It is said that even GPS will be embedded in the body. What will happen to the children who enter the park?

Cycomics, which distributes Web manga, has been invaded by the characters of the anime 'Zombie Land Saga ', whose banners and other items are led by girls who have revived as comicalized zombies and act as local idols to save Saga Prefecture. It was. One of the banners on the top page is Kotaro Tatsumi, a mysterious idol producer of Zombie Land Saga.

If you look at the rankings and today's updates, each one has been replaced by a Zombie Land Saga work.

In addition, it is said that the range of influence of this zombie land saga phenomenon is still under investigation, but 'free gacha etc. may have an effect'.

[Urgent Notice] 'Zombie Land Saga' will be made into a movie by collaboration between Japan, the United States, China and Kasou. !!
The anime 'Zombie Land Saga' that occupies Cycomics will be made into a movie as ' Stop the camera ' by a collaboration between Japan, the United States, China and Kosovo. 'Don't sit down until the end. This movie will never start', so it seems that it will not be released, but 'I will inform you tomorrow, so please look forward to it ~ ♪'.

Cooking / recipe video service kurashiru explains how to make the strongest 0-calorie recipe 'transparent hamburger steak' with a movie.

The material is transparent onion 0g ……

Void beef and pork gobiki meat 0g

Non-existent bread crumbs 0g

Insert 0 empty eggs ...

Mix carefully.

Bake well on the surface while turning it over ...

I also make the sauce.

Serve on a plate and sprinkle with sauce and you're done.

Tonight's side dish is decided by 'transparent hamburger steak' which is ideal for dieting with no material cost and no calories.

Brave Sword x Blaze Soul | Grimoire
A live-action movie entitled 'Pants Desire ▽ Pandemic ' has appeared from the social game ' Brave Sword x Blaze Soul' for smartphones. It seems that he has achieved the triple crown of famous movie awards such as 'Makai International Panty Movie Association Best Film Award'.

The story is 'a story of love and courage in which a boy holding a large amount of pants challenges a terrible disaster.' The release is 'April 1, 20019, released to the whole demon world', and it can be seen that it will live for about 18,000 years and head for the demon world.

CAST is 'like pants'. A dark-type pants-type magic sword that imitates light blue striped pants, and of course it is a live-action film.

Many acclaimed comments such as 'Pants make the world smile!' 'After watching this movie, I was so full of feelings that I could only think of pants and other than pants.' ..

Battleship Girls R
It is said that the body of Nelson, a corner of Big Seven, who appeared in the popular smartphone game Warship Girls R, has become smaller like a high school detective somewhere. An April 1, 2019 limited event to uncover the secret and resolve the case has started in the game.

The details of the event are as follows.

Wizard and Black Cat With | COLOPL
From the social game quiz RPG ' Quiz RPG Wizard and the Black Cat With ', a page titled '108 Cookpads for Other Worlds Appear!' Has appeared. When you access it, you will see a cooking recipe page of Makai like the online cooking recipe service 'Cookpad'.

Looking at the recipe of 'Dark Sun Blood Special', the detailed recipe page was released. It seems that the ingredients of the demon world such as 'sorrowful glutinous rice', 'blood-colored bean paste', and 'Aoni Production Nori' are used.

An 'article for humans in this recipe' has also been published, and there was also a recipe that describes the ingredients and how to make it for humans. In addition, how to make a coffin (PDF) of the package that wraps Dark Sun Blood is also open to the public.

Osomatsu-san's 'Neat Sugoroku Burari Journey'
The official Twitter account (@tabimatsu_game) of 'Osomatsu-san's' Neat Sugoroku Burari Journey '' with the theme of the popular anime 'Osomatsu-san ' depicting Fujio Akatsuka's manga 'Osomatsu-kun' with unique six-child characters Sylhet illustrations and I have become one.

It is drawn with a simple touch of Irasutoya, but the point is that you can easily understand who is who because the characteristics of the six children are well represented.

'Mikoto Hase ', a member of the virtual idol group ' GEMS COMPANY ', is transforming into the character 'Emile' that appears in the ' NieR series' such as 'NieR: Automata'. The mask on the right end of the middle row stands out.

The Twitter icon was also changed to Emile.

◆ Kamigami no Asobi-Broccoli x Kazuki Yone's PSPR-only female romance ADV
When you access the official website of the PSP game 'Kamigami no Asobi', the Hakoba Shimbun suddenly appears on the entire screen.

The official Twitter account is also a simple Twitter account for the Hakoba Shimbun.

Meiji Tokyo Renka | Dwango
'Meiji Tokyo Renka ', a love work for women set in the Meiji era, announced the release of a new butler game ' Your Butler' on the official page.

If you win the tournament 'Tenkaichi Hakara Ball' held on the day when the red moon appears, you will get the title, status and honor of 'Goddess of the Moon' of the school, and a pair ticket of

'Hikara Roman Theater ~ Honeymoon ~'. It seems to enter.

◆ MMO action RPG 'Onigiri'
The official website of the MMO action RPG 'Onigiri' has become a horse in the riding sortie system during the game with a shout 'Everything becomes a fool!'.

This is the usual ' Onigiri ', but ...

When I access the special site , the character that appears has become a horse. The details are that the poses are also close.

The official Twitter account has also become ridiculous.

Hitman and Strawberry | Broccoli
The page of the game for women with a dark world view, 'Killer and Strawberry, ' in which all the male characters are engaged in 'back-office work,' has been changed to a job advertisement. Under the title, 'The genuine black organization' Tsukikage 'is a one-day limited job offer!', The characters appearing in 'Killing strike' and 'It's a murderous workplace ☆' are smiling. It seems that even inexperienced people can easily apply, such as 'Inexperienced people OK!' And 'Welcome people who have experience handling firearms.'

'Anyway, there are a wide variety of jobs! We will fulfill the requests we receive from our customers and get high rewards!' 'Failure is absolutely unacceptable, it is a life-threatening job ♪', so it seems that a considerable high salary can be expected .. Welfare programs are perfect, such as 'There is a medical institution where the organization has taken a breather!' And 'The coffee shop' Cafe Tsukikage 'operated by the organization can be used!'

There were also employee interviews and introductions of major business partners.

◆ Survival game agency service has started !!
The Sabage agency service for people who want to play Sabage but are busy with school and work has started on April 1, 2019. The service was launched by the survival game information site ' Hyper Douraku '.

Any Sabage fan should have had troubles such as 'I can't go to Sabage because I have a work schedule on the weekend' and 'I don't want to go to the entertainment Sabage invited by my boss' (?)

In such a case, quickly start the Sabage agency application and select the weapon or field.

You can freely select the play style from 'enjoy' to 'winning'. After that, if you appoint a staff member to sortie ...

The staff will enjoy Sabage on behalf of the client.

It also supports VR broadcasting with a sense of reality, so you can feel like a game at home.

Even if you don't have a client, the professionals will make you excited, so you can request without hesitation.

