Why can we prevent global warming by laying green stones on the beach?

Carbon dioxide is considered to be a major cause of global warming, and researchers all over the world are thinking of ways to control carbon dioxide emissions and absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in various ways. . One such method is Project Vesta , a project to prevent global warming by using

olivine , a beautiful olive mineral contained in igneous rock that has been cooled and solidified with magma.

Project Vesta-A project to reverse climate change

There is a long-term carbon cycle on the earth, and carbon is circulating between the biosphere, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere on the earth. Carbon in the atmosphere is mainly present in the form of carbon dioxide, and one of the processes to remove carbon from the atmosphere is the ' carbonate-silicate cycle '. In the carbonate-silicate cycle, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by reacting with carbon dioxide and water when the rocks composed of silicates are weathered, so long-term atmospheric atmospheric The amount of carbon dioxide is maintained properly.

While the natural carbon cycle process is very slow, the amount of carbon dioxide that humans emit into the atmosphere far exceeds the rate at which this process removes carbon from the atmosphere. Therefore, it is said that global warming due to carbon dioxide that can not be removed is progressing, and nature and people's lives are threatened. Project Vesta is attempting to remove atmospheric carbon by intentionally promoting the Earth's carbon cycle process.

Some people may wonder if it is possible to cope with global change only by the mineral carbon cycle process by rocks, but researchers at the University of California in April 2019 said, 'The glacial season that occurred in the past is carbon removal near the equator. is promoted weathering to expose the high-capacity volcanic rock, carbon removal process in the atmosphere progresses rapidly, the amount of carbon dioxide is that it 'because was reduced paper announced. In fact, it seems that the carbon cycle process may have greatly changed the global environment.

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Project Vesta's focus on realizing the acceleration of the carbon cycle process was olivine, known as the silicate mineral. Project Vesta has proposed to remove the atmospheric carbon by promoting the weathering by the force of the wave by laying the olivine on the beach where the force of the wave of the tropical area is strong.

In nature there are actually olivine-lined beaches. For example, Papa Collea beach in Hawaii, also known as 'green sand beach', can be seen weathering is promoted and sand olivine stone can be seen.

According to Project Vesta, olivine is very abundant and easy to mine. By placing 11 cubic kilometers of olivine on a high energy beach near the tropics, about 2% of the world's beaches, it is possible to offset human annual carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the amount of 11 cubic kilometers is less than half of the construction materials mined in a year, and it can be achieved by one million to 1.5 million people engaging in olivine mining.

Naturally, in order to bring carbon removal by olivine to a practical level, it is necessary to carry out actively as a project on a global scale rather than one country. 'It's not easy, but that doesn't mean we should not try it,' Project Vesta claims.

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