Close contact with fireworks creators aiming for world-class fireworks entertainment, accompanied with preparations for fireworks launch

It is a beautiful firework that colors the night sky, but one of the highlights of the fireworks display is what kind of fireworks will be launched to entertain the audience and what interesting developments will be shown. As a directing method, there has been an increase in fireworks festivals that make up one fireworks program with the cooperation of multiple fireworks companies. He is also a coordinator of such a fireworks display, and is in close contact with fireworks masters who are good at production. I was able to see the preparatory work for the fireworks display, so I will report it together with the work.

The place I interviewed was the

fireworks display held on August 3, 2019 `` I saw a `` super big fire '' that can enjoy a fire festival rotating a huge fire pillar and exciting fireworks in front of me '' is.

This fireworks display will be in charge of the direction and program of the launch by

Sakagi Smoke and the command of the launch site. At the launch site, Kunitomo Gun Gunpowder Co. , Ltd. and Takagi Fireworks Co., Ltd. participated as partner companies, and we were able to see the productions that made use of the characteristics of each company.

Yuuki Nakashima, the representative of the fireworks of Sakagi, who is in charge of directing and directing the field, is a creator with many years of experience and technical knowledge involved in the launch of fireworks since her student days. It has a wide network with fireworks companies, and is also active as a coordinator and directing support for the art fireworks series and other fireworks festivals held around the country such as Kyoto Art Fireworks and Meiko Minato Mizuho Fireworks .

Preparation starts from the day before the event. At 7:30 on August 2, 2019, the trolley that will be the work site has no equipment yet. Nakatsuji went up to the trolley and was preparing something.

First, we will mark where the fireworks cylinders will be placed.

Use a rope to place marks at regular intervals.

The Takagi fireworks team arrived and the work of loading equipment on the trolley began. Large equipment is loaded onto a trolley using a crane.

Equipment was placed one after another in the place decided by the mark.

The trolley is moved offshore and fixed on the day of launch, but Mr. Nakatsuji invited me to “look at the place where the craft is installed”.

An approximate landmark has already been prepared. If the distance between the place where the trolley is fixed and the seating area is closer than the standard set, it will be a violation of the law, and if it is too far away, the fireworks will lack the force, so measure the exact distance in 1 meter units, Confirm the position of the place to fix the trolley.

Around 10 o'clock, when returning to the trolley, the Kunitomo gun gunpowder work team also arrived, and fireworks were being put into the launch tube.

The day was clear and the temperature of the trolley was always 32 degrees from morning to evening. Items for heat stroke prevention, such as drinking water and salty food, are essential. When I asked the person who was working normally about the situation of the workshop on this day, it was 'the temperature is high but the wind is blowing so it is still easy to work'.

In this fireworks display, a large firework called a shakudama with a diameter of about 30cm will also be launched. We will carefully put a fireworks ball with a lead wire using the attached rope.

As of 2019, most fireworks will be ignited by electrical signals. After putting the fireworks into the tube, connect the conductor and the signal cable.

When the preparation was finished, the tube was covered with cardboard and then covered with a blue sheet from the top. At sea, it is necessary to avoid not only rain but also splashes.

On the trolley, work was progressing cleverly, such as setting a fireworks tube on a special wooden stand used for slanting.

Around 12 o'clock, firework tubes placed in place. In this trolley, small fireworks are mainly set.

Lunch was paid and it was a break.

In the afternoon, we will move to the port where another trolley is moored and work.

This trolley launches a large fireworks ball, so all the equipment is large. Tubes were brought in one after another with a crane.

Even here, the fireworks will be charged into the launch tube.

When the preparation is over, cover it. Fireworks will break through this lid when launching.

This work can also be helped, so we will start helping and cover the cylinder with a lid.

Hang a rubber band to fix the cover while taking care not to damage the wiring. This work depends on the fireworks company and the shape of the tube.

One set was finished. I just installed the lid, but I'm looking forward to the fireworks in this tube.

We are working to fix the tube diagonally. Although it is very heavy, fine adjustment using a crane is difficult, so multiple workers will support it and adjust them little by little.

The preparation of large fireworks has started. I will put the fireworks into the designated cylinder so as not to make a mistake.

An actual fireworks ball is not only a round body but also various parts. The upper cylindrical part is filled with fireworks called ascending bends that catch the tail after firing. The lower part contains gunpowder for launch. Some fireworks do not have a gunpowder for launch, so prepare them separately and put them together in a tube.

There is a code that transmits the firing signal from each tube. All the code is connected to a device called a module.

When the code is connected to the module and arranged in a box, the preparation work for this day is finished. Cover the tube and cover it with a vinyl sheet. From now until tomorrow's work start time, guards will guard the trolley.

Returning to the first trolley at 18:00, Mr. Nakatsuji sent the launch program data to the fireworks controller. After that, detailed inspection work, such as checking the equipment at the event venue, was performed, and the work on this day was completed.

The next day at 7:00 am, I came to the trolley again.

As of yesterday, most of the cylinder arrangements and ball preparations have been completed, and the rest is the work of connecting the cords.

As soon as work began, the trolley began to move. Depart for the launch site.