[Hakoboy! Official] Q-Bee's room! (@Hakoboy_HAL) | Twitter
Square made by've Kirby and symmetrically puzzle action game ' Hakoboi ' was announced on Twitter and 'prove to be' Maruboi 'rounded'. He seems to be quite enthusiastic about his first challenge to the round shape, saying, 'Innovative challenge, the most round experience in history!' Both Kirby and BoxBoy are works of the same production company 'HAL Laboratory'.

There was also a tweet in which the main character of BoxBoy, Q-Bee, challenged table tennis and golf in live action. Maybe 'Maruboy' will be a live-action-based action work ...?

Maruboy official four-frame manga is also open to the public.

◆ To the new era 'Passion' Movie release from April 1 | 24appnet
' 24appnet ', which creates apps such as 'Panda Piano ', announced that the new era to replace Heisei, which will come into effect on May 1, 2019, has been decided to be 'passion'.

In addition, the government seems to release a movie work 'Between Heisei and Passion ' with the theme of the old era and the new era for a limited time so that the new era will be widely accepted by the people. 'Between Calm and Passion' was set not only in Japan but also in Florence and Milan in Italy, but the stage of 'Between Heisei and Passion' has not yet been revealed.

Station memo! --Station Memories!
In the location-based game 'Station Memo! --Station Memories!' For smartphones, where you visit an actual railway station and collect moe characters with a railway motif, 'Denko Seminar Spring Course Starts!' And the new semester on April 1st. A comic that appeals to the correspondence course for 'Denko' who is uneasy about the class after the start of the game is posted.

The main character, Kaifu Naru , modeled after Kaifu Station in Tokushima Prefecture, is breaking the lowest score record in a quiz.

I have my classmate honor student ' Mitsuru Nanaya ' teach me the correspondence course ' Denko Seminar'. In addition, although it has not been officially revealed that it became a model of the day of the week Mitsuru, it is said that it is ' Nana Star in Kyushu '.

Kaifu, who took the Denko Seminar, became an honor student at once.

It was a Shinkenzemi- style comic, saying, 'Love and memory gathering are perfect with'Demi'!'

◆ LLC's Peach Aviation launches 'easy travel supplement plan'
From April 1, 2019, LLC's Peach Aviation has started the 'Easy Travel Complementary Plan' in a typeface that I have seen somewhere. You can check the whole picture of 'Easy Travel Complementary Plan' by watching the following movie.

Easy Travel Complementary Plan 2019.4.1 --YouTube

When you access the special site , the 'Easy Travel Complementary Plan' will be displayed on the full screen.

It is said that it is being carried out in secret in a huge space deep underground in Peach Aviation Terminal 2.

The commander of the top secret plan is the 'General Commander of the Easy Travel Complementary Plan'

He has more power than the CEO of Peach Aviation.

The first goal is 'reduction of communication costs'

Since internal communication uses 'iTo Phone' instead of extension telephone, there is no line maintenance fee.

Homing pigeons and hawks are used for communication with the outside.

The development and maintenance costs of 'iTo Phone' are owned by employees.

The office has become a hellish picture, but we have succeeded in cutting communication costs.

The second goal is to reduce printing costs.

What on earth is 'what is written by people' ...

What a document in general. Not only in-house documents but also airline tickets are handwritten by Peach Aviation employees to cut printing costs.

Employees' human wave tactics have been successful, and printing costs have been significantly reduced.

The third target is the electricity bill.

Besides using an air conditioner to reduce electricity bills.

Employees use a human cooling system in the summer to survive the intense heat, and in the winter they deploy an AT (warm) field to withstand the cold.

Candles are used for night lighting. Clerks should go home at night ...

I feel that something more important than the electricity bill is being sacrificed, but I have succeeded in cutting the electricity bill. It is said that the cheap fare of Peach Aviation, which enables easy travel, is realized by the steady efforts of employees.

Keyboard software 'Pizza input' specializing in typing 'Pizza' |
The thing is the fact that human beings of the three major desire is widely known Nanoha 'pizza', 'sushi', 'noodles', which focuses on Yorunoishi developed 'Pizzainput' of which the 'pizza', enter 'Pizza' Specialized VR keyboard software. A movie that actually uses Pizza input in VR space is released on YouTube.
[PV] Pizza input [Keyboard software for pizza] --YouTube

Pizza input is a keyboard with an interface that specializes in inputting 'p', 'i', 'z', 'a' and 'Pizza' in VR space.

It can be used with VR apps such as VRchat.

Yornoishi is releasing Pizza input for free . Anyone can satisfy 'pizza greed' with Pizza input.

'RENA TAPE' where a new AV actress delivers a video movie according to the request by bicycle within 24 hours
'RENA TAPE' is (18+ Note) 'on April 2, 2019 Debut !! Hatsuka -hatuhana-2.0 ' AV actress 'decorate a debut in Lena Kuroi along the' 's movie starring on the user's request It is a service that you can take a picture with the contents and deliver it by bicycle within 24 hours.

The themes of the movies that can be requested are Eros, Kunoichi, Nintendo, Gambler, and school things, but 'I'm not good at horror' and NG designation. AV can also be ordered as a back menu, 'It is possible to package within 24 hours by introducing mosaic technology that applies N ● SA technology', but 'It takes 3 weeks for examination'. By the way, 'RENA TAPE' is Michel Gondry's film ' Be Kind Rewind seems to be based on neta'.

In addition, movies produced by 'RENA TAPE' will be automatically nominated for ' Kuroirena 1 Grand Prix'. The nominated works will be open to the public after the first screening and will be voted by general users. The total prize money for each award determined by voting is 10 million yen.

◆ [New sense cashless] Easy telephone payment 'TELUTELU' service started!
Cashless payments are accelerating due to the spread of credit cards and the advent of mobile payments such as Apple Pay , but even more innovative cashless payments have appeared since April 1, 2019.

You can check the details of 'Raku-Raku Telephone Payment TELUTELU', a new type of cashless payment service that allows you to make payments with a single phone call, in the following movie.

[New sense cashless] Easy telephone payment 'TELUTELU' service started! #April Fool's Day-YouTube

Credit cards are a convenient payment method, but you have to carry the card with you, which leaves you with security concerns.

For telephone payments, you only need to make one phone call at the cash register.

However, when it is crowded, I have to wait for 30 minutes ...

If I manage to connect to the operator, ask the clerk to take over and tell me the store name and amount.

All you have to do is tell the operator your credit card number and security code.

Of course, credit information is spoken over the phone, so you need to be very careful about eavesdropping.

A true self-indulgence.

Next to 'Imoto' is 'Moto Fuyuki'! ?? New WiFi brand 'Moto's WiFi' | Imoto's WiFi
'Imoto's WiFi ' advocating 'Internet can be used in more than 200 countries and regions around the world ' announces a new senior WiFi brand 'Moto's WiFi ' served by the advertising manager 'Moto Fuyuki' as a sister brand Did. It is a reassuring service for elderly people who travel around the world as a hobby.

Moto's official WiFi page is designed to remind you of the nostalgic last century.

Moto's WiFi body is a talisman type.

As 'Special Option 1', a long green onion, a red onion, a Pan Am American Airlines bag, and a small ha-ki loupe are included.

