I saw the `` Gamagori Festival Summer Cool Fireworks 2019 '' full of wide sense with exciting diagonal strikes, 3 regular balls are launched 3 times

Every year on the last Sunday of July, the “Gamagori Festival Summer Cool Fireworks Festival” is held every year and you can experience a new surprise every time you visit. The regular three-scale ball, which extends to about 650m in diameter, will rise three times as usual, so we have actually seen it to see what the 2019 fireworks display will look like.

Gamagori Festival


The venue for the Gamagori Festival Summer Cool Fireworks Festival is around Takeshima Pier in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture.

The fireworks company in charge of the launch of this fireworks festival

has asked the fireworks masters, including ' What is the difference between the companies that make fireworks?' In Kato Hanyu Co. , Ltd. , which appears in that article, Gamagori is the local fireworks company.

This time, we visited the launch site, the meeting place, early in the morning of the fireworks display because we were able to observe the preparation work for the barrel of the regular three shank balls and the preparation work for the launch fireworks. Looking at the viewing place from the launch site side is like this.

Three large cylinders are lined up, but this is a cylinder that launches a regular three-scale ball, which is about 4 meters high, and is fixed to a trolley for launching at sea.

We started with the work of launching gunpowder and a lead wire into the tube. In the wooden box on the truck bed, there is a regular three-scale ball.

The regular three-scale ball is about 90cm in diameter and weighs about 200kg, so it is put in a cylinder using a crane.

Once you put it in a tube, it is ready to be covered with rain so that it won't get wet. I was carried offshore in order.

After the preparation of the regular three shank balls, the preparation for the launch fireworks begins.

When I asked the question “Is it hard?” When working at a high temperature, “It ’s hard, but it ’s fun because you can see how the customers are happy.”

There are also patrols such as checking the work status and whether there are any unwell workers. There were many breaks and plenty of drinking water, so it was a work site that gave me the impression that I was particularly careful in preventing heat stroke.

If the tube falls down, it will lead to a major accident, so the tube will be securely fixed.

Work progressed and it was noon. We ’re going to launch a gun, so we ’ll be watching the launch.

I saw the launch of the gun close up [Gamagori Festival Summer Cool Fireworks 2019]-YouTube

In recent years, it can be easily launched with an electric ignition device, but this time we will launch the gun in the traditional way of throwing fire directly. If you throw the fire into the tube ...

Fireworks balls pop out quickly and vigorously.

The ball went up far and the explosion and explosion sounded throughout the venue. The preparatory tour will end here and we will head to the main venue for the fireworks display.

At the main venue, events such as a karaoke competition and a civic performance show began with the signal of this gun. Various events are held near the viewing area of the fireworks display, so you can spend the waiting time until the fireworks.

At around 18:30, the space along the coast is filled with visitors who came to see the fireworks display.

It's a little more sunset. The rest was just waiting for the start of the fireworks display.

The fireworks display began at 19:30. The opening star mine “暁 -AKATSUKI-” will be launched. Fireworks unified with red images go up one after another.

At the end of the opening, there was an all-round fireworks titled “轟 -TODOROKI-” which is the theme of the fireworks display this time. It was.

Gamagori Festival Summer Cool Fireworks Festival has a part of Starmine that continuously raises fireworks and a part that raises fireworks one by one while flowing the names and messages of sponsors, and these are repeated alternately. .

There are also local festival-like performances, such as Starmine, which is an annual event for the 5th and 6th graders of Gamagori Seibu Elementary School to create a fireworks display according to the song.

Anti-Star Mine “Sky Drive”

The Shosan-san ball that we visited early in the morning will be launched three times during the tournament. The first “Rising Kobana with Nishiki Crown Chrysanthemum” was launched successfully. The launch will be offshore a little far from the viewing area, but the sound of the sound with heavy bass and the explosion sound that will resonate on the body are unique and can only be enjoyed with a huge fireworks ball.

In the maritime territory star mine “Passion Flower”, fireworks are set up on the surface that you want to fix to the surface of the water, and the fireworks explode in front of you. This is another popular program.

The wide star mine “Holding Out for a Hero” was a large and wide star mine, and it was designed to increase the sense of breadth by launching fireworks diagonally.

Unfortunately, the second three shakudama ball, “Rise and Colored Chiwa Chrysanthemum”, had a bad wind and was covered with Starmine smoke.

The third shot of the three shakudama ball “Rise and Bend with Colored Small Flower” was able to be seen clearly without being disturbed by smoke.

Water Star Large star mine “Guru X2” will fire fireworks into the sea diagonally. There were many time difference type fireworks that seemed to rotate around the fireworks.

In the model star mine 'Model Wonderland', pictures of characters such as dra cats, heart marks, smiles, etc. are launched one after another.

Each star mine had its own unique fireworks. Saki Happo & Starring Mine “Flower Bouquet”

The finale will be decorated with an oversized star mine “Rifing the Light”. It is a program that I am looking forward to every year because it is a work called the culmination of Kato's fireworks that have been carefully crafted.

Finale oversized star mine `` Riding the Light '' [Gamagori Festival summer cool fireworks 2019]-YouTube

Epic Soul Factory 's “Rifing the Light” will be fireworks on BGM.

The launch area is about 400m wide, but the star mine with a wider feeling is developed by firing fireworks diagonally.

The exciting launches continue one after another. Even during the fireworks, applause and cheers were heard from the audience.

At the end, the curtain closes with a one-time strike from the gold-colored brocade chrysanthemum chrysanthemum.

This is the third consecutive year in 2017 , 2018, and this year, but it is a fun fireworks display that you can see every year. It is also a fireworks festival where the local people are cheering on Kato fireworks and the fireworks company is close to the locals. Such a warm atmosphere of local people is a feeling that you can not taste unless you actually visit, so if you are interested, please visit the Gamagori Festival Summer Fireworks Display scheduled for the last Sunday of July next year How is it?

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