I was able to see the venue from the sea side

after passing through the super large fire place.

The measurement is done carefully to fix it in the correct position. The ship was fixed with some corrections.

When wiring is complete, connect to the controller that launches fireworks and test that the cords are connected correctly.

A trolley in charge of the launch of another large ball came near and moved.

The large ball carrier was fixed at a position farther from the venue than the small fireworks carrier.

When the launching trolley is fixed, workers are gathered for a meeting. After that, Mr. Nakatsuji performed a final check for the production, including program adjustment and testing. Since this time also serves as a coverage of the

super large fire , this is the end of the preparatory work tour.

You can see how the fireworks were actually launched in the following movie.

Finale scene that attracts the audience with the launch of exciting fireworks without using music [Super big fire 2019]-YouTube

With the production of the Kunitomo gun gunpowder store and the Takagi fireworks, cheers and applause swelled from the venue.

After the fireworks display, I joined Mr. Nakatsuji again to clean up. Board the ship and head offshore.

The shaku-dama that went up during the super fire was launched from a trolley on the left side and a cylinder charged in a raft on the right side. The worker is waiting for the small raft, so we will pick you up.

It's hard to find a small raft in the dark.

I will also go up to the trolley just after the fireworks launch. The firework shells and cylinder lids that were launched were scattered and the burnt smell remained.

Some electrical equipment will be collected and taken home immediately.

It was 22:00 when work was finished and I returned to the land. This day's work is complete.

The day after the fireworks display, there is a work to clean up. The towed craft returned to the port from the launch site.

The crane is also active in tidying up, and the cylinders are carried out one after another.

After cleaning up the equipment, it was cleaned and the series of work was completed.

All of the workers who were working were 'people looking forward to the reaction of the audience watching the fireworks', and the series of work seemed to be working with smiles rather than being difficult. Actually, until the fireworks of the equipment I helped, the tension was “if you find something wrong with the part you worked on,” I was nervous. The joy of being part of the content I was doing was a pleasure. The work proceeded on a schedule with plenty of weather and plenty of room, but it was a very urgent task if conditions were bad, such as a schedule that must be prepared only on the day of the day or the weather could be rough It is the spot.

◆ A new type of fireworks display that cannot be realized by one company is possible
In this fireworks display, Mr. Nakajo Sakagi is in charge of the on-site command and program, so ask Mr. Nakajo about the role of Sakagi fireworks and the finale of the fireworks display was a production without music etc. It was.

This time, fireworks were provided in the form of launching fireworks in cooperation with multiple fireworks stores. What are the benefits of launching fireworks in cooperation with multiple fireworks stores?

Sakagi Fireworks Representative Yuuki Nakajo (hereinafter, Nakajo):
Even if it is a fireworks company, there are a lot of different things, companies that excel at innovative launches using unusual materials, companies that make highly artistic fireworks with high manufacturing technology, and networks with overseas There are a variety of companies that specialize in imports and can provide low-cost fireworks. In small and medium-sized fireworks festivals, one local fireworks company is often in charge, and there are limitations in terms of production and management, but by bringing each company's strengths, it is impossible to achieve by one company A new type of fireworks display will be possible.

How about creating a production that combines the characteristics of the Kunitomo gun gunpowder store and Takagi fireworks, and seeing the fireworks that actually went up?

These two companies were both experienced in the field of great firepower. We believe that the construction of the site is best to leave it to a fireworks shop who knows the site well, and both companies think that they were able to manage the site safely and efficiently. However, not everything went well, and each site has its own style of site management, so I was very careful about the setup based on knowing each know-how and there were many issues. Almost there. Taking advantage of the abilities of the two companies, I feel that we are able to gather high-quality fireworks from all over the country and create a high-quality fireworks display.

Do you have any thoughts as a fireworker about the fact that there is no music in the finale fireworks?

Fireworks at the Super Great Fireworks are selling the finale without any music and doing a flashy production . At the time of the 2019 fireworks project, I made a suggestion that this scene without fireworks would be incorporated into the music fireworks, but again, it was a typical specialty that had no sound. The request to do so has settled into the conventional form. I personally think that this scene without sound is like a super big fire, so in this scene I did not just hit a lot in the dark clouds, but made a launch that put the essence of the production everywhere.

Do you have any other message as Sakagi Fireworks?

I think that the fireworks display by the collaboration of several companies, such as this fireworks display and the art fireworks series, is one of the areas that will surely grow as a future trend. Japan's fireworks stand out from the world in terms of manufacturing technology, but in terms of production, there are still some inferiorities to overseas fireworks shows. The traditional style of production from one production to production by a fireworks company has limited resources and the range of production has been limited. Aiming for world-class fireworks entertainment by obtaining the cooperation of high-level creators throughout Japan, making full use of each construction technology and production technology, and efficiently incorporating overseas products. For further development of the fireworks industry, I would like to convey the splendor of Japanese fireworks to the world as Sakagi Fireworks.

Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences and stories this time.

The fireworks display is an important event that local people can be proud of, as the store clerk says 'Yesterday's fireworks were amazing' at a convenience store on the way to clearing up. . As one of the ways to show quality productions, I found out that there is a form of fireworks company collaboration.

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