Also, in 'Special Option 2', Mr. Fuyuki Moto will be an assy on site. The price is 1 million yen, on a first-come, first-served basis for two people, but it seems that Fuyuki Moto will take you to your favorite place by car and play the guitar at the restaurant you are traveling to.

◆ Started 'Moteru Konsaru' service
From April 1, 2019, 'Moteru Konsaru', which is good news for non-motes nationwide, has started. It is said that we are also looking for a free monitor for a limited time, so I actually applied for what kind of service it is.

[News] Selling online advertising company announces new business. Decided to start 'Moteru Konsaru' service. --Every morning jp

Access the official website of 'Moteru Konsaru'.

According to the site, it is necessary to take measures against popularity as soon as possible for a fulfilling life.

It seems that if you practice the 'Moteru Konsaru' method, your business and private life will improve.

Users include the owner of the famous apparel shopping site ZOZOT 'A' WN and a certain president who runs the popular distribution app SHOW 'E' RROOM.

That's why I filled out the necessary items on the application form ...

I tried, but I couldn't. Sorry.

◆ Sodastream ME | Sodastream
To provide a soda maker at home can make the carbonated water

soda stream has announced a new era of the soda maker 'soda stream ME' to produce the carbonated water in his power. A movie of Scott Kelly, an astronaut belonging to NASA who is the creator of soda maker Me, has been released on YouTube.
Sodastream ME l Scott Kelly x Sodastream-YouTube

'One of the problems in space is'carbon dioxide',' says Kelly.

Burp came out during an important interview.

Kelly, who suffers from carbon dioxide, came up with an idea when he saw a carbon dioxide removal system using water in the space station.

This 'SodaStream ME ' was completed in collaboration with Mr. Kelly and SodaStream.

SodaStream ME converts carbon dioxide emitted from the mouth into carbonated water.

SodaStream ME has become a dream machine that will be useful after a meal with a lot of burp or during a date when it is difficult to burp.

◆ We are looking for an artificial intelligence (AI) training part-time job! | EIDEM
One of the typical technologies for developing artificial intelligence is ' machine learning, ' in which machines learn sample data input by humans, but there are jobs for jobs that can be deeply involved in AI development April 1, 2019. We are recruiting from the day.

Artificial intelligence has finally entered the stage of learning 'emotions'. Let's take a look at the outline of the work that makes artificial intelligence learn emotions.

The first step is to meet and name the AI. Artificial intelligence is something that people like aliens have.

From the day you meet, you will start living together with AI. We have to sleep and eat together with AI to let AI learn human emotions. Sometimes it's strict and sometimes it's on the floor. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can sleep around the frontal lobe.

Farewell to tears will come in about 3 months. At this time, the result of the 'head' is questioned depending on whether or not it divides without being disturbed.

The details are like this. You can work from 2 hours a day, and you can also communicate with brain waves.

maimai FiNALE | SEGA Interactive
The arcade music game 'maimai FiNALE' provided by Sega is releasing a musical score 'Angry-Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Partial Mystery-' that allows you to try to solve the mystery. In addition, you can now play all the songs that have been distributed to April Fool's Day.

◆ Anime ' YU-NO, a girl who sings love at the end of the world '
The anime 'YU-NO: A Girl Who Sings Love at the End of the World ', which will start broadcasting in April 2019, is an adult game for the PC-98 series released in 1996. The official website of 'YU-NO, a girl who sings love at the end of the world' has regained its appearance in 1996, the dawn of the Internet, only on April 1, 2019.

When you access the official website , the top page full of HTML will be displayed on the screen. The type of production that follows the nostalgic mouse cursor and the Kiriban culture are also alive.

And traditional right-click prohibition.

There is also a way to return to 'reality' like the homepage at that time.

When I clicked on it, I was able to access the

official anime website.

Cinderella Nine in August
In the smartphone app version ' August Cinderella Nine ', Masahiro Tanaka , a major leaguer who is active in the New York Yankees, appears in the login conversation drama on April 1, 2019.

The TV anime 'August Cinderella Nine, ' which depicts girls chasing white balls, is also being supported by Masahiro Tanaka, and will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo, AT-X, etc. in April 2019.

Succeeded in mass production of 'serious working president' by machine learning! | Kobe Digital Lab
Kobe Digital Labo has succeeded in developing a 'serious working president ' who can solve management problems by making full use of AI technology.

Kobe Digital Labo had management problems such as the president, Ichiro Nagayoshi, not working.

For the problem, the countermeasure team collects data and adopts machine learning methods such as learning in the neutral network.

The ' hostile generation network ' has made it possible to create as many presidents as possible.

Next-generation lighting equipment 'Air light line' that uses 100% air | Japan Energy Conservation Promotion Association
The Japan Energy Conservation Promotion Association has announced the next-generation lighting equipment 'Air light line ' that uses 100% air, which is ubiquitous in the world. The maximum reduction in electricity usage by the Air light line is expected to be 100%.

The Air light line is made entirely of air, so you don't have to worry about safety, it can be used forever, and it doesn't use electricity, making it a next-generation lighting fixture. The only problem is that it doesn't exist as a product.

◆ A new fact was discovered 60 years after the company was founded, and Champion Curry will be transformed into a hayashi rice specialty store.
The curry shop ' Champion Curry ' in Ishikawa Prefecture has been loved as 'Kanazawa Curry' for more than half a century since it started as a curry specialty store in Kanazawa in 1961. It was such a 'chancare', but it was discovered that I didn't intend to make it a curry specialty store at first.

Champion curry will be transformed into a hayashi rice specialty store. (April Fool's Day) | The originator of Kanazawa curry! Curry Champion [Champion Curry]

The reason why the situation was discovered was that the founder's autographed note was discovered that the popular Western food menu at that time was hayashi rice instead of curry with arms. The handwriting of the notebook is bleeding with the anguish of having to change the name of the store to 'Hayashi Tanaka' instead of 'Curry Tanaka'.

There is also a photograph taken by Mr. Tanaka's wife with a drone of the state of Yoshikazu Tanaka, the founder who is struggling to open a curry specialty store even if the facts are wiped out. Drone in 1961 ...?

Champion Curry, who took this fact seriously, changed the company name from 'Champion Curry' to 'Champion Hayashi Rice' and announced that it would start as a Hayashi Rice specialty store.

'Movie Bet Kegurui' & TOHO Cinemas Cinema Channel
Minami Hamabe, who starred in 'Kakegurui Movie ', which will be released on May 3, 2019, has appeared as the MC of 'Cinema Channel ' that flows between the curtains before the screening of the work at TOHO Cinemas.

Minami Hamabe appears in the new MC of 'Cinema Channel'! --YouTube

An April Fool's Day movie of Hirona Yamazaki and Minami Hamabe, who are in charge of the usual cinema channel MC, has also been released.

