Great white sharks have a strong fear of killer whales and will immediately escape when they are about to encounter


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The Great White Shark, which exceeds 4 meters in length, is widely distributed in the oceans around the world, and it is a very scary thing for humans, as it becomes a model for the movie ' Jose '. However, such great white sharks are very afraid of killer whales , and researchers claim that if the killer whales approach, the hunting grounds that have been staying for a long time will be thrown away and run away in an instant.

Great White Sharks Flee From Killer Whales-The Atlantic

Salvador Jorgensen of Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, USA, has been studying great white sharks off California for 15 years. Jorgensen and others shoot a tracking electronic tag into a shark and keep track of the whereabouts of great white sharks.

In 2009, Jorgensen et al. Embedded tags in 17 great white sharks hunting elephant seals in the southeast of the Faralon Islands . It has been said that the Great White Sharks used the Phararon Islands as hunting grounds for several months, but it seems that all the Great White Sharks have disappeared suddenly on November 2, 2009, when two killer whales appeared near the hunting ground.

It has been confirmed that the great white sharks are not dead but are in waters far from the Farallon Islands. Jorgensen says the great white sharks who left the hunting grounds that had been in use for a long time only eight hours after the killer whale appeared have not returned to the Faralon Islands for more than a month. Other similar cases have been confirmed, and Jorgensen believes that 'for killer whale sharks, killer whales are the object of great fear'.

While killer whales generally have a more friendly image than sharks, Toby Daly-Engel, a shark expert

at the Florida Institute of Technology said, “The killer whales have a group of social activities that sharks do not do. There are also cases of effective hunting, communication among friends, and teaching of the younger generation. ' The killer whale can manipulate the water flow by shaking the tail in water, turning the shark upside down and turning it into a mahi state .

In some cases, it has been reported that the Great White Shark has encountered a killer whale because of its encounter with a killer whale. In 2017, it was discovered that as many as five corpses of great white sharks, which were believed to have been attacked by killer whales, were launched at a beach in South Africa. All the great white sharks that were launched had no liver.

The liver of the Great White Shark accounts for a quarter of the body weight and is known for its abundance of nutrients such as fat. According to Jorgensen, the liver of the Great White Shark is one of the most calorie-rich foods you can find in the ocean, and the killer whale is believed to target the liver of the rich white shark. The killer whale does not have an arm, but it is thought that it is believed that it bites around the chest fins of a great white shark and pushes the body to take out the liver from the wound when estimated from the wound left on the corpse.


Elias Levy

The killer whale is a threat to the great white shark, and even before the companion white shark is attacked by the killer whale, the white shark escapes from the spot only by detecting the presence of the killer whale. According to Jorgensen, it is supposed that the Great White Shark smells the smell of the killer whale and feels the presence, and the White Whale shark creates the 'landscape of fear' by the smell of the killer whale.

Fear of death seems to be widely observed in nature to change the behavior of animals. For example, the presence of tiger sharks is said to drive dugongs deeper into the sea, and dugongs are fed food from fear of tiger sharks. It dives to a safe deep place with few things. There are also reports of dog cries that keep raccoons away.

In the case of 2009, the presence of the killer whale moved the great white shark away from the Farallon Islands, making the elephant seal a paradise with few predators. 'As a result of two predators encountered, the winner is the elephant seal,' said Jorgensen.

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