I tried playing a popular course at `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' where original courses made by Mario craftsmen around the world can play

At last, “

Super Mario Maker 2 ”, you can play a number of original courses made by players all over the world by connecting to the Internet. That's why I played a number of courses full of ideas created by craftsmen.

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“Super Mario Maker 2”, where you can enjoy courses created by Mario craftsmen around the world, will be able to play the following intense fierce courses that require the timing of the most severe jumps.

Challenge Super Muso Maker 2 Super Mario Course created by Mario craftsmen around the world-YouTube

To play an original course created by players from all over the world in Super Mario Maker 2, select 'World Course'. To play in this mode, you must subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online , a paid service.

First, you need to decide on the face and name of the craftsman who will be the player in the game.

The face of the craftsman can be made in the same way as when creating Mint of Nintendo Switch.

In “World Courses”, you can search and play courses created by players around the world, “Search for Courses”, players who are good at creating courses, players who have played many courses, and players who are winning online matches There are four modes of `` craftsman ranking '' that can check etc., `` play with communication '' that can play online with up to 4 people, and `` how far Mario Challenge '' that keeps clearing the course randomly until the game is over . “How far Mario Challenge” is like the previous “10 Mario Challenge” and “100 Mario Challenge” modes. Let's check the course in 'Search for courses' in orthodox.

When searching for courses, courses created by players all over the world are listed as follows ...

Select a course ...

The series skin used in the course, course name, number of likes, number of players, tags, craftsman who created the course, fastest clear time, clear rate, course ID, etc. are displayed.

Play is basically the same as the previous Super Mario series, but the stamps and comments left by other players are displayed on the course as follows.

I was curious about the comment with the arrow on it, so when I approached it, I found a super-block inside the hidden block and turned it into Tanuki Mario. There are tips on how to clear the course like this, so check it out if you get stuck.

When Mario is done, where the other player has fallen is displayed on the screen with a cross.

When you clear the course ...

You can check the clear time of the course, add “Like” or “No!”, And leave a comment.

To leave a comment, select the red frame icon.

Super Mario Maker 2 is prohibited from posting content that violates the

Nintendo Account Terms of Use as well as illegal content, personal information, infringement of others' rights, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For comments, you can select text, put hand-drawn illustrations, and express your feelings with stamps.

After clearing the course, the following notice was displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Return to the course screen of the world and select “Artisan” at the right end of the screen.

Then you can change the dress from here. By clearing a course, leaving a comment, or someone playing a course you have created, items such as clothes for dressing are increasing.

The most convenient way to find a course is “Popularity Ranking”. 'Popular courses' that are played a lot by players all over the world are displayed in ranking format.

The most popular course at the time of writing the article is “Spring Has Switched” with the course ID “J7D-9L6-THG”.

You can check how you actually played in the following movie. There are plenty of new ON / OFF switches that appeared in Super Mario Maker 2, and it is a course that makes the player think about gimmicks as if they were the official Nintendo formula.

Play the popular course `` Spring Has Switched '' of `` Super Mario Maker 2 ''-YouTube

Course ID “GS7-8WG-WMF” “1-1-Homecoming Hills” is a course using the new Super Mario 3D World skin.

With Super Mario Maker, you can play as much as you want with the first appearance of Necomario.

Play the popular course `` 1-1-Homecoming Hills '' of `` Super Mario Maker 2 ''-YouTube

In addition, 'New course' that allows you to check the course that has just been posted, ...

By operating in the order of “Search for details” → “Search” ...

It is also possible to narrow the search by game skin, scene skin, difficulty, region, and tag.

At the time of article creation, the following 9 types of tags were prepared.

If you search only by `` low clear rate '', there are many difficult courses made for testing, so it is recommended that you want to play a challenging and difficult course Set the size to “Very Difficult” and search by “Popularity”.

I discovered 'Run for it!' With course ID 'GN1-X22-83G'. Of the more than 43,000 challenges, only 536 were cleared. The clear rate was only 1.22%.

So, the following movie shows how I tried this course. Adjusting the timing and size of the jump while failing many times, the feeling of aiming to clear while gradually remembering the habit of the course is exactly the death and the game itself. Even if the crossing timing is slightly delayed, there is a severe situation that leads to a mistake immediately and starts from the beginning, but because it is an exquisite difficulty level that it seems that it can not be cleared, if you are interested, please play please try.

Challenge 'Run for it!', A very difficult course with 'Super Mario Maker 2'-YouTube

When I tried to play a course created by a course craftsman at 'World Course', the quality of the course was quite sharp, unlike ' Story Mode '. There are things that are too difficult, too easy, or too simple, so it seems safe to try a popular course for the time being. Courses that line up with popular courses also vary in difficulty, so if you want to challenge your limits, it is better to search by setting the difficulty level of the course you want to play.

In addition, 'Super Mario Maker 2' is on sale at Amazon.co.jp with a package version of 5622 yen including tax and a download version 5863 yen including tax.

Amazon | Super Mario Maker 2 -Switch | Games

Amazon | Super Mario Maker 2 -Switch | Games

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