April Fool's Day! --YouTube

Shin Sangoku Musou Official | Twitter
'Seven types of prince series candles ' has been released as a new product of Shin Sangoku Musou 8. There are seven types of candles included in the 'Kingdom Series': Sima Yi, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Lu Bu, Sun Jian, Yuan Shao, and Dong Zhuo. Based on the tradition of Dong Zhuo, 'I lit a wick stuck in the navel of a corpse and it continued to burn for several days,' Dong Zhuo candles are designed to continue to burn for several days.

Boy Janmaga
Weekly Shonen Magazine ' Weekly Shonen Jump ' and ' Weekly Shonen Magazine ' have announced a merger, and ' Shonen Jammaga ' will be launched. The Shonen Jump editorial department commented to the Weekly Shonen Magazine official, ' I'm going to borrow the heart of the magazine whose first issue is a senior! '

◆ Yasuhito Endo's face becomes Gachapin on the official website of Gamba Osaka
The official website of Gamba Osaka has a list of the players who belong to it, along with a photo of their faces, but something has changed.

When I access it, it looks like a normal player list ...

When approaching the MF (midfielder) column, an image that gives off a strong sense of incongruity mixed with the facial photographs of the players with straight faces.

The face photo was replaced by

Yasuhito Endo, who has a number of 7. Because it looks like Gachapin, it is nicknamed 'Gachapin' and has even appeared in a Gachapin costume at Fan Thanksgiving.

In the situation where Yasuhito Endo was turned into Gachapin by riding April Fool's Day, the J League official Twitter account also muttered, 'Yasuhito Endo is finally ...'.

Dragalia Lost Official | Twitter
The smartphone game app 'Dragalia Lost ' jointly operated by Nintendo and Cygames will be directed by the mascot character Naam on the 1st. The director is free to tweet on the 1st, and Naam posts a dance of joy.

Nam uses his authority as a director to create a shooting game in which he plays the leading role. The completed ' Dream Adventure of Naam ' will be playable from 15:00 on April 1, 2019 to 14:59 on April 2, 2019.

◆ Luxuria, the genie of lust that represents the TCG 'Z / X' for adults, can be used as a ZX! ??
Luxuria, the genie of lust that appears in the trading card game ' Z / X ', has appeared as an indescribable character that I have heard somewhere called 'Crawling Night! Luxuriko-san'.

When you access the official website , the image of 'Crawling Night! Luxuriko-san' will appear in the foreground. When I click ...

It became a special page of 'Crawling Night! Luxuriko-san'.

It is said that the last resort to capture Kembuchi Soma who does not turn around easily is 'to become Kembuchi Soma herself'. It is the person who is interested, Kembuchi Soma, who makes a reasonable comment, 'I don't know what you're saying ...'.

There is also a campaign in which the mosaic of special illustrations is released every time the total of 'RT' and 'Like'

posted on the official Twitter exceeds 100, so it is recommended that those who are interested check it early.

Started 'Body Language Customer Service' by silent customer service | Yogibo Japan
Yogibo, which sells giant bead cushions called ' sofas that ruin people, ' is a member of the 'International Silent Universal Service Association, ' which promotes customer service that does not rely on voice language. From today, we will serve customers with body language.

The effect of body language customer service was enormous, and children aged one and a half were also very satisfied.

◆ Security company 'YONA' is hijacked by a virus and becomes 'YONYA'
If you are a countermeasure company that sells security measures, your company's anti-virus measures should be perfect, but such an official website of 'YONA' has been infected with a virus and has become 'YONYA'.

When I access the site in question, it looks like this.

Below the image is a directory of replaced images, probably due to a hacker. Of course, there are cases where the site is hijacked and the image can be replaced, and there are

cases where the virus is infected just by opening the PNG image, but since this is April Fool's Day, there is no problem accessing it.

Humanity total loincloth plan | Development company Otafuku lab
Otafuku lab, a system company specializing in artificial intelligence development, has succeeded in developing the underwear 'AI loincloth ' that combines artificial intelligence and the Japanese tradition 'loincloth'.

The 'AI loincloth' that inherits the Japanese tradition 'Zen spirit' looks like a normal loincloth.

AI loincloth is equipped with a function that lowers the body temperature of the hip joint by analyzing data such as body temperature, pulse, and outside air without impairing the original function of the loincloth such as 'wiping hands'.

By installing AI, it seems that 'a sense of unity that makes you forget to wear it' is realized.

◆ Free with live powerful professional baseball! April Fool's Day Lotto is being held
'Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball ', a game app for smartphones, is holding a one-time 'Free! April Fool Gacha' on April 1, 2019.

◆ New 'CB HAZARD' from 'Cosmic Break'! Now on sale in April Fool's Day!
The new ' CBHAZARD ' of the MMO battle shooting game ' Cosmic Break ' was released on April 1, 2019.

When you access the special site , 'Cosmic Break' featuring cute beautiful girls and robots changes the atmosphere, and it looks like the latest survival shooting game that you are familiar with.

Looking at the list of infected people, not only human characters but also Robo were involved in a pandemic.

Tofu mode and Tooth Mod are also implemented, and you can enjoy survival horror even in the actual 'Cosmic Break' main story.

History of actors' passion | PR TIMES
PR TIMES, which handles press release distribution services, has started a new business in collaboration with great men who have made a name for themselves in Japanese history. ' Chanoyu Green Tea ' has opened Kyoto Myokian Thai & Cafe Osaka Castle Golden Cafe with CEO and Executive Creative Director Sen no Rikyu.

Sen no Rikyu has comprehensively designed every corner of the leaf cup cutlery interior of Chanoyu Green Tea in order to propose the third wave of tea to the world.

The first store of Chanoyu Green Tea will be Kyoto Myokian Thai & Cafe will be the national treasure tea room ' Machian ' in Myokian, and the second store will be the ' Golden Tea Room ' of Hideyoshi Taiko. Unfortunately, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi visits the store, it will be temporarily closed.

Prince Shotoku, who is known for compiling national history and spreading Buddhism in Japan, published ' Reform of Visualization Ability Principles Visible in Color on the Twelve Stage Cap and Rank'. In the ranking by famous bookstores, it ranks first in the three categories of 'company management,' 'management / human resources management,' and 'personnel / labor management.'

The author, Prince Shotoku, criticized the surname system on the premise of hereditary succession. He wrote this book with a passion for 'supporting people who work hard in the organization', feeling the need for a personnel evaluation system that is independent of race and gender. In addition, many celebrities and cultural figures such as Empress Suiko , Soga no Umako, Soga no Emishi, Soga no Iruka, and Ono no Imoko cooperated in the writing.

The media artist group ' Team Edo ', to which Basho Matsuo, Basho Yosano , Moronobu Hishikawa, etc. once belonged, and Hiroshige Utagawa , Hokusai Katsushika , Issa Kobayashi, etc., can travel from Kyoto to Edo while experiencing Japanese culture. Announced a package tour ' Go straight to Edo on foot! See, touch and shine! Tokaido Art Tour'.

Producer Hiroshige Utagawa commented that this plan is based on his own ukiyo-e woodblock print series ' Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido'. Mr. Hokusai Katsushika, who is also known as a travel enthusiast, is a Mt. Fuji enthusiast who drew up Mt. Fuji's series of ukiyo-e series 'Thirty-six Views of Tomitake' and said, 'I want you to pay attention to Mt. Fuji when you travel.'

