Although the Android market share of the smartphone market is high, it is pointed out that 'very fragmented'


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As the smartphone OS, Android developed by Google and iOS developed by Apple are famous, but Android shares nearly 75% of the market share. While Android has a large share, it has been pointed out that 'The share of Android is' fragmented '.

How Fragmented is Android-EGGONOMY

Android OS Fragmentation Data Analysis

According to StatCounter Global Stats , which publishes data obtained from the access analysis software Stat Counter, as of April 2019, the share of smartphone OS is 75.22% for Android and 22.76% for iOS, and the share of other OS is and only about 2 percent have become .

But, on the other hand, Android is extremely fragmented. Android is using several versions of the operating system in parallel with the latest operating system

Android 9.0 Pie, and there are 12 major Android smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, the breakdown is various even if it is put into practice with Android-equipped smartphones.

For example, the latest version of Android 9.0 Pie accounts for only 11.26% of all Androids, and the highest share OS is 18.6% for Android 8.1 Oreo , the second is 16.61% for Android 8.0 Oreo , and the third is Android 6.0. It is 16% of Marshmallow .

In addition, there are numerous types of smartphone manufacturers, with

Samsung having 44.8%, followed by Huawei 's 11.4%, and third at 7% of Xiaomi . In addition, Huawei is announced that Google's Android support will be suspended in May 2019.

The problem with this state of fragmentation is that while many Android devices have not received the latest Android updates, various usage data has been collected by Google. Google acknowledges this problem at the launch of

Android One , an Android-powered smartphone for emerging countries, but the solution is to dispose of the old device and replace the user with the latest Android device.

In contrast, the proportion of the latest iOS12 or higher is over 80% in iOS, and the figures including iOS11 and iOS10 are over 95%. Of course, iOS is not as fragmented as Android, as iOS is only available on Apple devices. This analysis shows that the share of the operating system in the smartphone market is not simply 'Android dominates, iOS dominates', but new insights can be obtained from other perspectives.

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