Research is in progress to create music from protein



At MIT, research is being conducted to create music from the molecular structure of proteins, analyze the obtained findings using neural networks, and create new proteins using AI.

A Self-Consistent Sonification Method to Translate Amino Acid Sequences into Musical Composition and Application in Protein Design Using Artificial Intelligence | ACS Nano

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This is a commentary movie of this research by the American Science Association.

Making Music from Proteins-Headline Science-YouTube

The song that it actually generated from amyloid, which is a kind of insoluble protein, is below.

The 'music' created by combining sounds generated from lysozyme contained in egg white etc. and sounds generated by machine learning based on multiple proteins looks like this.

A research team led by Marcus J. Buehler, Department of Construction and Environmental Engineering at MIT, uses 'sound' to gain a better understanding of protein structure.

Proteins are substances in which a large number of 20 amino acids are linked in a chain.

The research team has 20 kinds of amino acids, based on the respective natural frequency '

chord ' said, has assigned the 'length of the sound' based on the 3D structure of the amino acid molecule.

Each sound of an amino acid means that the protein to which the amino acid is linked is expressed as a 'curve'.

According to the research team, the 'regularity' of the molecular structure of protein has a similar part to the pitch, the range, the

dynamics , the tempo, etc. in music. It is possible to understand the structure, mechanism, and characteristics of proteins.

The research team is using AI with neural networks to make the similarity between protein and sound precise. Furthermore, this AI seems to be able to design 'new proteins' from the acquired knowledge. While the new protein was unknown before, it was able to express a pattern unique to the protein.

Research on the structure of proteins is still under development and is still an area of potential. For example, silk proteins produced by spiders and silkworms have almost the same tensile strength as steel, and also have waterproofness and stretchability. If we can understand from silk-screen the reason why such a property is possessed, it may be possible to divert the technology to other substances. The research team is trying to use music to understand the structure of such proteins.

The research team also developed an Android application that allows you to compose music with the sound of amino acids.

This app is published on Google Play.

Amino Acid Synthesizer-Apps on Google Play

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