The entire schedule of 'Go straight to Edo on foot! See, touch and shine! Tokaido Art Tour' is about 20 days. The itinerary is all on foot, and the participation fee is 3 cars for the townspeople class and 10 cars for the daimyo class.

Moon Hotel 'Space Hotel Moon' Space travel plan 'Satellite by Relux'
'Relux ', which provides accommodation reservation services for hotels and inns, has opened the world's first lunar hotel ' Space Hotel Moon ' and offers the supreme travel experience 'Satellite by Relux ' to enjoy a luxurious stay in space and the moon. have started.

'Space Hotel Moon' is a capsule hotel format, but you can receive the 'superlative hospitality' provided by Relux.

A limousine rocket will pick you up until the moon. Only 3 days one way.

The guest rooms are comfortable spaces that overturn the common sense of capsule hotels. You can see the earth and galaxies from the window.

In the open-air public bath, you can soak in the crater bath and relax, and you can see the earth instead of watching the moon.

Room rates start from 50 million yen for 2 people. Please note that cancellations and changes are not possible and the cancellation fee is 100%.

Magnesium alloy cane 'Flamingo' has a model for walking on the moon | Makuru
Makuru, a venture company specializing in magnesium alloy processing, announced that it has added a new model for walking on the moon to its lineup of magnesium alloy canes ' Flamingo'. In anticipation of 'aging of astronauts and lunar travelers,' it is a cane with a grip that is easy to grip even in space suits, making use of the special product of magnesium, which is the lightest practical metal.

◆ New species are discovered one after another from gaming PCs that have not been cleaned for more than 5 years-Is it active with the heat of Gravo?
Game * Spark , one of the largest game introduction sites in Japan, has reported that a new species of creature has been discovered inside a PC.

According to the article , the new species was discovered inside the PC of John F. Hasegawa, who lives in the United States.

It is said that all the materials such as photographs have been seized by the US government, but a sketch by Mr. Hasegawa was left. When I opened the side of the PC case, it seems that a unique ecosystem was spreading there.

The image below is the ambush spider 'Ambush' that was nesting in the cooling fan of the PC case. It is said that it was preying on the creatures sucked by the fans, but it seems that the creatures inside the PC lost a place to escape, and as a result, they achieved their own evolution.

What was clustered on the surface of the graphic board was the plant 'G. Cactus' that lives on the waste heat of the graphic board instead of sunlight. Thanks to this creature absorbing the heat of the graphic board, the inside of the PC was kept at a constant temperature.

'RADIO ANT' dominated the motherboard. What is reflected in the image is the queen ant integrated with the nest, and it is said that he was commanding the worker ants by emitting some radio waves.

'Graphics board X' is a mysterious creature that mimics a graphic board. Even though Mr. Hasegawa's PC had only one graphic board, the device manager was aware of the two graphic boards, so this creature not only disguised its appearance but also graphic It even functioned as a board.

Even intelligent creatures lived inside the PC. It is said that the indigenous people who had built a civilization inside the PC offered a sacrifice to Mr. Hasegawa as a god.

The carnivorous fly 'GB (Gaming Butterfly)' reigned at the top of the food chain. It was said that it was preying on the creatures inside the PC by making a fluttering sound similar to the rotating sound of the fan on the verge of thermal runaway.

In the past, there have been reports of mushrooms growing on PCs that have stopped working, so if you are a PC user, you should not neglect to clean them frequently.

What is the incredible sight that appears when you open a PC that does not turn on? --GIGAZINE

◆ Sagan Tosu Official (@ saganofficial17) | Twitter
Sagan Tosu, a soccer club in Tosu City , Saga Prefecture, has announced a new era called 'Sandstone' instead of Reiwa.

◆ Madoou Glass Carut | Rascal the Raccoon Official Website
A collaboration between Sunrise's robot anime ' Mado King Granzort ' broadcast in 1989 and 'Rascal the Raccoon' aired in 1977. The production decision of the long-awaited latest work 'Madoou Glass Caruto' has been announced.

The story is below.

The land, which visited the moon during the holidays, was pleased to see Gas and Rabbi again. Gas and the earth that do not believe it, which talks about the rumors of a mysterious forest that can not come out once it enters, which has become a hot topic recently. Then Rabbi who proposes to go check it out with us.
It didn't take long for the three to head to the forest. And when the three people who entered the forest noticed, they changed into raccoons ...
The three panicked voices were heard from nowhere.
'I'm Grascaruto, the guardian deity of the forest. This forest has been polluted by Yo Yogorel. Could you please put Yogorel back in order to restore the forest? Good. '
The three who reluctantly accepted the one-sided request of Grascarut started walking after the raccoon.

Face mode imitates Rascal's face, but battle mode is completely Robo. The abdomen is made of punipuni and soft material. The summoning keyword is 'Magical Wash! Zubi Kuttaa Lou Area! Wash Out, Thou Glass Karuto!'

◆ [Official] World End Heroes (@worldendheroes) | Twitter
The official Twitter account of Square Enix's smartphone game ' World End Heroes ' has announced that the heroes appearing in the game will start new activities as 'bucket tubers'.

In addition, the contents of the project are released in the following movie.

[Critical announcement] Hero becomes a video creator! ?? / World End Heroes-YouTube

Because a command was given by Mr. Murohime ...

Heroes who start their activities as bucket tubers.

Various corners were introduced in the movie.

It seems that the aluminum balls, which became a hot topic for a while, are also being polished.

◆ LINE Travel jp (@LINETRAVEL_JP) | Twitter
Travel search service LINE Travel jp collaborates with Crystal Geyser of mineral water. 'All-you-can-drink Crystal Geyser at Mount Shasta' tour will be held where you can drink as much Crystal Geyser as you like at Mount Shasta in California, USA. However, it seems that it is necessary to gather at the site at your own expense.

◆ Century Support Blog 'Support Bro!'
Century, which handles the stand of the Naked Tribe, released a new version of the Capsule Hotel of the Naked Tribe 'Capsule Hotel of the Naked Tribe ver.0' on April 1st.

An external case that can store 0 HDDs has been developed for those who say '4 storage is too much'.

The warranty period is from purchase to the end of Heisei.

◆ Azur Lane
The title screen of the

smartphone app 'Azur Lane ', which has also been decided to be animated, has changed to dot specifications.

In addition, the marriage production of some ship opponents has also changed. It seems that he was supposed to put a ring of oath on his foot.

◆ Hotto Motto (Official) (@hottomotto_com) | Twitter
Hotto Motto, a take-out bento chain, suddenly started running a fashion site.

Only apparel goods with bento motifs such as 'Nori Parker', 'Katsu Curry T-shirt' and 'Meat Puzzle' were handled.

◆ What is your value? | Purchasing platform Uridoki
'Your price ... do you know how much?', Uridoki of the home delivery purchase mall started a service to assess the price of the person just by entering the name.

Enter your name in the form and press 'Enter' ...

