I tried using house food 'Curry ingredients that you can bake just by cooking meat,' where you can cook curry that is completely simmered just by baking meat.

If you try to make a curry with plenty of vegetables, it takes time and effort to peel and cut vegetables. I tried using the house food “ Curry ingredients that you can cook just by cooking meat ” because you can easily make curry with plenty of umami of vegetables simply by preparing meat.

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There are two types of 'Curry ingredients that are delicious only by baking meat', which is made with pork, and 'made with chicken'.

First we will look at the package 'made with chicken'.

'Made with chicken' is medium-hot, and the hotness of house food is the second highest from the top.

On the other side, it was described as 'It is not retort curry. It is a product that needs cooking.'

Raw materials are rich in vegetables such as onion paste, vegetable paste, tomato paste and defatted soybeans, in addition to curry-like materials such as dextrin, beef fat and pork fat mixed oil, sugar, flour, curry powder and cumin. Von de Bo seasoning is also included.

The calories per dish are only 163 kcal if the main unit is 'made with chicken', and the calories when using chicken thighs as described are 320 kcal.

This is the package made with pork.

It is mild and the hot taste rank is the third from the top.

Looking at the name of the ingredients, sugar is at the top. Besides curry-like ingredients such as flour and curry powder, onion paste, tomato paste, pineapple concentrated juice, roasted coconut paste, etc.

The calorie per dish is 160kcal for 'made with pork' alone, and when it is made according to the recipe, the calorie is 352kcal.

That's why I actually make curry using 'making with chicken'. The necessary ingredients are only 200g of chicken cut into one size.

First, put a teaspoon of salad oil in a frying pan, heat, and put in chicken. Chicken is baked until both sides are browned.

Once it burns, turn off the fire and then add 300 ml of water.

Add 'Made with chicken'.

Bring to a medium heat again and keep boiling lightly and simmer for 3 minutes while stirring well.

It will be completed if the toromi comes. The cooking time was just 10 minutes.

If you use 'Delicious curry paste just by baking meat', you can make 2 dishes of curry in one cooking.

The completed curry looks like this. The smell of 'curry curry' is floating.

When I eat it, Lou is modestly sweet with vegetables, but I can feel the spicy and salty taste of chili peppers, so it has excellent compatibility with rice. The taste was like 'simple, high-quality curry', and it was highly appreciated in the editorial department.

Next, I will try using 'made with pork'. The method of making is almost the same as 'making with chicken' except that it uses pork chop for meat. First, add a teaspoon of salad oil, add 120g of pork chopsticks to a heated frying pan, and bake until both sides are browned.

Turn off the fire when it burns, put 300 ml of water and 'made with pork' ...

Boil while keeping a light boiling state over medium heat.

It will be completed if the toromi is attached.

The completed curry looks like this.

When you try to eat it, the sweetness such as chutney and vegetables is clearly felt, which is milder than mild. As for the taste such as spices, it is possible to thoroughly enjoy the umami taste of vegetables because it is modest.

'Delicious curry ingredients just grilled meat' can be purchased at retail stores nationwide. At the time of writing the article 'made with pork' was sold at Amazon.co.jp for six sets of 1147 yen and 191 yen per piece.

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