The price is displayed. Gigao was unexpectedly cheap and was 612 yen.

◆ Circular science athletic meet special site
The official Twitter account of the smartphone game ' Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka Magica Gaiden ' has announced the limited delivery of the new app 'Circle of Science Athletic Meet' for iOS and Android on April 1, 2019.

Smartphone game 'Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden' New App 'Circular Science Athletic Meet' PV --YouTube

There are three competitions. First of all, 'Pounding foot race' that runs earnestly while being chased by a witch

And 'Kyubey throw' that competes for how far Kyubey who is pressing for a contract can be thrown

Defeat the stick that the witch clings to 'Defeat the towering witch stick'

A campaign to win 'Gold Madoka Senior Image', 'Silver Madoka Senior Image' and 'Copper Madoka Senior Image' in the shape of Madoka Senior in the manga 'Magia Report ' by Mr. PAPA is also available at 23:59 on April 1, 2019. Was held until.

◆ Rocket Taxi | Sanwa Kotsu-Kanagawa / Tokyo / Saitama Taxi, Hire Company
Sanwa Kotsu, a taxi company in the Tokyo metropolitan area, has finally succeeded in developing a rocket-type taxi through joint development with a space company. We announced the start of full-scale efforts to use taxis in the Martian environment.

It seems that it was possible to develop a space taxi business centered on Mars by concluding a partnership with the space company SpaceXYZ and substituting AI for all the high-cost and dangerous driving work up to Mars.

The project has a long history, and it has already started in the 1950s. However, it seems that the project became a reality and started to take off around 2010.

A rocket taxi looks like this. The size is the size of two small buses, which is much larger than a normal taxi. However, the living space is large by that amount, and 5 people including the crew can ride, which is about the same as a 4 and a half tatami studio.

border = '0'>

The crew members are also international. The service to Mars will be trapped in a closed space for a long time, but since 3 out of 8 women are women, it seems that even one woman can use it with confidence.

◆ I made a 'Yuki-Ki set'! !! Chinese | Products | Yuuki Foods (YOUKI)
It was talked about that 'Glass-up hot spring' was opened in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, where Yuuki Foods, which is famous for glass-up, has a factory.

Tateshina is a region famous for its hot springs. It is said that there is a hot spring where you can drink deliciously in Tateshina.

I want everyone to enjoy the hot springs! That's why the 'Yuki-Ki Set' is a set of 'Chicken Gala no Yu', 'Milky Shampoo Oyster Scent', 'Facial Soap', 'Tteok Soap', and 'Ajitama Sponge'.

◆ [Hyperplane Mouse Pad] NINJA RATMAT (for e-Sports) --Development Team (@NINJA_RATMAT) | Twitter
NINJA RATMAT, which develops metal mouse pads for e-sports, has newly developed 'BBQ PAD', which allows you to easily enjoy grilled meat while using a mouse pad.

◆ Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness Takeoff Girls in the Sky! [Official] (@kotobuki_gamePR) | Twitter
The official Twitter account of the smartphone app ' Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness: Takeoff Girls in the Sky! ' Was hijacked by Captain Dodo, and something was announced in words that humans could never understand.

Apparently, a mini-game called 'Fly! Captain Dodo in the Wilderness' was being delivered during the game.

Shortly after Captain Dodo's tweet, a Japanese translation was also tweeted. In commemoration of the delivery of 'Fly! Captain Dodo in the Wilderness', items were distributed even during the main game.

◆ The world's only anti-cockroach salt 'Goki no Shio' | Cockroach official website
The cockroach countermeasure site 'Goki Lab' supervised by experts has started selling 'Goki no Shio' as a cockroach countermeasure item. It is the only anti-cockroach salt in the world, and it is said that it has been prayed at a shrine, and the effect is outstanding.

'Goki no Shio' comes with a salt plate, a salt hardener, and a spatula. The price of the first limited set has been reduced from 8,181,592 yen to 592 yen.

User's voice to convey gratitude. Needless to say, this is an April Fool's joke, and it doesn't mean that salt works on cockroaches, so be careful.

◆ Wagamama High Spec ANOTHER WORLD First Limited Edition [First Press Bonus] Original Excalibur
Adult game brand ' Madosoft ' announces pre-order sales of a game called 'Wagamama High Spec ANOTHER WORLD'. The price is $ 7472, and the purchase page looks like a certain mail order site. The beauty to be released is April 1, 3017.

Like this, 'Products that are often purchased together' and 'Sponsored products related to this product' are also displayed.

◆ [Novel] I stayed at the accident property | Nifty Real Estate
Nifty Real Estate, an information site that answers various questions about real estate, has a horror-style novel set in the 'accident property'. If you are interested in what happens to a man who was introduced to a suicide site accident property because he wants to live in a cheap room, please read it with your own eyes.

◆ Illustration SNS that you can draw [Chixi]
In Japan's first illustration SNS Chixi, the logo is abdicated. The part that should have the logo on the upper left is blank.

The original logo looks like this. It is said that he was abdicated in consideration of various circumstances such as the fact that about 10 years have passed since he took office.

◆ Ebijoy Ebina Information Site ???? (@ebijoyjp) | Twitter
Local media to disseminate information of Ebina Ebijoi Twitter account of a plastic model of in sept tower 1/77 scale towering before commercial facilities.

Comparing the actual photo with the plastic model, it looks like this.

◆ Anyone can speak English in 24 hours! New English conversation service '24 English' released | Study Abroad Blog
SchoolWith, a comprehensive site for studying abroad and studying abroad, announced that it has released a new English conversation learning service '24 English ' on April 1, 2019, which allows anyone to become fluent in English in 24 hours.

SchoolWith asks Karl Ogura, a leading expert in improving English proficiency in Japan, for cooperation. By letting native English speakers stick to the user's daily life 24 hours a day and creating a situation where they can speak in English mercilessly without reading the air, the resistance to English disappears after 24 hours and they are equal to the native speakers. There is a possibility that he has acquired enough English conversation ability and confidence to compete with each other.

Hideki Ota, Representative of School With @ School With Representative of Study Abroad, said, ''24 English' is for English learners who want to speak English but rarely have the opportunity to speak English and cannot afford to study abroad. Through our service, I want as many people as possible to become 'English speakers' without stopping as 'English learners', and I want them to take a step on the world stage. By the way, today April 1st was April Fool. '

◆ Nipple Store opens on the 6th floor of the Nipponbashi store! | Nobunaga Bookstore Information Site e-Nobunaga
Nobunaga Shoten, an idol DVD and book store, has opened the 'Nipple Store' on the 6th floor of the Nipponbashi store.

This is what it's like inside the store. At the opening, Mr. Suck M Neck, the director of Nipple Cultural Research Institute, and Mr. Ayumi, who is familiar with the history of nipples, will also visit.

◆ Poultry Farm Co., Ltd. | Smartphone / PC game production
It seems that most of the characters appearing in the 3D robot action shooting game ' Kuren ' for Android and iOS distributed by the poultry farm of the game development company have become the enemy male character Shu.

Also, as the rank of the aircraft goes up, Shu will gradually speak awkward lines.

◆ Razer Ping! --The Apex of Communication | Razer United States
Razer, a manufacturer of gaming PCs and peripherals, has developed 'Razer Ping!', Which is inspired by the popular games that many employees are addicted to. Just by pointing the camera of the smartphone at the target and tagging it, it will be possible to let a friend do something without having any conversation.

You can see how it is actually used in the following movie published on Twitter.

◆ Zespri Kiwi Official (@zespri_jp) | Twitter
Zespri Kiwifruit 's official Twitter account announced the start of broadcasting the anime 'Futari wa Kiwi Brothers,' in which Kiwi Brothers became a high school student.

◆ Visit Miss Tsuppari. | NEWS | Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd. -ingenuity for the better life.-
On the official page of Heian Shindo Kogyo, which has the top share in Japan, Dr. Tsumari Stick, who usually explains how to use Tsumari Stick, will make a bold makeover as 'Miss Tsuppari' from April 1, 2019. I am doing.

The true identity is Kayoko Takeuchi, the third president of Heian Shinko Kogyo, who will teach you how to use the correct tension rod in the 'Rules of Tsuppari'. In addition, it seems that the enlightenment poster by Miss Tsumari will be posted at home improvement stores in the future.

◆ DreamArts Enters Cloud Game Business | DreamArts Corporation
DreamArts, a system solution provider, has released two games that were developed with AI in Hiroshima, saying 'I want to raise awareness of the Hiroshima headquarters!'

As shown below, the games 'Orizuru ni Yuu' and 'Cello RUN' have been released ...

You can check the preview movie of the game 'Orizuru ni Yuu' from the following.

Game 'Orizuru ni Yuu' trailer movie --YouTube

Also, the game can actually be played. Click 'Start Free PLAY!' ...

A pop-up window will be displayed like this and the game will start.

◆ Production cost 2,000 yen! Developed a dream kitchen car | Production of mobile sales car (kitchen car) | Food Truck Company [Official]
The Food Truck Company, which handles kitchen cars used for mobile sales, announced that it has succeeded in developing a kitchen car that normally costs more than 2 million yen with a production cost of 2000 yen.

The concept imposed by the president is 'cheap,' 'light,' and 'cute.'

The development team also gave up after such a difficult task, and it was in danger of aerial decomposition.

Even so, as a result of continuing development, it was possible to develop a kitchen car for 2000 yen.

However, it wasn't the real thing, it was just a radio-controlled model.

The Food Truck Company distributes blueprints that can be turned into a kitchen car by putting it on a base vehicle that can be purchased on Amazon. It was said that the total cost of radio control and drawing paper would be 2000 yen.

◆ Human Resources V2.5 | Record follower remove
The service 'Human Resources' that can record and manage Twitter followers has been transformed into 'The era has been decided!'. Mr. Watanabe, a mascot character, was holding up the paper of the new era 'Reiwa'.

◆ April 1st, 'Saba Sand' is newly released! * │ What's New on Subway │ Press Release │ Delicious! Let's put it in. Vegetable Subway Official Website
Sandwich chain Subway has announced that it will release Saba Sandwich on April 1st only.

Japan Subway Co., Ltd. Press Release --HP_aprilfool2019.pdf

Mackerel sand with crispy vegetables and canned mackerel boiled in water is normal, as well as 'mackerel miso sand' with canned miso and 'mackerel soy sauce sand' with canned soy sauce. 3 types are on sale. It is said that it can be obtained at Subway stores nationwide for 380 yen including tax.

Of course, Saba Sand, which is eaten with canned food, is an April Fool's Day story, but you can apply for a free coupon for the new menu 'Terrible! Ebi Avocado' that you can get by lottery on April 1, 2019 from Twitter.

◆ Working UFO (@HatarakuUFO) | Twitter
Many people will start a new life as new employees on April 1st, which is April Fool's Day. It was announced on Twitter's official account that the UFO of the smartphone game 'Part Time UFO' has joined the game development company HAL Laboratory.

◆ Potum Idol Wars ~ April Fools' Day ~
' Toram Online ' is now available as a rhythm game. It is a game that raises Potum 'Vanilla' to become a top idol.

'Sweat, tears, and friendship-the story of the idol potums that unfolds!'

◆ 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams-Official (@ yume100prince) | Twitter
In the puzzle RPG for women ' 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams', '100 part-time workers working in the Kingdom of Dreams' were being recruited.

There seems to be a wide variety of occupations such as tutors and bartenders.

◆ Game Bungo Stray Dogs Stray Dogs Mysterious Tan (@bungomayoi) | Twitter
The official account of the smartphone app 'Bungo Stray Dogs Stray Dogs Mysterious Tan' announced that it had a problem that it became 'Mayoinuyo Chien' as in 2018.

The icon and header of the official Twitter account look like this. All the characters have changed into cute toddlers.

◆ Doraemon & Mouse Nakaori Memorial Site | Doraemon Channel
On the Doraemon channel, a Doraemon & Mouse reconciliation memorial site is open to the public.

A story related to a mouse is open to the public for free, and when you click it ...

You can actually read manga.

There was more continuation, so I clicked on it ...

'It looks like it was too much,' he said.

◆ Traveloko | A Japanese guide (loco) living overseas will help you on your journey.
Traveloko, which develops skill sharing services in 2,300 cities around the world, has announced that it will also share skills between an old man living in Japan and an alien living outside the earth. Click 'Select Area' ...

Uncle and aliens have been added as 'new areas'. When I click on the old man to try it ...

Turned out to be an April Fool's lie. Of course, aliens were also jokes. Traveloko is not a travel site, but a service that finds connections with Japanese people living overseas and shares their experiences and knowledge.

◆ [April 1st only] Industry's first blackening agent [Dark Smile] Appearance: Import of dental materials Mail order: Smile US
Smile US, an import and mail order site for dental materials, features the launch of 'blackening agents' in a way that counters the boom of whitening that whitens teeth.

As Japanese culture spreads around the world, Ohaguro is currently receiving the hottest attention. According to Smile US, 'OHAGURO' has already become a common language for teens around the world, just like 'KAWAII'.

The price of the blackening agent is 8.96 dollars, which is about 896 yen in terms of Smile US.

Even teeth that shine pure white can be instantly blackened by using a blackening agent. The black teeth look good on the skin with the powdered powder, as if you had pasted the tsukudani of seaweed.

The cautionary note 'If the drug touches the gums, please have the patient put up with it' is too scary, but the explanation is too lacking in hospitality for the patient, saying 'It's fine'. Isn't it torture anymore because it can be continued until the patient dislikes it? When I was curious and clicked on 'Ohaguro Catalog' ...

Of course this was an April Fool's joke. It was said that Smile US does not handle the mysterious blackening agent that causes only pain to patients.

◆ Moshne @ Schoolgirl Strikers 2 (@sgs_pr) | Twitter
It was announced that the official Twitter account of the smartphone app ' School Girl Striker's 2 ' has an 8-bit style screen for the game only on April 1, 2019.

The official Twitter account for 'Schoolgirl Strikers 2' also mentioned the new era.

As a new color of Daihatsu Copen, 'COPEN Chameleon Style' with a body color that can be transformed is now available. You can easily change the color of Copen's body by simply operating the color chart in conjunction with the smartphone app 'COPELEON'. It is also possible to reflect the uploaded photo on the car body.

Body color that can be transformed. A new color debuts from COPEN.

This time, a new companion has joined COPEN. Its name is 'COPEN ...

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DAIHATSU COPEN Sunday, March 31, 2019

◆ TV Aichi (@tv_aichi) | Twitter
Witness information of the wild 'Shachihoko' was reported on the Twitter account of TV Aichi. In addition, Shachihoko came down to the city in time with the broadcast of the animation 'Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki ' and said, 'Basically, it does not harm humans, so calmly show' 10 Chan '. I want you to give it to me, 'said an expert.

◆ April 1st Kirakoro Comic will start ♪ | CoroCoro Online | CoroCoro Comic Official
The magazine 'Korokoro Comic', which is popular mainly among elementary school boys, was reborn on April 1, 2019 as a magazine for girls called 'Kirakoro Comic'.

The popular poop eraser is also brilliantly decorated.

Beyblade, which is very popular with elementary school boys, is also customized to the spring-colored outfit 'Sakura Valkyrie'.

The Duel Masters promo card that comes as an appendix has a pop and cute design.

◆ Super Robot Wars X-Ω Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan participates ...?
Extra information that ' Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan ' will participate in the robot action RPG ' Super Robot Wars X-Ω' for smartphones for a limited time. Certainly, various works are participating in the war for a limited time ...

◆ Official website of 'Movie Doraemon Luka's Earth Exploration'
'Doraemon Nobita's Moon Exploration Report' official website appears in the work 'Luka' main. It was released as the movie 'Doraemon Luka's Earth Exploration Report'.

◆ TOP | Run Girls, Run! Official site
It was announced that the three-member voice actor unit 'Run Girls, Run', which debuted in ' Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter', will be renamed to the new life support unit 'Dan Balls, Dan'.

Dan Balls, Dan's debut single, 'Shakitto Start,' which is the theme song of the anime 'Hikkose One ☆ Chan,' which will start broadcasting in April 2019.

You can listen to the sound source of 'Crispy Start' on 'Dan Balls, Radio' distributed on Hibiki Radio Station. If you are interested in what kind of song it is, please listen to it with your own ears.

A movie of messages from Dan Balls, Dan members has been released for the release.

Dan Ballls, Dan! 'Crispy Start' Message-YouTube

A comment was also received on Twitter from Miyu Takagi, a former member of the senior unit Wake Up, Girls.

◆ Kickball Battle Record Bibi Gaia
The smartphone app ' Venus Eleven Bibid! ' Has changed to a parody-like content of a work known as a replay RPG.

Dedicated demos and conversation scenarios are available not only on the site but also within the app.

◆ Today is April Fool's Day. Launched a service that allows trees to become members of the family | Tree owner site 'Family Tree'
In 'Family Tree,' a service that allows farmers to purchase fruit trees that they grow and send them to them, we have built a service that delivers the entire purchased trees to their homes.

A foreign handsome delivery person will come to deliver it by hand as it is.

Even urban residents living in a concrete jungle with little green can enjoy living surrounded by greenery.

However, the price of wood is a sincere price of 10 million yen per piece including the handsome delivery person. Of course, this service was a joke, and the message 'I'm in trouble if I have an application' was written on the application button.

◆ [April Fool's Day] Maiden Wrestling-Contract quickly! !! ~ | Gothic is a magical maiden ~ Make a quick contract! ~
' Gothic wa Mahou Maiden ' should have been a shooting game app for Cave, but each character has become a professional wrestler.

◆ 'Kirara Boys' will participate in the war! | NEWS | Kirara Fantasia Official Website
It was reported that 'Kirara Boys' have decided to participate in the game app 'Kirara Fantasia' in which the characters of Houbunsha's ' Manga Time Kirara' are all-starring.

I wonder how they will participate in the war ...?

Kirara Fantasia_ 'Kirara Men' will participate in the war! [Tan the day before the event] --YouTube

◆ Fukuya Co., Ltd. (@fukuya_mentai) | Twitter

The new common sense 'Fukuya IoT' of the dining table in Fukuoka was born because 'our mentaiko will not disappear'. The IoT checks the amount of mentaiko lost in the diet every day to ensure that fresh mentaiko arrives at the right time before it runs out.

Fukuya IoT | Aji no Mentaiko Fukuya

The following movie reveals the whole picture of Fukuya IoT.

Fukuya IoT (always / delicious / toku) --YouTube

◆ Prickets Official Website
Adult game brand 'Precano' has been renamed to 'Prickets'. Under the influence of that, the image of the official website is centered on the buttocks. Please note that 18 prohibited elements are included when you go to the individual work page.

◆ Alarm app 'Good morning kiss'
The official alarm app 'Oha Kiss' featuring the heroines of the 'Kiss' series of the adult game brand 'Caricature ', known for works such as 'Stapler ' that also has a PS Vita version, is now available.

An alarm screen saying 'If you don't get up early, you'll kiss ...'. Rather, this is an alarm that cannot be triggered ...

◆ Worked at Good Smile Company, a figure maker 'Kahotan Blog'
Six new Nendoroid projects were announced at once on the staff blog of Good Smile Company , a figure maker that sells Nendoroids and figmas.

In the Nendoroid Plastic Model, which has become a plastic model, the familiar forms have fallen apart and fit into the runners.

'Nendoroid Black' is a Nendoroid that looks like a dot illustration by voxels.

The 'Nendoroid Giant' is a surprisingly one-third size. The impact of the Goblin Slayer, which has been deformed into two life forms, is enormous when it reaches a size of 170 cm.

Die-cast parts are used for 'Nendoroid Alloy', and if it is a mechanical character, it will give a feeling of weight and profoundness.

The fingertip-sized 'Nendoroid MINI' comes with a ball chain and can be used as an accessory. With a total length of only 1 cm, it is small enough to go somewhere with some rhythm.

The facial parts of the Nendoroid Plush Toy, which requires the owner's ingenuity, can be replaced. You can reproduce your own stuffed animal with embroidery.

In addition, some of the pages were garbled for some reason, and images that were completely unrelated were displayed, so the release information was completely unknown.

◆ Opera launches Vintage, a new browser from a different era -
Opera prioritizes 'emotion' over function, and released 'Opera Vintage' that can only load pages that existed before 2000. Designed for its bulkiness and ruggedness, it provides users with a unique experience of visiting ancient websites.

Opera Vintage --The web of yesterday, today --YouTube

This is Opera Vintage.

It's 10 times slower than the latest Opera, so the point is that you can do your favorite activities with the load time of the website.

It is also possible to open up to 4 tabs in one window.

◆ RON Gaming AI Personal Assistant-NVIDIA GeForce
It seems that NVIDIA has developed the world's first gaming AI personal assistant 'RON'.

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